EPISODE 18 --- Sissy Maid’s Daily Routine

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EPISODE 18 --- Sissy Maid’s Daily Routine

Postby janeboi » 23 Dec 2020, 21:14

It was a lazy Sunday morning again. Kim was up early. She remembered her first task was to untie Alan from his bed. He urgently used the bathroom, then Kim heard the shower running even before Alan reappeared. Kim prepped-up a pot of coffee and was already drinking it when Alan appeared with a towel around him. Alan’s chest still bore evidence of the glue which had held his prosthetic breasts in place the night before.

“Mistress Kim, is there any particular outfit you want me to wear today?”

Kim swallowed half her cup; she winced since it was still fairly hot. Then she rose and while walking off she instructed Alan to stay exactly where he was; she’s be right back.

Reattach your size “D” prosthetics and put this on. Kim handed Alan a full body-shaper, the “old” style all-in-one kind from the ‘50’s and ‘60’s era. “Yes, Mistress Kim.”
Alan attached the false breasts, then studied the body-shaper. There were obvious shoulder straps above the bra section which flowed into a tight mid-body area and then into the long-legged girdle area. The crotch region had an opening and Alan knew his genitals would simply fall out the opening when he wore it. Obviously he slipped on the girdle area first, then lifted the shoulder straps into place. Hooks and eyes shut the front together, and when finished with the hooks a zipper wrapped the shaper around his body like a second layer of skin. As anticipate, his balls and cock were oddly exposed at the crotch. When she presented himself to Kim she instructed Alan to fetch his chastity device and return.

Kim placed the ring around his scrotum and bolted it into place. Then she forced his prick into the curve shaped tube and she slipped a tiny heart-shaped lock in place so it could not be removed without her key. She then showed Alan that the leg parts of the girdle held tabs to attached nylon stockings. She instructed Alan to wear nylons.

“Yes, Mistress Kim.”

When Alan returned to Kim, she just laughed at the sight of him. Here in the new century her husband was wearing an antique body-shaper about 60-years out of date which no woman ever wears today. His cock and balls were trussed-up in a chastity device and dangling at his crotch like a useless appendage. And his breasts filled out two pointy tits, cone-shaped, like on the old WWII aircraft image of objectified women.

Still, she wanted more restraints on her sissified Maid. Kim fetched a dog collar with rings for attachments. Alan surrendered his elbows behind his back and Kim wrapped a simple belt just below his biceps buckling the elbows tighter together. A leash was attached to the ring on his collar and the rest of the leash was secured around the belt thus preventing it from falling off while tightening his elbows just a little bit closer together.

Alan’s forearms could still move a little but they were incapable of even reaching the center of his stomach. Obviously his crotch was also unreachable.

As a final touch, Kim cuffed his ankles together, separated by an 18 Inch link. At the center of the link ran a final cord up to his chastity device. When Alan took steps the full 18 inched apart, the center yanked on his cock reminding him to take smaller mincing steps. In his mouth Kim pressed a penis gag.

Kim ordered her sissy husband to mince around the living room until she told him to stop. Circling again and again Alan was subjected to humiliating comments from Kim. “You finally achieved your wish. You are now my totally embarrassed and humiliated sissy Maid dressed in nothing but female clothing and bound just like you always asked for. You will do your chores today with everything you are currently wearing.

“Yes, Mistress Kim,” Alan mumbled through his gag.

Washing breakfast coffee cups were so difficult because Alan couldn’t reach the water knobs. Running the cups under water was impossible. When attempting to hand-wash any laundry, Alan experienced the same difficulty. In frustration Alan minced back to Mistress Kim. She was apparently napping in her room with her door closed and Alan felt it was inappropriate to awaken her. He just stood in the hallway for endless minutes hoping she might just awaken on her own.

Kim’s phone rang and she answered. Alan couldn’t hear the conversation since Kim was almost whispering. Nearly an hour later, Kim came out of her room and she was dressed to go out. Alan just stood like anidiot in the hallway with his dick and balls on display in its chastity device. Kim pulled on his penis and Alan followed the pressure. He squinted as Kim went out the door of the house with Alan in tow. She locked the door behind her. He was led to the passenger seat and made to sit as Kim used the seatbelt holding him in place. With his elbows behind his back Alan had to lean forward.

