Evil women 4

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Evil women 4

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She looked a normal person to Jack. She was on the beach and was very striking in her appearance and the way she carried herself. He had to get to know her, but she was surrounded by admirers. He knew he had to get to know her. He thought he saw her look his way a few times, but that may have been his imagination.

Eventually he stopped trying to catch her attention and decided to go to the beach to grab the last rays of the sun to get a tan. He felt a sudden drop in temperature, opened his eyes to see her standing there. “Have you giving up trying?” she asked. To say he was stunned is an understatement. “I saw you looking at me and trying to catch my attention. I was enjoying the attention from a distance” He invited her to come to the bar for a drink. Her name is Chantelle Dubois. Sadly she had to go to arrange her lift back to her hotel, but not before they had got to a situation where they could relax with the other person around. We arranged to meet the following day. The only thing he didn’t know was, where this island called Monte Christo is. She told him was that it is in an area where the water is surrounded by sharks. Somewhere off the coast of Africa.

Eventually they had to go their own way. He had to fly back to miserable, wet Britain. Chantelle had to go back to Monte Christo. Still it gave him a chance to find out where her island is. The trouble is, he couldn’t find it. So Chantelle had dumped him. That upset him until he got a phone call three days later. It was Chantelle. She revealed that she would send him a ticket to Marseille. She would meet him there at the same place in three weeks’ time. If he wanted to, he could sell up everything here and hand in his job as he could have a job running part of her estate. Jack wasn’t sure until the ticket came. He only rented a flat so had nothing to lose. There wasn’t a car, not many friends so it was only the job that held him back. The next day saw his resignation

He flew to Marseille and checked in to the hotel for a week. Two days Later Chantelle turned up. He asked about the job of running the estate. She told me it will only be a little part of it. “I have managers who run the majority”. She told him to check out of the hotel as he could stay with her. He thought his luck was in. Firstly she had to go to a clinic and then they could settle down by her swimming pool.

At the clinic he was treated to a coffee. That was the last he remembered. He woke up strapped to a bed and was glad when the nurse came in and found him. He was checked over by the doctor who said it went well. “What went well” he thought. He was given some light food and drink and before he knew it, a nurse injected him putting him to sleep. He woke up again in darkness and gagged. He tried to move and realised he was strapped to a chair, His arms to the arms of the chair and his legs to the chair legs. What made it worse was that he realised he was in some sort of packing case. Sudden movement made him realise the case was being lifted and moved.

Finally the case was put down and the box was opened. But he was not released from the chair. There was Chantelle standing in front of him. He tried to find out what was going on. Chantelle told him to be quiet and listen. Once she had finished, she would release him. He needn’t think about escaping as they are on her island. “I call it Monte Christo after the book, but it is not really its name. It is surrounded by sharks so don’t think about swimming as we are some way from any other land. Now about you. You have been asleep for two weeks. In the meantime, at the clinic you had your balls removed to stop the production of testosterone in your body. I didn’t want to give you a full sex change as I wanted you to know you were a man. Your cock has been stuck down between your legs so you have to sit to pee in future like all we girls do. The glue is a medical one that needs a solvent to release your cock. Sadly for you, there is no solvent on the island so you will remain like that. You also have your breasts glued on. I will release you and show you your room”

She undid the straps and his gag. “Why have you done this to me? You have ruined my life” Chantelle told him that she needed a maid that will mover be on a low once a month, nor want maternity leave. “You said I’d be a manager of a part of the estate” Chantelle told him that he is a manager of a part of her estate. He is. Her house. “Your clothes have been given away so when you get to your room, you will find all your needs in the wardrobe” Jack told her he is not a maid. “You wasn’t, but you are now” Chantelle released him from the chair. “Follow me” Jack followed her. He looked down and could see the breasts she had stuck on him. He asked why she had done this to him. “Because I need a maid who won’t fly off the handle every month and won’t have to leave to have babies. Now I have one. You” He asked why him, “Because you were too good looking to be a man. You look even lovelier now” she responded. They reached his room, right in the attic of the house. At one end was a wall to wall wardrobe. He hoped his clothes were there, but all he saw was lots of different maid’s uniforms, starting from what he was told was Victorian floor length uniforms. Next came knee length uniforms. Finally a couple of short dresses.

