The Mistake...

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The Mistake...

Postby Dark_Lizerd » 30 Oct 2013, 03:55

She made a mistake, she knew it now, "MMMmmm!!" she cried as yet another sting hit her left tit...
It was was just suspost to be a "AAAA!!!" simple little booth for making money, "HHMMMph!!!" "Again on my bush!!!" she cried. All the collage classes were "MMph!!" doing them this year and "OOO!!" "That one was a little lower!" being one of the freshmen in her dorm, "AAAhh!" she was tasked to part of the booth. The other girls "AAAA!!!" "Right on the nipple!!!" gigled about what their idea was... She should have suspected "AAAA!!!!" that something was up. The girls "AAAAAAA!!!!!!" "WTF!!! Both nipples as the same time!!!!" took a picture of her and made a full size "AAAA!!!" "Hey, that's getting just a little sore there!!!" cardboard cutout that was going to be used as a target "OOOOOch!!" "Leave my pussy alone!!!" for rubber bands shooting. They marked "AAAA!!!" select locations and scores for each "AAAOOOO!!!!!" one. That all sounded simple enough "AAA!!!" until the day of the party. "AAAoo!!!" "Stop it with targeting my PUSSY!!!" When she arive early at her booth, "MMMMMPPPHH!!!" She saw that someone had cut "AAAAACh!!!" 3 holes in the cutout of her, "MMMPH!!!" one at each breast "AAAoooo" and one at her crotch. But before "MMMPH!!!" she could ask Sara about it, "oooo!!" Joleen grabed her from behind "AAAA!!!" and slapped a strip of tape "MMMM!!!!" Not my pussy again!!!" over her mouth and the other girls grabbed her arms and tied them "OOMPH!!!" behind her back then quickly tied her to a post "AAAAA!!!" at the back center of the booth. And with her "AAA!!!" tied to the post, they quickly proceded to strip off her clothes. They "AAA!!" moved the cutout in front of her and "MMMPPH!!!!" pulled her tits out through the holes. She "MMPH!!" assumed that her bush and pussy was visable "AAAAAAA!!!" through the third hole. All day "AAA!!" she has been standing behind "OOO!!!" the cutout of her smiling face and having "AAAA!!!" rubberbands shot at her exposed flesh. "AAAA!!!" She tried to move several times but tied "AAA!!!" "If I get free from here, I know several girls that are gona pay for this!!! AAAAAAA!!!!!" there was no way she could move a muscle. "AAAA!!!!" "Not that nipple AGAIN!!!"
But one the bright side, she bet this booth was making the most money. "AAAAAAAA!!!!" "Not THERE! again!!!" This has gota beat the "Kissing Booth"!!!
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