Chastity Steel - belt Issues for Sub

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Chastity Steel - belt Issues for Sub

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Hi all, Im trying to go long-term in my belt, I have a CS-600 from Chastity Steel.

I am over-weight and think my belly excess is probably causing the chaffing but its only in the one spot and not everywhere, has anyone any advice with regards to this style of belt and if so how tight should the waistband to be to the skin etc.

Hoping someone here has some advice.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Chastity Steel - belt Issues for Sub

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A quick google search turned this up. ... elp.49081/
Is it related to your problem? If the belt is too small, the Fresh Fetish shop makes a belt extender.
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Re: Chastity Steel - belt Issues for Sub

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I have a belt from them too and felt something similar. I placed a bit of duct tape where the metal is, and that basically stopped the problem. You may be able to do the same.
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