surprise landlord visit s/m, F/m, caught, public

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surprise landlord visit s/m, F/m, caught, public

Postby tigon » 04 Dec 2020, 18:38

(this is fictional, but I wish it was real, and I was the main character)

I work from home, and so I tend to spend a lot of my time in some form of bondage or restraint. It works nicely, and I have even had some video chats where I was cuffed under the table. The problem here is I tend to forget sometimes and have once answered the door for pizza while cuffed. I quickly apologized and laughed it off, just getting some weird looks. I tend to plan better now and unbind myself before anybody comes by.

Today I had nothing on the schedule, so I set myself up for a long, complicated session. I planned ahead and had keys frozen in a decent sized block of ice, so whatever I did would require my waiting for that. I put the block in a large dish on the kitchen floor, so when the ice melted I could retreive it. I like to get dressed up sometimes, so I thought I would go for a childish look today. Before getting dressed I lubed up and inserted a butt plug, not huge, but enough to hit my prostate and make it exciting. I put on a green bodysuit t-shirt, and some blue shorts-overalls, that came about halfway up my thigh. For the bindings, I wanted my arms very secure, but my legs free. I was going to watch some tv during it and wanted to be able to walk around some. I used a homemade chain waist/crotch harness that I locked in the back. I looped the chain through the beltloops of the overalls (handy use for them), so it would not come off. I then put some padded leather cuffs on my wrists, and above my elbows, the kind that can be locked on. I put a chain around my chest (locked in back), which I was able to hook my upper arm cuffs to, securing my arms to my side on the top half. Before I got too engrosed I strapped on a soft padded insert gag, with a panel on front, head harness, comfy for longer wears, as well as a collar (for the feeling and my imagination). I left the leash on the table as I had no need for it right now. Then to finish it off I used locks to carefully maneuver my wrists to the waist chain of the harness, and clicked the locks closed. My arms were now fully secured to my sides, only having use of my hands but not able to move them away from my body any.

I estimated I had about 3-4 hours before I could retreive the key, so I sat down to watch some tv. I was having a blast, relaxing and occasionally struggling, feeling the pull of the chain on my body, and between my legs, it felt amazing to be stuck like that, and unable to make a sound. About an hour or so in of struggling and mmphs, I heard a knock on my front door. Shit. I tried to remain quiet hopeful that whoever it was would go away, it was a friday afternoon, who would be bothering me 5 stories up in my apartment. I heard another knock and then my landlady Ellen call out, "I need to check someting on your plumbing for a leak. I am going to come in." I could not get up fast enough and hide before the door opened and I stood, halfway down the hall when she called out my name. "Steve, is that you? Are you ok?" she called out. I turned around, cheeks warm with flush, and nodded in affirmation "mmph-hmph". I nodded my head and turned around, trying to indicate the gag buckle with muffled noises. Ellen, came up and unbuckled my gag, "Who did this to you? Do you need help?" she asked, nervously. "I did" I mumbled out, head down, "I was playing a game." "Oh wow, I had no idea" she said with a hint of excitement, "let me take a look". "So this is what gets you going?" she asked, examining me front and back, tugging at the locks and chains (I loved every moment of it, and was soooo embaressed) "Where is the key?". "It's in the kitchen, in ice," i pleaded, "if you could get it for me, and quick help me out..." She held my chest chain and pulled me to the kitchen. She let me go and examined the key in ice, my gag still in one hand. "Well I do not want to interrupt something, it is not my place to end the game early, now open up" she stated non-chilantly. I gasped in surprise, and she took the moment to shove the gag in, and turned me around. I tried to squirm but she just grabbed the back of the wait chain and pulled, the chain diggin in my cheeks, "relax, I am not going to do anything, I just want to leave you how I found you. You clearly like this" she said, looking down at the bulge in the front of my overalls. I complied, defeated, and allowed her to buckle it snugly.
"Now, I came in here because we had a suspected breaker out, and I just want to check your box as it has some of the public ones on it," she stated. She left me standing there, tied up and gagged, and went about looking in my closet, at the breaker box. "Here it is," she said, "it looks like a breaker clicked off, easy fix. I think the maintance man had plugged in too much."
Before I go for the day, I do need you to sign for something in the office, it should not take long." I vigorously shook my head no, nodding at my predicament. "I see," she said, "well I need to get this taken care of before I head out for the day, so you will just have to deal with it." With that, she looked around, and spotting the leash on the table, let out a girlish giggle. She grabbed the leash and clicked it onto my collar, tugging me along behind her. I tried to resist but she just stated "listen, we can do this quickly, and get it done so I can head home, or maybe I should just put your key back in the freezer."
My eyes grew wide and I shook my head no, with that she nodded and tugged me along, out my front door (closing the door behind me) and down the hall. We stood at the elevator, my eyes darting up and down the hall. Luckily there was nobody on the elevator when we got on. The ride started off quiet, but when we got to floor 3, the elevator dinged and slowed to a stop. In walked a middle aged couple, both looking a little surprised at me and then looking over at Ellen asked "what is this?" "Oh, Steve did this all his own, seemes he wanted to be all bound up" she said, as if it was no big deal, "I just needed him to sign for some certified mail in the office, so here we are. He likes this being like this apparently." The couple just shook their heads laughing, the husband commenting "what kind of a man would willingly put himself in this situation, and then go out like this in public." "Dressed like a little kid too," said the wife, "kinda cute thought, gives me some ideas" as she winked at her husband. They both had me turn around for them and also tugged at the bonds, "boy, you sure are stuck, I would never be that silly to get caught like this."
The lobby was luckily empty, as ellen grabbed my leash and walked me to her office. "It is nothing big, just a piece of certified mail you need to sign for" she said. I tugged at my arms to indicate I couldn't reach far, so Ellen clipped the paper on a clipboard and brought it to my hand with a pen. I signed as best I could and reached for the envelope. "I will just put it here, so you don't drop it," and she tucked it into my bib. "It is late, and I need to get going," she said. "If you ever want help on anything, I might be able to when I am here, just give me a heads up." She tucked the leash into my bib and guided me out the door. "Have fun with your predicament," she said with a wink, and headed out the front door to her car.
I stood there a gasp mmphing at her (as much as I could with my head gagged and secured). I quickly looked around and saw nobody in the lobby. I walked to the elevator and quickly reached up to hit the button. I looked back around and saw a group of young ladies get out of a car, so I quickly pressed the button rapidly. The elevator arrived and I quickly darted in as I heard the front door open and as I couldn't reach the button, I bend down and tried my best to hit floor 5 with my nose. I ended up hitting a few floors, including 5. I leaned back against the wall and signed with relieve as the doors closed, wondering if they the group saw anything.
A couple stops later the doors opened, and I slowly exited, looking to see if the hall was empty, and quietly walked down the hall. I reached my door and was able to barely reach the handle. The door was locked.... My neighbor has a spare but I didn't want to ask him about it, plus he was at work for another hour at least. As I contemplated my predicament, I heard the elevator door open...
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Re: surprise landlord visit s/m, F/m, caught, public

Postby kinbaku » 04 Dec 2020, 23:59

And the rest of the story is left to the reader's rich imagination ... :gag: :whip: :mrgreen:
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Re: surprise landlord visit s/m, F/m, caught, public

Postby Natybound » 17 Dec 2020, 19:21

What a nice landlady. I already want to move into that building :mrgreen:
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