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Accepted languages

Post by anna »

This forum uses English language (Including English, American, Australian and any other more or less identical variation.) and no other language will be accepted except under very special circumstances. One such circumstance is when you do not know a certain word in English, you can then use the same word in your own language or another common language instead.

Bad English is OK as many of us are not from English speaking countries. It is always better to post something in bad language than not post at all.
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Re: Accepted languages

Post by Shannon SteelSlave »

If you are not an English speaker and wish to post in the forum, please make use of Google Translator. ... -21d4ZrrNW
You can type your text in the left hand box or speak using a microphone. Most languages can be automatically detected. If not, you can select your language from a pull down menu. Your input will be translated in real time in the box on the right.
Translator 2.JPG
You can use the buttons at the bottom on the right to hear your entry and copy the text so you can paste it into your post here.
We have members all over the world, and all are welcome to post here. Posting in English keeps the forum boards clean and easy to read for everyone.

If anyone wishes to refer a new member to this post, it might be best to do so in Private Message. Or you may ask any moderator for help advising a new member.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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For Reading First Translation tool

Post by Kinbaku »

It helps if you check with the arrows between the two languages. This allows you to swap the left and right sides. This allows you to read in your own language what google translate has made of it.
If it doesn't match what you want to say, you can sometimes use another word in your own language to get a better translation.

And with most of the computers you can use "<Ctrl> + <C>" to copy and "<Ctrl> + <V>" to paste.
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