an old friend had a surprise

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an old friend had a surprise

Postby Kathy DeKink » 12 Mar 2020, 21:57

I got an e-mail from an old college friend that she was going to be in my town for business, and would I like to meet her new husband? I was a bit surprised on the husband part because I thought she was a lesbian, like me. We used to go to girl bars when we wee in college; since both of us were Alpha Females, there was little chance we could be a couple.

Either she or her company had a lot of money because they were staying in a suite in an upscale hotel. When we were seated in the living room, she rang a bell and when a head looked around the corner, she ordered him to bring us drinks. A few minutes later, I heard a jingling sound and in walked her husband wearing a skirt and frilly blouse. "Meet Sissy Sally," she said to me, and "Bow to my friend!" to him.

The jingling stopped and I commented on it. "Lift your skirt!" to which he replied, "Please no, misstress." She repeated the command, more sternly, and he obeyed. No wonder he was hesitant - - he was wearing a steel chastity device, and attached to each side of the padlock was a small jingle bell. She explaned that this was a way she coul keep track of where he was.

After he went into the other room, she sked me, "Do you think he will make a good sissy?" I replied that if anyone could take control, it was she. She continued to outline what she had in mind for him in the way of clothing and service, which showed again that she must have had a lot of money to spend onhis training.

"I'm going to have a big party in November to mark his one-year entry into sissification. You must come." I've already put it on my calendar.
Kathy DeKink
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Re: an old friend had a surprise

Postby Arthur » 13 Mar 2020, 17:52

I hope it was warm in the room so S.S. does not get her package too cold.
The metal will hardly keep it warm.
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