“The underwear is in the drawers” He looked and saw all along the bottom was a lot of drawers. The left hand side had Victorian bloomers, petticoats, corsets, Lyle stockings, shoes, aprons and maids caps. The middle lot of drawers had knickers, bloomers, petticoats, shoes, stockings, suspender belts, bras, aprons and caps. The right hand drawers had frilly knickers, heeled shoes of all heights, waspies, more stockings, tiny aprons and maids’ caps. He argued he couldn’t wear them and wont. “Wear them you can and wear them you will. Either put them on yourself or I’ll get them put on you. I’m sure my farm hands will love to see your tiny cock glued back like it is” He asked how could she have sex with him if she had done this to him. That’s when he saw on the nightdresses hanging up. There were no make clothes at all.

“Good heavens? Why would I need attention from your tiny cock when I have well hung studs working on my farm? I get all the cock I need. Get dressed and we can tour the island and meet the hands. I love the. They obey my every command without question, as you will. Then tomorrow you will start lessons on the duties of a housemaid under the guidance of Maria. You wouldn’t like Maria when she loses her temper. Even my male staff are frightened of her. I’ll be glad when your hair grows so Maria can style it for you, but in the meantime, you will have to put up with the maid’s cap on your hair as it is”
He got dressed in a knee length black outfit. Firstly they met Maria. “You will need to have your ears pierced and have little pearl earrings fitted. You will need to work out to get your stomach flat. You have to look nice and smart. Tomorrow we will start on how to walk, talk and curtsy to make you look as feminine as possible”

Chantelle and her new maid left the house and toured the island. He was surprised how big it is. He saw several telephone boxes and thought he would be able to escape and phone for help. Chantelle saw him looking at them. “I wouldn’t bother thinking about it. The telephone line is only for the island. The only way to get a call outside of the island is via the satellite phones and mine are locked in my safe and all the staff know that if they let you use theirs, they will be banished from the island. I’d simply forget about calling for help and concentrate on your learning to be a maid”

He knew he was beaten. Eventually they came to a farm where some well-built workers were putting the finishing touches to a new building. Chantelle called one over. “Strip. Everything off”. The man quickly took everything off and stood at attention facing her. “Why would I need the services of your puny thing when I have wonderful cocks like this at my disposal? You can get dressed now” The new maid stood there and couldn’t take his eyes off of the monster he was looking at. The pair walked on. He found it strange the petticoat and dress gently tapping on his stockinged legs. Every now and then he got a breeze come up his thighs to the elastic of his cotton bloomers.
“I suppose you are wondering what you are going to do for sex in future” Chantelle said, breaking his chain of thoughts. “You can forget penatrive sex. In future you can rely upon me using a dildo or trap-on to massage your prostate. I have read that men get to love it as it gives a female style orgasm. Aren’t you lucky? Also some of the men are bi sexual so you might be lucky enough to get them to service you. Mind you, you will have to find out who those men are. As for me, I look forward to you using your tongue on me and apparently I can get a wonderful orgasm from using the strap on you. I can’t wait to find out if it’s true”

