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Experience of feminisation and regression imposed on the fet

PostPosted: 25 May 2023, 05:33
by TSM
Talking about your fantasies to the owner of the fetish house means taking the risk that he will invite you to realise them. His secret life of submissive becoming submissive and sometimes ABDL, will take shape during his holidays. Feminisation, chastity, regression and assisted self-bondage all in the presence of very provocative spectators.

Note to readers, this lodge does exist.

Louis, says Lisa on the forums, has a secret life and then a passion for women's clothing, feminisation and, if it were imposed by a Mistress or Master, he would be delighted. The problem is that he can't find a partner or domina who would accept to take him under her thumb.

Very often in the evening at home, Louis becomes Lisa once his chastity cage is closed. At this time, she 'forces' herself to wear women's underwear, a dress and high-heeled shoes. In her "hot" moments, Lisa may go so far as to stick a suction cup dildo against her fridge to give herself pleasure or to put an anal plug on herself to surf for hours on forums or on Fessestivites.

When you're alone and have the keys to your chastity cage, or when the bra starts to get in the way and the heels hurt your ankles, bedtime comes and most of the outfits and accessories that made you dream go back into the wardrobe. The only thing Lisa manages to keep on some nights is a very little nightgown and a nappy and plastic panties for sleeping. So she can become a little girl, at least in her dreams.

When Louis found out that the Fetish Lodge had opened its doors, he said to himself "and if I dared at least once in my life. What if I dared to confront myself with a kind of immersion course where I could be a woman or a girl while being seen?

The idea for the course came to him when he read that the lodge can accompany you in self-bondage, self-servitude and even keep the keys to your chastity cage or padlocked panties.

Louis contacted them by email when he left. The manager of the gite told him after X emails, that if they didn't have a phone conversation, the email discussions would stop.

Louis finally dared to make contact by phone. When he picked up the receiver, he was so intimidated that he was coloured refrigerator. The warm, lilting voice and open-mindedness of the person he was speaking to led him to reveal himself a little more. The result? After thirty minutes of conversation, he had the impression of having a friend to whom he could reveal everything, including his nappies.

Convinced that he could finally live out his passions, his fetishes and all his desires, Louis immediately made a reservation after hanging up. The closer the date got, the more excited he became in the evening, the closer the date got, the more scared he became during the day when his mind wandered to work.

Arriving at Zaragoza airport, he picked up the rented car for 50 euros for three days with unlimited mileage, the price of a taxi in Paris for a short distance. The GPS guided him to the gite where when Louis entered the property he almost wet himself in fear and almost regretted not putting on a nappy. The welcome drink helped him to relax, it's true that the rosé wine was very cool in the heat....

Quickly put in condition by the manager of the gite making him lots of "dishonest" but exciting propositions, Louis felt like he had wings. Yes, he would give her the keys to his chastity cage for the stay. Yes, he would agree to do the proposed experiments. After the presentation of some special furniture and being accompanied to the gîte, putting on the chastity cage was complicated for Louis. And for good reason, his willy was in good shape.

So Louis became Lisa on holiday.

His first experience was the one advised by the owner of the gîte: to put on a woman's swimming costume, a skirt and a blouse to go to the swimming pool to get some sun. This was Lisa's first outing as a woman. Joined by the Sadist of the place, Lisa thought she was going to faint when, lying on a deckchair in a two-piece swimming costume, he asked her if everything was alright and if he needed anything.

The Sadist's reaction to her outfit would have been the same if he had been wearing a tracksuit. He was not offended, nor did he laugh at him. On the contrary, the proposals that followed made him blush.

- You know that here, we are very relaxed and open-minded, so if you want to stay in your swimming costume for lunch, which will be served on the terrace, don't hesitate! Just take your towel and put it on the chair! You can also change into a skirt if you wish.

Louis forced himself to remain in Lisa. If at first he was tense, he realised that the couple receiving him had no interest in his outfit. Discussing shoes with Malicia put him at ease, and that's when the Sadist suggested that he try out a walk on the estate in high heels that would be "imposed" on him.

- What do you mean, forced?

- Oh, it's simple, you put chains around your ankles and your shoes and then you put padlocks on them. The keys to the padlocks will be on the other side of the field, you'll have to go and get them.

- Come on, be daring, have fun, take advantage of the fact that you are here to live your fantasies! added Malicia.

Louis finally let himself be convinced to change his outfit and put on his high heels. Meanwhile, the Sadist took his bike to drop off the keys at the end of the field. When she returned, Lisa was wearing a long dress and her high heels. Chains were put on her ankles and under her heels so that Lisa could not remove them.

