New Year's Countdown To Unlock

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New Year's Countdown To Unlock

Postby TrevorBrazen » 03 Dec 2020, 19:48


So I had this idea to do a self-bondage scenario on new year's eve where the count down releases you at midnight!
I'm sure someone has had this idea before. But I was wondering what people are planning to do to bring in the new year!

I'm personally planning an outdoor situation with a friend for backup. Where I'm locked up until midnight with a timer lock.
I'll be set free once the new year starts and need to make it back to them, completely naked.

This is way more than I would normally do, but with everyone busy counting down and it being late I should be able to avoid anyone.

So what are your ideas for the new year? And if you have any ideas to make what I'm planning more eventful feel free to share your thoughts!

Thanks! :)
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Re: New Year's Countdown To Unlock

Postby kinbaku » 04 Dec 2020, 10:48

Tied naked in a heated stable 100 meters from the front door. The key is released at 11:59 pm. You then have just 1 minute to free yourself and run to the front door without checking whether the neighbours are not watching the fireworks outside. The front door will be closed by your friend at midnight. Hopefully you will be inside, otherwise you will have to walk back that 100 meters to the stable where you can spend the whole night naked. :mrgreen:
Personally, however, I would go for crazy clothes and bands with bells around the ankles, which are attached in such a way that it takes at least 30 seconds before you can get them loose. In some places it is forbidden to be naked to strangers. Do you choose to be made fun of when the neighbours come to see where the noise is coming from, or do you remove the bells at the risk of getting to the front door too late?
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