My self-bondage and watch fetish pictures

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My self-bondage and watch fetish pictures

Postby jackles » 15 Jun 2021, 13:33

Well, I took the plunge and started a Patreon site. I'll be updating it daily with pictures, and occasional videos, of my two favorite fetishes - bondage and watches. Why not combine them?

I have a lot of cuffs to utilize (I'll take pictures using shackles next, maybe collars down the line), and I hope some of you will join up!

Love, Jessica

Trailer on Youtube:

My bondage and watchfetish Patreon:
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Re: My self-bondage and watch fetish pictures

Postby kinbaku » 15 Jun 2021, 20:06

jackles wrote:Why not combine them?

Why not combine them? Make your own handcuffs with a watch built in. With a 3d printer or just in wood. Make sure you have a chronometer with you so that you can measure the time how long you have been bound.

This week I had needed such a handcuff: I wanted to know how long it would take me to find the key and free myself, blindfolded and handcuffed behind my back. I then only did it provisionally by tying my chronometer to my wrist with a string. Immediately after closing the handcuff I could start the chrono. It was 13 minutes and 19 seconds. :)

I look forward to your next photos and movies, ... and those of others who want to share similar photos. :hi:
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