It was also impossible to hide the gag in his mouth. Also, his lacy part of his body shaper was visible through the car window. He knew people in other cars could see a half-dressed female with a gag in her mouth and there was nothing he could do about it. Kim pulled into Cindy’s driveway. She went in, leaving Alan still buckled in the front seat.

Sometime later Kim exited, followed by Mistress Cindy. They moved Alan into the center of the rear seat. Kim drove and Cindy sat in the passenger seat. Alan’s fears intensified as Kim pulled into the Mall parking lot. He just “knew” in his fantasies they were going to drag him inside embarrassed by his cock dripping with precum from his Chastity device. However, Kim parked a short distance from the movie theater outside the main Mall.

Kim and Cindy exited, but before closing her driver side door Kim advised Alan he could come with them into the theater or stay buckled in the back seat of the car until the movie was finished. Alan mumbled with a “muffghp.” Kim lowered all 4 windows fully opened so the car wouldn’t get too warm. The cool breeze felt good on Alan’s perspiring frame. His eyes follwed Kim and Cindy until they disappear into the theater. Normal parking lot noised flooded around Alan. He uselessly wiggled against the seatbelt re-affirming he was definitely bound. His elbows ached behind his back and he wasn’t comfortable as his elbows left him leaning forward in a sitting position.

With movies constantly finishing and new ones beginning, the parking lot constantly changed appearance. Sometimes people were walking within yards of him, but for a long time no one noticed him… …no one until a van parked nearby and Alan counted 5 girls climbing out. One girl was sharp-eyed and noticed Alan in the back seat. She stepped closer to investigate. Then she called out to her companions to come see what she spotted.

Alan was now in a panic mode. He again railed against the seatbelt, pointlessly of course. He tried mumbling into his gag hoping noise might change the inevitable outcome of being discovered in his bound and humiliating attire. With all the windows fully opened, all 5 girls poked their heads inside to get a closer look. They howled at Alan’s body-shaper, and especially his “cute” chastity device appearing like a “stuck-on donkey tail” at a birthday party.

“Look, it is a sissy all dressed up for humiliation!” The girls made fun, watching a sissy male squirm helplessly with antics the perpetuated their amusement. Alan’s hands couldn’t even cover his ballooned up scrotum. This is better than a porn movie anytime. There seemed no end to the torment. Finally Alan spotted Cindy and Kim leaving the theater, but they were hundreds of yards away.

The girls started feeling more assertive and one, then another reach their arms in to touch Alan’s balls. They were so enthralled that none of them noticed Kim and Cindy finally approaching the car. One by one the 5 girls attention refocused on Kim who finally asked, does my sissy Maid entertain everyone? She is available as a Maid for your parties, if you’re interested. One girl thought it was an interesting idea. She stepped forward and exchanged contact information with Kim. Then the group left for their movie.

Cindy tied a string to Alan’s chastity device. All the way home she was humming “Jingle Balls” as Alan melted in embarrassment every time his genitals jiggled at her little tugs. Once home again, Alan was freed from the seatbelt and he did his best to extract himself from the back seat. He hobbled to the door and barely had enough movement in one arm to twist the knob and work his way inside.

Kim took mercy on Alan and removed his penis gag, and also the leash and belt around his elbows. She left the ankle cuffs because both Cindy and Kim found his little mincing steps to be entertaining. He mixed up two drinks and served the Mistresses appropriately. After a couple of hours Kim removed the last of his bindings and Alan was greatly relieved to use the bathroom.

When he returned, Kim was on her phone. After finishing her conversation she advised Alan that the “girls” he met earlier that day wanted Alan as a sissy Maid at their party planned for next Saturday. Since this didn’t conflict with Alan’s assignment on Friday for the Glass Cubical Business, this was ideal. By email they agreed on exchanging details needed for Alan’s subsequent appearance. Next weekend would be very busy.

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Re: EPISODE 18 --- Sissy Maid’s Daily Routine

Postby kinbaku » 23 Dec 2020, 23:00

I saw myself sitting in Alan's place. :mrgreen:
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