Chantelle introduced him to everyone. He could feel himself blushing. Walking on, Chantelle said they had better think of a female name for him. She can’t call him John so Joan it is. He complained his name was John and was sharply told that as from this day forward his name is Joan Christo to remind him he was a prisoner there.
Back at the house, he was shown to the kitchen. “You will come under the command of Maria and the other kitchen staff including the scullery maid. Do not upset them or disobey their orders. They loved it when we discussed my plans and would do anything to beat it into you”
He was introduced to the cook, the other two kitchen staff. “Remember them well as they don’t work here all the time. Finally he met Sally the scullery maid. Her job was to wash up and stack the plates and keep the kitchen clean.
Maria walked in. “Tomorrow you will have that dress on, and put an apron and cap on as well. You start your training as a maid. You will learn to walk like a woman and speak like a woman. You will learn to obey orders and curtsy. You will learn your duties and how to carry them out well. You will be called at six. ”
He looked at her and said nothing. He was not going to be beaten by any woman. Irrespective of what they had done to him, he was still a man.
Six A.M came and the door burst open. Maria stood there. He was still in bed. “Why are you not up and dressed, maid?” He told her he wasn’t going to. Maria said they would see about that. She stormed out of the room only to appear an hour later to find him still naked and in bed. She shouted down the stairs and four burly farmhands came into the room. Maria threw the sheets back and the four men grabbed him. He was lifted high with one man on each leg. They carried him down the stairs past all the kitchen staff and down to the beach. On the beach was a hole about 2 feet in diameter and about 5 feet deep. He was set down in front of the hole. Two men held his arms while Maria laid into his bum with a cane. In a very short time he was crying for her to stop. Maria responded that the men should carry on. He was lowered into the hole and found his head was just above the level of the sand. The men poured wet sand into the hole and packed it tight. He could not move. He was facing the sea and that gave him a hope a ship might see him.

Maria spoke sharply. “You have about three hours and then the tide will reach you and sadly you will drown. If you don’t wish die, shout out and these men will rescue you. If you get rescued and still refuse to get dressed, you will become shark bait. We do love a nice barbecue with shark steaks on the menu. You will be lowered into the water and pig’s blood will be put in. It will be a painful death so we will have to gag you to save us hearing your screams. Don’t bother to shout here unless you give in as no one is around to rescue you”
They walked off leaving him listening to the waves crashing further down the shore. As the sand bank rose sharply in front of him, he couldn’t see the shoreline, only further out to the horizon. They had chosen this site well, but maybe the tide won’t reach him he thought. An hour later and he watched as the sand bank in front of him started to collapse as the water came up to it. Fortunately it was some way away. An hour later and the water was visible, the waves gently coming up the sand in front of him before dropping back to the sea. “They won’t let me drown. They are bluffing” he thought. When he got splashed with the spray from a wave he backed down and called for help. The men dug him out and as they did, a wave rushed up and filled what was left of the hole.

“You heard what Maria said, do you agree to the position or do you want to be shark bait” one of the men asked him. He agreed to take the position according to his new status. Maria turned up and when told, was more than pleased. Getting back to the house after having to walk the distance named, he was glad to be told to shower and then get dressed as ordered the day previously. An hour and a half later he was in the kitchen in his black dress with blindingly white starched apron on. “Tomorrow when you start, you will report to me after you have showered and we will put a corset on you to flatten your waist”. She spent the afternoon watching him walk and turn like a lady. After 4 hours she was reasonably satisfied he had satisfied walking with flat heels and curtsying, she told him he had to start walking in Victorian boots and heels. The heels will start off at 3 inches and end up at 5 inches. He looked at her and was stunned. How can he learn to walk in heels like that? However by the next morning he had that task off to a fine art.

The afternoon was used to teach him how to clean and they gave him a list of things he had to do. The worst person to him was not Maria but Sally the scullery maid. She seemed to enjoy the newfound power she experienced by having someone below her in the pecking order. After another week, Chantelle told him she was more than pleased with his progress and now he has to learn his other skills. She sat down, hitched up her gown and told him to get busy with his tongue. It didn’t take him long to master it to her satisfaction. Next day she dressed in a leather cat suit with a strap-on dildo. Joan was called to her room and she lubricated him and started a slow but powerful penetration and he felt the fake penis sliding in and out of him. He felt her hands gipping his waist even through the corset. Suddenly Chantelle bucked when her orgasm hit her. Jane was feeling sore but had got nowhere near an orgasm.

A few weeks went and Jane by now was quite an efficient maid. Chantelle loved the curtsy he had perfected. So did all the female staff. But then one day Chantelle told Maria they had French guests coming and it was her duty to inform the staff that the guests must be offered every possible courtesy they have to offer. Obviously as far as the kitchen staff were concerned they had to organise all the meals around the guests. Jane was to find this task hard to carry out. It was Sally that spoke up next. “I hate it when they come. I remember last time. If Mr. Dubois is with them, he brought some ladies of the night with him and they told me he loves it when they are screaming in pain as he screws them. He is heavily endowed. It’s too big”

Maria replied, “Not to worry Sally, although he is coming on his own, you will not be called to supply any comforts he needs. That is the maid’s job” Sally let out a deep blow of breathe. “Jane, you will wear your shortest uniform and frilly panties and petticoats. You have two days to perfect speaking with a soft French accent and always answer Oui Monsieur, and don’t forget to curtsy. He loves it. I think that to him it shows the subservience of the female. Now and then hold the corners of the apron as you curtsy, you will get to find out why”.

