EPISODE FOUR: Sissified Husband --- Preparing for Contrition

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EPISODE FOUR: Sissified Husband --- Preparing for Contrition

Postby janeboi » 21 Nov 2020, 00:41

On Sunday morning hygiene was accomplished. But immediately upon exiting Mistress Kim assured Mimi’s chastity device was reinstalled and locked in place securely. From her closet Mimi extracted a girl’s fancy pink party dress with lace trimmings, puffy short sleeves, a frilly petticoat, plus a waist ribbon for tying into a lovely bow at her back. Mimi dressed but noted the hem barely covered her mid-thighs. Using fresh accessories with Mary Jane shoes over her knee high socks, Mimi admired her look in her mirror for 20 minutes.

Mistress Kim then assisted Mimi with a hair curling kit. After the appropriate time Mimi’s hair was twice the size with curls adorned with pink ribbons and girly bows. Kim directed Mimi as she applied the lightest make-up which an 8-year old girl might be allowed to use.

Kim’s sissy maid “little party girl” served her coffee and a light breakfast of a single egg and one slice of bacon, plus a single slice of bread with a dapple of jelly. Mimi drank water and ate a tiny serving of porridge but was allowed a single package of sugar as a treat.

At 1 PM Mistress Cindy was scheduled to arrive. They are going to address some plans for an upcoming event and all the work needed in preparation. This would involve sissy maid Mimi’s full cooperation. All through the latter part of the prior week Mimi learned only hints of something coming, perhaps as early as Sunday and now it was nearly here. By noon the day was blustery outside and overcast. An inconsistent wind shuffled fallen tree leaves into various piles. When Cindy was nearing the house, Mimi was instructed to stand outside to greet Mistress Cindy. Mimi made no effort to stop the wind from toying with her skirts as Mimi was amused by the cool breeze on her legs reaching entirely up to her panties.

With a right proper curtsy, the little-girl Mimi welcomed Mistress Cindy and they were soon inside the house and away from the blustery weather. Refreshments were served by Mimi and she was invited to sit with Kim and Cindy in the living room. But Mimi’s impression that things were going splendidly was halted when Cindy mentioned that she knows about Alan’s puerile grammar school habits of flipping up the skirts of classmates. Cindy added that it was long overdue for Alan to confess and apologize, especially to the offended persons of his ridiculously childish actions. Beads of perspiration began to grow on Mimi’s forehead. She didn’t like where this discussion was headed. Given her current submissive surrender to superior women, addressing wrongs from Mimi’s past was already a tormenting idea.

Torment, was Kim and Cindy’s intention. Kim was enjoying the taste of “revenge” on her “husband.” She especially enjoyed it as Mimi squirmed just as when in times past she was tied to a bush and could not escape. Cindy decided to stand near Mimi, pointing her finger as if she were the “Mother of Alan’s Victim” standing over Mimi in accusation, and Mimi could only cower in shame.

Cindy pointed asked, “Do you admit and confess that you actually did these things to female classmates?”

“Yes, Mam,” replied Mimi.

And do you confess and apologize for your wrong doings? “Yes, Mistress Cindy.”

Kim was just loving the humiliation of this worm…

And therefore do you agree that in this case that you should be punished for all these past indiscretions? “Yes, Mistress, I deserve punishment.”

Silence fell in the room. Mimi wallowed in shame and embarrassment. Mimi felt her current sissy maid emasculated status was effectively a result for the things he had done in his youth. But shortly afterwards he was led to more confessions.

Cindy eventually ended the silence as if she were a prosecuting lawyer interrogating for more truth. She asked, “Have you ever done anything else when growing up that we should hear about at this time?”

Mimi gulped and tried to not answer at all, as if avoiding making another bold-face lie. Kim and Cindy knew something was held back as a secret about to be revealed. After a lengthy period of hesitation, Mimi admitted that during the summer following graduation from high school he frequented a beach community with several friends. They all travelled there to chase after some girls like hormone driven pigs. Cindy and Kim were all ears and were eager to learn where this story was heading. Silence again erupted (like an elephant in the room).

Alan, presently known as Mimi, once tried to corner a girl named “Mary.” She was a summer time visitor to the area, just as Alan was. But lying together on a dark and secluded sandy beach Mary talked Alan into giving her the swim-shorts he was wearing. Mary somehow managed to make off with it, leaving Alan naked on the sand and helpless in the dark. Cindy and Kim were amused but hardly thought this was something of any negative consequences. But Alan continued with his story.

Mary didn’t return that night. Alan found himself hiding as deeply as possible among the telephone poles undergirding a boardwalk. And even in the crushingly tight space under the boardwalk, He had been awkwardly aroused and confessed to repeatedly masturbate. But the final crux of the story was that during the day, Mary had been trying to find out where Alan could be hiding. She spotted him through the small gaps of the boardwalk planks and setting-up a little folding chair immediately above him she could talk and listen to his replies.

