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Information and rules on posting pictures

Forum rules and general information.

Information and rules on posting pictures

Postby anna » 22 Apr 2009, 21:52

Using Photos.
Illustrating your post with photos or drawings is welcome and encouraged but please limit the size of the image to a maximum width of somewhere between 600 to 800 pixels to make sure that you do not break the layout of the forum. Also try to make the file size as small as possibly, preferably below 100 KB as some of the viewers might be using slow internet connection. (The Administrator or moderators will help you with resizing if you are unsure how to do it.).

Please also remember that everything found on the Internet is protected by copyrights in one way or another. You can not use anything you find without getting permission from the owners first. A good way to get permission to use someones work is by emailing the site where you found the material you are interested in using and explaining what you want to do with the image. It is also nice to add a link to the site where the photo comes from.

Like this:
Image from http://www.boundanna.com

Attached images should only be your own work. Absolutely no other photos or drawings are allowed. If you find a photo or drawing that breaks these rules please inform the administrator about it.

Another issue is the use of hotlinking. The above image is hotlinked, which means that it comes from some other place than this forum. I this case it comes from http://www.boundanna.com and the owner of that site will have to pay for the bandwidth generated every time someone watches this page. This is really unfair and can cause a lot of trouble for the site hosting the image. Try to avoid hotlinking as far as possible and please ask the site owner before doing it. (Hotlinking from free photo hosting sites is usually okay.)

Also read this tread on the same topic:

General posting rules regarding pictures, photos and drawings.

This is an adult forum and drawings, pictures and photos containing nudity is allowed. This includes bare breasts but excludes genitals.

Picture and photos clearly showing genitals must be censored prior to posting. Posted photos showing genitals will be removed by the moderators. Drawings generally have much more liberal rules and drawings containing genitals will be allowed or disallowed on an individual basis.

Pictures and photos showing torture in any way is strictly forbidden. Self-inflicted "discomfort" is usually okay.

Absolutely no underage material is accepted in any form, included drawn or rendered. This includes manga and hentai drawings.

Captioned photos:
Captioned photos are not welcome in the forum.

Captioned photos is a photo with an added caption, often of sexual nature. These photos could be a great way to tell an erotic story or to paint an erotic situation. The problem is that it first of all is breaking the copyright laws to use some one else's photos for this purpose. But the biggest problem is that it is common for the captioner to collect their photos on websites that is containing both adult as well as underage persons. There is often no way of knowing the age of the person pictured on the photo. This puts the captioned photos in danger of being underage. This is a really serious crime. The photo does not have to contain any nudity to be illegal, the captioned text is enough!

Also consider the effect of finding a photo of yourself on the internet with a caption about a subject that you do not want to be associated with. This is not acceptable for anyone and is clearly a crime against the personal integrity of the person pictured. Do not put other people in this situation!
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Re: Information and rules on posting pictures

Postby bound_jenny » 03 May 2012, 11:21

Something that might interest all of you about photos taken with phone cameras. :!:

Some of these phones contain GPS receivers, and sometimes GPS position data is included in the photo information. For those of you who are concerned about not being located or otherwise identified, this could be a serious issue. Anyone can read this information with common photo viewing software and using such programs as Google Earth, Maps and Street View, it is possible to pinpoint the location where the photo was taken. Like your home. Or your place of work. :shock:

So before posting a picture of yourself on the Web, please check out the extra information contained in the file and erase that info if you can.

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