All afternoon he practised the curtsy and speaking in a soft French accent. In the end the girls all agreed he was perfect. All he had to do was prance around in this ultra-short French Maid’s outfit which he hated as his frilly panties and petticoats were on display. The girls all teased him about it and when he moaned he was told it was for his own good to get him prepared for all the attention he was going to get.

Mr. Dubois turned up a week later and when “Joan” realised it, he thought of trying to escape in the boat that must have come to the island. Sally told him the boat had already left and would not be back for a week. Jane was getting nervous. If it was true what the girls said, he could expect a rough time. Jane watched as the farmhand took some items into the room designated by Chantelle. He had no idea what they were but would soon find out. He was ordered to stand by Mr. Dubois and serve his dinner. Jane felt his hand slide up the inside of his thighs and rub over the frills of his panties. Jane was shocked when he felt a hand tickle the tip of his cock which was still well and truly stuck down. Thanks to his balls being removed, his cock went right back between his legs. Jane shivered as a finger rubbed the inside of his glans. Mr. Dubois whispered, “Do I detect a hint of excitement Mon Sheri?” Thanks to the 5 inch heels he was wearing, he could not escape that quickly. Chantelle could see he was being interfered with but needed Mr. Dubois to carry on sending in supplies so she gave Jane a stern look. Jane saw it, looked over at Maria and could see she was about to explode. It was only because Mr. Dubois was there she bit her tongue.

Jane didn’t fancy going back into the sand or being shark bait and thought it would be better to allow Mr. Dubois to carry on. Jane pretended he liked it and started to act accordingly. He wished he had been allowed to wear his knee length dress instead of this ridiculous ultra-short one. This is giving him no protection whatsoever. Mr. Dubois continued to massage his thighs. Although it wasn’t bad, he felt it was wrong. Even in his state, he still considered himself a man. After dinner, when Chantelle and Mr. Dubois had withdrawn to the lounge, Jane and the other staff cleared up. Sally was in her element ordering Jane about. “Mr. Dubois certainly took a fancy to you Jane. I think you’re in with a chance tonight” Jane told her not to be silly. Maria immediately jumped on his response and reminded him it was not his position to reply to senior staff.

About an hour later a bell rang. Maria answered the phone. “Jane, you are to report to Mr. Dubois bedroom” Jane could see the smirk on all the girls faces. His feet were killing him from the shoes but he trudged upstairs and knocked gently on the bedroom door. Mr. Dubois called out, “Entrée”. Jane carefully entered the room. He took a quick look round and saw some strange furniture. One looked like a pillory that was adjustable in height. Not only that, the legs were held fast as well. There was no sign of Mr. Dubois. He must have been in the shower.
Jane went over to have a look at this torture instrument. It was open ready for its prisoner. Did Mr. Dubois lock the girls in it? Before he realised, his head was shoved forward by a powerful man and his arms were grabbed by two other men. It took a matter of seconds and the pillory was locked on him trapping him there. He tried calling out but a gag that held his mouth wide open was inserted into it. His feet were pulled apart and locked in the straps holding his feet apart to the frame of the pillory.

The men walked off and told him to have fun. “Don’t fight it. Just relax and enjoy it”. They walked off laughing. Mr. Dubois came out of the bathroom naked. He is a podgy little revolting man. Slowly he walked toward Jane who do no nothing to get away from him. He walked behind hand and run his hands over the frills of the panties pushing them onto Jane’s bum. “Oh Mon Cherie. What a pert little derriere you have. It is so lovely. I am getting turned on by the thought of it” Jane wiggled to say he didn’t want the attention of Mr. Dubois who gave him a gentle pat on the bum and walked around to the head of Jane. A little adjustment and this will be perfect” Jane felt her neck being pushed down and then his legs stretched further apart. “Ah. Now that is perfect”. He walked around the front again and slowly walked towards Jane who could not move or close his mouth. Jane watched as the partially erect penis came closer. He closed his eyes and received a swipe on his bum. “You must keep your eyes open to see how you are pleasuring me, and you fail to give me pleasure, I will buy you and bury you alive in my local cemetery” The sudden shock made him open his eyes wide.