In return for his silence and full cooperation, Mary arranged for Alan to make a date with her so her parents would allow her to go out with someone other than the boy friend whom they disliked. Also, Alan had to agree that during the date he would strip naked and permit her to tie him in some woods while she took his car and went to see her boyfriend. Since he would be naked he wouldn’t try to escape. Alan insisted he should be permitted some clothes of some kind. Mary agreed to give him panties and a bra, but that was all. Alan had agreed. Shortly after that agreement, Mary dropped his swimming shorts and Alan made his escape from the boardwalk. Cindy and Kim were enthralled as to where this story was heading. On their figurative “edge-of-their-seats” they listened as Alan continued with his confession.

On the night of the date, on a secluded road next to woods, Mary made Alan strip naked in the back seat of his car. She gave him panties and a bra and after donning his new attire they walked into the woods. Mary then bound his wrist behind him and his wrists were secured to this ankles in a hog tie. She disappeared quickly. Alan was alone in the woods bound and wearing only skimpy underwear and feeling deeply humiliated. His silence was guaranteed. But his cock belied the real enjoyment he was experiencing.

At the sound of foot falls quite some hours later, Alan perked up. Alan confessed that looking up he met Mary’s “boy friend” grinning down at him. He untied Alan who was overpowered by his stronger physicality. Alan was made to suck the boy friend’s cock and swallow his cum as Mary enjoyed watching Alan’s humiliation and she took dozens of photos.

Alan’s confession to Cindy and Kim added fuel to their imagination. They knew this history would be useful in the near future. Alan added that some time afterwards he met and married Kim and he could think of nothing else he needed to confess to Mistress Cindy at that time.

Cindy took over the conversation. She advised Mimi that ever since learning about Alan’s grammar school indiscretions she has been trying to contact his classmates. She eventually discovered all their names. Ultimately she reached some of them and of those, especially several women, some were eager to ultimately share revenge on their youthful offender. Emails were exchanged and contacts maintained.

Mimi was advised that Kim and Cindy’s plan included a night of contrition and punishment. Mimi listened intently. The outline was that Mimi would make an Internet “streaming live” confession to be viewed by Alan’s classmates who by then have signed up for the show. Following the confession and apologies he was to be mandated to beg forgiveness; there would be some appropriate punishments applied which currently were not quite yet established. The target timeframe would be about 8 weeks later. This would allow the classmates to discuss the event among themselves and share it with others as appropriate. Perhaps it would increase the size of the audience? Mimi’s alarms of serious emasculation crawled over her flesh like insects. But she knew “Alan” deserved all of it.

Cindy and Kim planned that the foretelling of the streaming event and delay for 8 weeks (or possibly longer) that this would torment Mimi with anxiety and occupy her thoughts. During the next few weeks they hoped to enforce more humiliation and embarrassment on Mimi just as they had this weekend. With funds already coming in from Alan’s prior pornography video all their work was coming to fruition.

This was now Sunday evening and darkness was replacing the day, Kim and Cindy discussed the idea of making Alan walk home all the way from the library. Only this time there would be no visit to Cindy house and certainly no ride home to bypass the country road stretch he didn’t endure the first time. They skipped the Viagra enhancement this time around since he was wearing a chastity device.

Without any cash and with no cell phone, Mimi ultimately found herself alone behind the library building again. This time at least she was completely attired in a proper dress, even if it happened to be an appearance of being a little girl’s party dress with poufy petticoats. The curly hair was a nice deception making her look feminine.

Walking the streets was far easier with arms free. Her Mary Jane shoes were also better than ballet slippers, pink bows, and annoying noisy bells. She marched block after block without incident, and eventually reached the country road where previously Cindy had given Alan a ride home. That was going to be the toughest challenge since there were fewer places to hide along the route. Fortune was upon Mimi as she found bordering the road was a long fallow field. Trudging into the field kept her away from any lights from passing cars, thus a much smaller chance of being spotted.

By early morning Mimi was weary but ready to cross a bridge covering over a stream. At this hour of the morning, cars were few and Mimi made it quickly. On the opposite side of the bridge was a mini strip mall. Since it was still long before dawn, perhaps 2:30 or 3 AM on a Monday morning, the mall area was vacant and quiet. During the final mile until her house Mimi jogged as rapidly as she could. Silently she entered the house and retired to a seriously needed sleep.

[More? See Episode Five: Sissified Husband --- Contrition on her mind]
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Re: EPISODE FOUR: Sissified Husband --- Preparing for Contri

Postby cdinbonds » 21 Nov 2020, 01:39

Oh, I hope we won't have to wait 8 weeks for the next installment! There should be lots of humiliation before the actual webcast. :D :gag:
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Re: EPISODE FOUR: Sissified Husband --- Preparing for Contri

Postby kinbaku » 21 Nov 2020, 11:55

cdinbonds wrote:Oh, I hope we won't have to wait 8 weeks for the next installment! :D :gag:

Cindy and Kim planned that the foretelling of the streaming event and delay for 8 weeks (or possibly longer) that this would torment cdinbonds with anxiety and occupy her thoughts. :rofl: Towards a free adaptation of the text of the story. I also wait anxiously. :facepalm:
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Re: EPISODE FOUR: Sissified Husband --- Preparing for Contri

Postby janeboi » 22 Nov 2020, 02:58

...why those conniving [blank] ...ladies... I think they just stepped outside their fictional story line, They must be feeling more "powerful!" I supposed that happens with Mistresses in command of a poor defenseless male.
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