Newbie to chasitity

Chastity is perhaps the ultimate in long term selfbondage.

Newbie to chasitity

Postby Melissa Melons » 30 Aug 2020, 20:01

As the title says I'm (almost) completey new to this. I have made a fairly effective if very rudimentary home-made device which I have only used for a few hours at a time but that's about it.

The main question I have is about size - which also links into the other question I have. What I don't understand is whether I could use one of the stub style cages. My "walkaround" length is about 4-5cm. But I can retract, for want of a better word, where only my head is just poking out.

Would a stub be suitable for this or do I need a cage that is similar in length to my "walkaround" length. For example, would it be easier to take off without a key if it's too small?

Part of the reason this matters is my second question which is bulge. In time, I would like to wear it in time througout the day but would be paranoid as hell about showing. I've read loads and appreciate this is a common concern, but can't help thinking if I get a stub, then this isn't an issue anyway?

The other reason a stub style device appeals is because I imagine that it would be extremely uncomfortable when I'm aroused, but again I wonder if this is actually counter-productive and would effectively help me force the device off?

Any information or hands on (if you'll excuse the inappropriate pun!) experiences would be appreciated :)
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Re: Newbie to chasitity

Postby john » 31 Aug 2020, 07:32

Sadly I cant give you a satisfying answer. It all depends on you. I myself am also rather small in size while flacid and sadly manage to get out of every device i tried so far. The perfect fit might be able to help, but you wont get that from any of the shelf device, youd have to order a custom one and those are expensive. A full belt style chastity would be more secure but once again, they are expencive and also a lot more bulky. As youve propably heard before, the only realy secure way of chastity would be to get a cock piercing that you can lock to the front of the device, making escape impossible.
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Re: Newbie to chasitity

Postby lj » 31 Aug 2020, 08:11

As John says, unless you go for a piercing, or a device with a urethral tube extending some way back from the base ring, you will almost certainly be able to withdraw your penis from the cage. With a custom steel device you won't be able to remove your testicles from the cage/ring without severe pain. I have no experience with the more modern plastic devices, but the CB6000 is certainly not secure.

I suppose it all comes down to what your reasons are for wearing a chastity device. If it is for a short-term thrill, any device will do. At the other extreme, it is a permanent condition, welded up and never coming off. Maybe it is part of a Dominant/submissive relationship - in which case a decent metal device and the constant risk of discovery if you have escaped or removed the device will keep you locked up.

My own experience is with a Mature Metal Jailbird, custom sized stainless steel. With the correct sizing, an erection simply doesn't happen (unlike the painful results caused by a poorly fitting device allowing one to start and go beyond the point of no return!). The mechanics of an erection require blood flow following rapid expansion of the blood-vessels - a close-fitting cage gently prevents this expansion from starting.

I can't comment on the "stub" devices, but I would guess they work much the same way as a well-sized cage, preventing an erection before it starts, so no pain.

With either a custom device, or "stub", it is only your own paranoia that makes you think people will notice you are wearing a chastity device, unless you are a "shower" with little difference between flaccid and erect length and hung like the proverbial horse!
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Re: Newbie to chasitity

Postby JIMDINI » 31 Aug 2020, 09:51

I only use chastity to add spice :wink: to some of my SB scenarios, so I go with steel belts. If on the other hand you want long term chastity then a cage device may well be better.

I have gone out in public a few times, down to the local shops and back, with a 'T' style belt locked on under my shorts and tee shirt. nobody even gave me a second glance (I was really paranoid on my first trip :oops: ), only I knew it was there. My model 'T' gives a 'flat' front (you are tucked), as you say SB and CD are your interests, this may be the way to go. You will have an appropriate front Cross Dressed, and if you go out in public with it under your street wear, you will be aware you are in 'bondage', with no worries about showing a bulge 8) .

You can get cheap steel (belts) $70 - $100) to 'try' from China, these are good enough for short 2 to 4 Hour sessions using basic key releases.

If what you want is 'escape proof,' chastity it will need to be a belt or a piercing., a custom made stainless steel belt would be expensive (upwards of $1000).
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Re: Newbie to chasitity

Postby Melissa Melons » 01 Sep 2020, 20:26

A belt is really not an option for me when the time comes at the moment. I have to keep my costs down (and given I need a wardrobe, toys etc as well) then firstly the cost is slightly prohibitive but also I'm in the mindset that I don't want to spend a lot on things only to find they don't float my boat.

So I suppose the old adage "you get what you pay for" is going to be true for the moment. I'm looking at the 20-30 pound options on Amazon and think I will go for a steel cage as close to my size as possible because I like the annoyance of the beginnings of an erection rather than a stub stopping it before it starts. Initially I won't be out in public anyway (not through paranoia, but simply through knowing if I could go eight hours plus with that kind of restriction - I've never been able to wear anything other than boxer shorts :lol: ) and then if I want to take it further I can look at the t-style belt. (Which does seem very appealing!)

While I'm in the privacy of my own home I can always make sure I'm not able to get my hands near it anyway. And as I type I'm starting to think even having only one hand free would make it next to impossible to escape?
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Re: Newbie to chasitity

Postby rmcingle » 01 Sep 2020, 23:43

A while back I was kept in a chastity device essentially full time, for a period of about two years.

The difficulty that I had was not in the length but the diameter of the cage. I had started off with a "Curve" that had a 1-1/2 inch diameter tube. It took a lot of effort to cram my cock in that and then it caused some serious problems.

I went to a CB-2000 which worked better. The cage was shorter than the curve, but my cock fit better in it.

In my experience the length of the cage is only an issue when you try to become erect. So in a way, the shorter cage is better because it 'punishes' the bad behavior. Except that the nocturnal erections that always seemed to happen at about 3:00 AM were a problem.

As for "pulling out", that can be an issue. It wasn't a problem for me as I didn't dare pull out because I had a hard enough time getting my cock back into the cage under the best of circumstances. I feared that if I pulled out I wouldn't be able to get back in.

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Re: Newbie to chasitity

Postby pavtron » 04 Dec 2020, 17:54

I've recently tried a metal device. WOW! Sooo much more comfortable than a plastic or silicone!

The Curve was great for short term. The CB6000 and CB3000 where better for longer term but still had issues after a day.

Silicone was awesome at first as it's flexible. But then it also started to show issues preventing long term use.

The metal one I just tired was on for 3 days no issues like I've had with the other devices.

My skin is very elastic and I've been able to pull out of every device that has ever been down there. I think I found a solution but it hasn't shown up yet.

Melissa Melons wrote:Melissa Melons
Sounds like you might be a grower. That means you will probably be able to pull out of every device. Does that sound right?
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