Mr. Dubois walked around the front of him to face him. “I have an electric cattle prod. If I don’t get a good service, you will get a shock. It is adjustable and the heaviest on will knock you out and you will wake up in your coffin. I won’t bury you until you are awake so you can see the horror facing you and the last view you will ever have. The satin lining on the inside of your coffin as the lid closes in on you. Now be a good maid and service me”
He watched as Mr. Dubois played with himself bringing his cock partially to attention. “The rest is for you to do. Enjoy it. I know I will” He felt sick at the now approaching sight. Mr. Dubois pushed his cock onto Jane’s lips. He couldn’t close his mouth to stop his mouth being filled with cock. The gag held his mouth open too wide so he couldn’t even feel the cock on his teeth. Mr. Dubois adjusted them so his cock would just slide nicely between the upper and lower set. “Bring your lips down so I can feel them encircling my cock” Jane never responded. “I will ask once again or you will get the shock treatment”.
Jane felt sick over this but had no option. Slowly Mr. Dubois pushed his cock into Jane’s mouth. Already Jane felt like being sick and aged on the intrusion. “This is good. Now bring your tongue up and lick the underside for me. I need to get it really firm to be able to enter your pussy” Now Jane really felt sick, but looked at the cattle prod in Mr. Dubois hand and not wanting to feel the shock stared to lick the underside of the large cock in his mouth. “Ah. Wonderful. Lick faster and more powerful. Lick behind the head. I need to cum”

Jane sensed Mr. Dubois’s muscles were tensioning up so he knew he was on the way for Mr. Dubois to empty his sack into his mouth. It seemed to Jane the cock was getting bigger in length and diameter. He could feel it throbbing against his tongue. Mr. Dubois kept sliding in and out of his mouth and occasionally pushed his cock in to the back of Jane’s throat. Suddenly Mr. Dubois let out a loud “Ahh” and Jane’s mouth was filled with semen from Mr. Dubois. It tasted awful. The cock twitched as it shot out its load. Mr.Dubois grabbed the back of Jane’s head and pulled it further onto his cock. Jane had a face full of pubic hair. It was disgusting. His nose was pressed into the man’s abdomen. It seemed like hours before Mr. Dubois pulled out, but in reality it couldn’t have been more than a few minutes.
“Now swallow that all down like a good girl” Jane was feeling sick, “Or I’ll have to give you a shock” Reluctantly as soon as the gag was removed, Jane swallowed his semen. “Good girl” Jane went to scream just to find a wet flannel run over his face. Before he got over the shock, the gag was re-inserted. “Oh dear, your makeup is ruined. Never mind. I won’t be looking at that end in the morning. I’ll leave you there for the night so you don’t run away. The thought of my little captive is getting me stiff already. Maybe I should have another go. I’m sure you enjoyed it”
Mr. Dubois walked round in front of him. Already he had an erection. “No, I will leave that for the morning. It will give you time to think about it sliding I and out of your pussy” Jane had had enough. He wished he was dead. He would have been better off.

At six sharp the bedroom door opened and Sally crept in and released him from the pillory. She put her finger over her lips to indicate he should remain silent. When they got down to the kitchen, Sally told him to have a shower and put a normal maid’s uniform on. Maybe that would cool Mr. Dubois’s ardour. Jane went and had a shower. It was lovely and hot. In ten minutes he went back to his room to get dressed. At the moment he felt like killing Mr. Dubois and Chantelle. Rosie came in and helped him to apply the makeup. Jane was still stiff and tired. It came as news that once breakfast was finished, Chantelle had told her that Jane could have the day off.