Clopin-clopan Lisa left with the necessary indications for this walk in the middle of nature. After thirty minutes of walking, she found the box on the wall indicated. Except that inside, there was a map telling her that the keys to the locks were elsewhere on the property. On the small paper there was also a winking smiley face and the phrase "have fun, enjoy your stay".

It was an hour later that Lisa arrived home to find Malicia sitting on the terrace playing with her Maine Coon cats.

- He actually kept the keys, the rascal! said Lisa.

- Yes, that way you can see that to be beautiful, since the dawn of time women have had to suffer. And yet, you're lucky, he didn't do the corset trick.

- What is the corset trick?

- You put on a corset but he closes it in his own way, and you can't take it off without his help.

- That's an exciting idea!

- So where are the keys to my shoes?

- He's got them but he's taking a nap.

- My feet hurt!

- Welcome to the ladies' club!


Lisa was massaging her ankles by the pool where she had just taken a bath after being released.

For the evening meal, it was decided that Lisa would be the submissive maid. Enchanted by this idea, after changing into an outfit lent by the B&B, she allowed herself to be fitted with a tray that hangs around her waist and nipples or neck depending on the person. The Sadist added a pair of handcuffs to Lisa's wrists and she found herself with her hands locked behind her back. The maid's tray was then loaded with a plastic bowl with peanuts, another with crisps and two paper cups. One with fruit juice for the lady, one with pastis for the gentleman.

Determined to have a little fun, the Sadist opened the front of the maid's dress to reveal her bra. Lisa also discovered that the Sadist is on the move. He goes from the barbecue to the terrace, from the terrace to the kitchen where she has to follow him so that he can quench his thirst. Seeing that Lisa was not doing too badly, the Sadist took his usual glass, made of glass!

- If you drop it and break it, I'll take care of your final transformation by breaking your precious ones! indicated the Sadist.

When the grilling was over, Lisa was freed but had to serve the table. To evolve as a woman within this rather particular family, pleased her a lot. Relaxation leads to confidences and it is sometimes tricky, especially at the fetishist hostel. Lisa spoke of one of her exchanges with a member of Abkingdom who dreamed of having a little girl to look after.

The Sadist immediately pulled her to find out more and that's how Lisa revealed her attraction for regression and nappies. What had she not done there ! ! ! The brain of the pervert started to work and the proposals, always as "dishonest", were made. The maid learned that she was going to get younger very quickly.

- Go take a shower and put on a nappy, I'll see if I can find you an outfit!

- I don't have a nappy, sir, sorry.

- On ABCplaisir, I sell them in sets of 3 for 10 euros because on the plane, it's embarrassing. If you want, I'll give you one from a set of 3 and we'll add it to your bill.

- I'll do it! Lisa answered red-faced.

The big girl soon found herself wearing a nappy, a pair of plastic knickers and then a little romper that locks. She accepted the idea of being trapped in this outfit for the night.

- Just in case, if you pull that wrist, there's a cot that slides under your bed. It can also lock when you're lying in it!

- No, I'm afraid of being locked in, I prefer to sleep on the bed! Lisa replied, confused.

- I'll have a little surprise for you tomorrow. Breakfast around 8 o'clock, is that ok with you?

- Yes, sir!

- I'll leave you alone and wish you a good night. Be good.....

With her chastity cage and the padlocked romper, it was hard not to be for the little girl.


Lisa woke up on the terrace and was surprised to see an adult high chair with a bib on the table. On the table were two thermos jugs of coffee but no cup. Instead, there was only a bottle and some breakfast. So she poured herself a bottle of coffee before trying out the highchair. That's when the sadist arrived.

- Come on miss, sit down so I can block the shelf. When you've finished lunch, I'll give you some colouring in to do, OK?

- Yes sir! Lisa replied, surprised that the Sadist was putting some kind of harness on her.

- It's so you don't fall off, don't worry, even if you're a big girl, you have to take precautions on a high chair.

What Lisa doesn't experience is that the harness actually grinds into the back of the very wide high chair. Getting out on her own is not possible. She only discovered this when the Sadist abandoned her with her colouring. Lisa's problem is a bit like everyone else's. In the mornings, there is a crowd at the little gate hidden between the two hills at the bottom of the back. Not wanting to fill her nappy with anything other than liquid, she tried to free herself to go and ask for the keys to her onesie. In vain, she could only sit there!

Released for good drawing and good behaviour an hour later, the worst was avoided. The little girl was allowed to go to the grown-ups' potty by herself. As suggested by the sadist, Lisa joined him in the vegetable garden to collect the vegetables for lunch. With her little dress and a little basket, Lisa really looked like a young farmer when she arrived at the house where, helped by Malicia, she was able to prepare the salad, cut the tomatoes and peel the aubergines.

