Chastity uses

Chastity is perhaps the ultimate in long term selfbondage.

Chastity uses

Postby mastrubationfree » 23 Jul 2020, 10:28

Have any of you used a chastity device or belt for;

*Preventing masturbation – maybe you or a spouse use to do so or spouse worries about.

*Prevent cheating- maybe a worried spouse or protection aagainst accusations when in close contact or alone with members of the opposite sex at work for example

*Protect against giving in to temptation- for example as a young adult in your dating years.

I would really like to hear about how well it worked, or your thoughts on it.
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Re: Chastity uses

Postby Sergio » 27 Jul 2020, 17:20

All of the above.

When I was married we used a belt or tube to prevent me masturbating and often kept the keys in a time safe so I knew I wouldn't get relief for up to a week but she might demand I satisfy her in other ways. On balance really good sex just a couple of times a week was better than masturbating whenever I wanted or hassling her for sex every night.

It had the additional benefit that if I was working late or out with the lads she knew I wasn't getting up to anything else.

Since then I've worn a belt for first dates, in fact the first few dates until we know it's going to happen. Back in the day the way I'd meet women and/or being a bit AS means the first time we'd get physical was often late at night and alcohol fuelled and the sex often disastrous so now we can get to that stage without risking bad sex (there are other ways to please a woman anyway) and have a great first time at the next date.
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Re: Chastity uses

Postby rmcingle » 28 Jul 2020, 16:36

I was kept in chastity for a two year period, a while back. My wife was my keyholder.

When I say 'kept' I don't mean that I wasn't allowed out for two years. that is how long we utilized chastity. Eventually my wife grew tired of it and wouldn't participate anymore.

The main objective of my chastity control was to prevent the 'excessive' masturbation that I had been doing. It also curtailed the time I spent online, looking at porn and BDSM related websites. I have to admit that I did spend way too much time holed up in my 'office', ignoring the family.

I was very happy with the arrangement and would have preferred for it to continue. Surprisingly, I actually had intercourse more often during that time than before or after. My wife doesn't agree with my reasoning of why that was, but I believe that when she had total control she was more willing allow my advances.

Prior to the chastity control, I have to admit, I would try desperately to get my wife to have intercourse. Her description of it was that I would 'paw' at her and be so annoying that it turned her off. She was having issues that frequently made having intercourse unpleasant for her, so her first line of defense was to just say NO at the first hint of any advance. Once I was locked up she knew she had complete control and she could stop in the middle of foreplay. There were many times that we would wake up in the morning in our usual cuddle and then she would allow me to fondle her, then even go on to licking her pussy. Most of the time it wouldn't progress past a few light licks, but occasionally her body responded and then she would unlock me and we would have sex.

For the most part I was locked 24/7 for that two year period. I would be let out for playing sports and doctor visits or when it made sense for me to be unlocked. I would typically be locked for two weeks at a time before the conditions were right and we had intercourse. The longest I was ever locked without the chastity device being removed was 30 days. The longest between orgasms was 60 days.

I thought that the chastity control was a really good thing for us. I wish it would have continued.

R. Mc.
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