Requests for our Stilettogenie

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Re: Requests for our Stilettogenie

Postby kinbaku » 23 Jun 2021, 07:05

Shannon SteelSlave wrote:There you are.Thought we'd lost you.

Very happy to see you again, Stilettogenie. :D
We are sorry to hear that your 6.5" has been irreparably damaged. :cry: Hopefully you will find some nice high heels later if the opportunity arises.
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Re: Requests for our Stilettogenie

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 27 Jul 2021, 17:11

Are you still there, Genie? By my accounting, interest and penalties included, you owe us 20 hours standing in heels, 16 if paid in lump sum. Please contact my collections department to work out payment, and then me so you can do the thing that got you in this mess to begin with.
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