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Deepthroat Tease - The throat-fucking of Sakura

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Deepthroat Tease - The throat-fucking of Sakura

Postby mochrion » 23 Apr 2020, 01:36

Having enjoyed the deepthroat related content in this forum (blowjob trainers and whatnot) I thought I would share the blowjob trainer-esque tease I created.

It features light story and randomized deepthroat training guided with pictures and a metronome.

Of course, you can tie yourself up for most of the tease too :wink:

Have fun!

The throat-fucking of Sakura
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Re: Deepthroat Tease - The throat-fucking of Sakura

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 23 Apr 2020, 08:01

Welcome to Bound Anna, Mochrion, and thank you for your kind opinion of the site.
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