Need an idea for an enema

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Need an idea for an enema

Postby whomadeangus » 27 Oct 2020, 09:42

I am doing a series of 4 enemas to get myself cleaned out. Right now I’m camping in a private family friendly campground so nothing public and it has to be at night. I did the first one in the living room of my
Camper. I want to do one in the showers. I’m going to do the fourth one with a disposable enema in a hotel room on my
Way home. I need ideas for number 3. There’s no bondage but a reasonable fear of getting caught excite me (not get caught but may). My bondage stuff is at home so no bondage. I like watching the bag empty feeling it invade my body so laying down watching it is a plus. I like to be naked (which is why no outdoors)

Thanks in advance

Ps the person who’s idea I use either i will let them interview me and I will answer any questions about what happened or I will tell everyone what happened on here their choice.
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Re: Need an idea for an enema

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 27 Oct 2020, 11:17

I am not very knowledgeable in this area, but 4 enemas in that time frame sounds excessive.
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Re: Need an idea for an enema

Postby kinbaku » 27 Oct 2020, 17:40

Sorry, it is in Dutch and is more about purifying the Anus instead of Enema's. But she does not recommend doing it more than 2x a month:
You can try in spread eagle lying on your back with the enema attached above you and connected to the anus. Underneath you a mop that collects the moisture.
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