Living 100% as a woman no longer bothered Lisa, who even offered to help with the cleaning. A little overwhelmed by the orders from the ABCplaisir shop, Malicia jumped at the chance.

(Malicia jumped at the opportunity, not Lisa ! )

To see Lisa living her passions now without blushing pleased the sadist when he arrived. It is thus in her company that he prepared a barbecue to grill peppers for the aperitif and prepared a lasagne of aubergine. During the meal, the shy girl from the first day dared to ask if she could try the Spanish horse with the fuck machine. The Sadist promised to install it after her nap in exchange for a corset test during her nap. So Malicia had talked to the Sadist!

So she helped Lisa put on a corset and tighten it before sending her to the Sadist, who put some sort of plumbing clamp around her waist and adjusted it with an electric screwdriver. Within 30 seconds Lisa was unable to remove the corset without tools. He wished her a good afternoon and went off to take a nap with his screwdriver !

At first Lisa enjoyed being held tightly in the corset, but an hour later she wished she had been free of it. As the Sadist gets up very early to work, his naps are at least two hours long. As the minutes ticked away slowly, Lisa tasted the straightness imposed by this accessory that we like to see women wear. The Sadist made his nap last, or didn't show up until five o'clock. He insisted on having coffee served to him by the maid on duty on the terrace where he decided to have a conversation with the corseted maid who was beginning to run out of air.

The negotiation was about her release, and Lisa readily agreed to go swimming naked in the pool and enjoy the pleasure of having the chastity cage flapping in the water. As she took a few dips, the sadist arrived with a nappy and panties with a lock.

- Here's your underwear for tonight, over it you could put on a little dress and then be our maid if you like! The Sadist indicated to her by taking the whole of the clothes. As he left, he said that if the padlocked panties were not tight, he would give her the corset for the night.

Louis knew that he could refuse anything and that he was totally free to do what he wanted, but he liked this atmosphere of "submission".

He laughed to himself as he made his way to the lodge wearing only a nappy and padlocked panties.

So much progress had been made in just one weekend. He had never dared to go out in a nappy or in a woman's clothes, and now, that very evening, he would be serving in this outfit.

The purpose of the fetish house is to allow everyone to free themselves, to live their delusions, their pleasures without being judged. The worst thing is that it opens the door to new fantasies because Louis is not a submissive at all, in life he is a captain in the CRS! And there, he takes pleasure in letting himself be guided in this world where he no longer controls events, where he is looked after with respect.

When he arrives at the gîte to take a dress, on the terrace, the Spanish horse has been installed as promised. He can see underneath this sort of saddle that the fuck machine has been installed and a dildo is sticking out where he can't sit because of his nappy. "The bastard is teasing me and playing with my nerves," Louis says amused.

After the "well served" aperitif, the setting of the table and the serving of the meal by a maid in a nappy, to avoid her taking a "pee" break, Lisa is given the key to the padlocked panties.

- I'll leave you to your own devices, naughty. After your shower, you will put the nappy in a plastic bag in the bin and you will have the night off. In case the "dada" tires your precious rose too much, I strongly advise you to put a nappy back on for the big girl's bedtime. This avoids fatty leaks.... I suggest you flip a coin to find out.

Lisa is not lucky at the game. So she was able to amuse her backside but not her front side that evening. The next day, with her head full of memories, she left the gîte to head for Zaragoza and then Paris. She did not regret having dared and promised herself to return the following year.


This is the end of this erotic story which aims to describe what it will be possible to experience at the fetish house since April 2023.

What is described is for example. It can be totally different according to YOUR desires and fetishes.

There is no Master, Mistress, Nurse or Submissive offered in the rental price! (Not even by paying a supplement!!!) You play alone but we accompany you a little if YOU wish it.


Sorry for my English, I use a translator

Re: Experience of feminisation and regression imposed on the

PostPosted: 03 Jun 2023, 01:52
by Shannon SteelSlave
TSM wrote:- Oh, it's simple, you put chains around your ankles and your shoes and then you put padlocks on them. The keys to the padlocks will be on the other side of the field, you'll have to go and get them.
Clopin-clopan Lisa left with the necessary indications for this walk in the middle of nature. After thirty minutes of walking, she found the box on the wall indicated. Except that inside, there was a map telling her that the keys to the locks were elsewhere on the property.

A scavenger hunt in awkward heels!? :D

TSM wrote:So she helped Lisa put on a corset and tighten it before sending her to the Sadist, who put some sort of plumbing clamp around her waist and adjusted it with an electric screwdriver. Within 30 seconds Lisa was unable to remove the corset without tools. He wished her a good afternoon and went off to take a nap with his screwdriver !
Found another use for my hose clamps invention! viewtopic.php?f=12&t=12023#p96376