The breakfast was set out and at 9, Chantelle turned up. A few moments later, Mr. Dubois arrived. He took one look at Jane and said “Why was she released from my room?” Chantelle told him he was required to serve at breakfast. “But I had not finished with him” Mr. Dubois cried, “the best was yet to come”
Chantelle reminded him the agreement was that he could use Jane any way he wanted on the first night. After that, he was out of bounds. Mr. Dubois said nothing until he ate some of his breakfast. Of course Jane was serving him. He complained that the uniform Jane was wearing was too dowdy and he should be wearing the sexy uniform he was wearing last night. Chantelle replied that was the normal day uniform which is for practicality and not for sexiness. Mr. Dubois thought he was going to be able to play with Jane again, but he couldn’t which upset him. Chantelle reminded him that only the first night was open for him to use the staff. He should have used Jane that first night instead of leaving him in the stocks.

That was a blow for Mr. Dubois. Especially as for the rest of the week, Jane was in his normal maid’s uniform. Fortunately the week soon went by and Mr. Dubois was about to leave. Jane tried to leave with him but was grabbed by the plantation workers. He watched as the boat got smaller and smaller as it sailed towards the horizon. Back at the house, Jane was told Christmas Time is special and everyone has to dress in Victorian style clothing. Therefore, he must spend a week getting used to wearing a long Victorian dress. After dinner, Maria told him he must go back to his room and strip. Rather than sample the wrath of Maria again he did as he was told.

In his room he noticed his bed had been changed for a four poster bed. Or so he thought. When he looked closely, it was his own bed but with an attachment that turned it into a four poster. Maria entered the room with three of the other girls. He was given a long petticoat to put on. He slipped it over his head and found it was narrow at the bottom. “That is to make sure you only take short steps. It’s a hobble petticoat. We all have to wear it over Christmas as Madam loves to see us glide gracefully, not zoom about. On other occasions it is left off”

He tried walking and found he had roughly a fifteen inch step before the material stopped him. Then came a flared petticoat. He was helped into that. His hands were tied to the bed posts so he was facing the bed. A corset was wrapped around his waist and he could feel it getting tighter. “Breath in” Maria ordered him. The corset was very restrictive. “You will have to breathe deeply and slowly”. He felt the laces being tightened. “Don’t worry, we only wear this at Christmas time? Normally it’s a corset with stockings and one petticoat. But this is to keep you warm as we go to the church for the service”

His hands were released. He stepped into the heeled shoes and the dress was pulled over his head. The tiny buttons were done up at the back. Finally the Victorian Apron and cap was put on him. “If you need us at any time to help put this on you, one of us will come”. He found all day that wearing the outfit was hot and rather restrictive. However, he endured it and won the affection of the girls as they wandered around in their normal uniforms.
When he came to take it off, although he could remove the apron easily enough, the dress was different with the tiny buttons at the back, and the girls teased him that they wouldn’t help him, but of course they did.

A month later Jane noticed Chantelle was missing. He asked Maria where she was. “Mr. Dubois has reneged on the deal they made. That is one thing she can’t stand. He is about to find out what happens to people that double cross her” Jane was curious. Maria carried on speaking as all the girls turned up. “We are about to get another maid. You knew him as Mr. Dubois. His name is Henri. When he gets here, he will be Henrietta” Jane asked “does that mean he will suffer the same fate as me?” He was told it does, including servicing the guests. Jane thought of what he did to him and grinned. “Does that mean I can have these fake boobs removed and my cock released and can go home?” One of the girls told him, “Sadly for you, no. You are doing the maid’s job well and we have all reported how good you are”

Later that day Jane was summoned to the servant’s quarter. He was reminded he had to abbey all orders from his senior staff. That he accepted. He was told that as Chantelle is away for a month, he will have to use his tongue to service all the girls and if one is not satisfied, he goes back into the sand pit. Jane said that would be too much. “Silly girl. You do one a day, not all at once. In return, we have been given strap-on dildos and can massage your prostate for you like Chantelle did. So, don’t upset us or we won’t be gentle with you”

Jane settled down once more to the life as a maid. He grew to love his new life. Jane asked about Mr. Dubois and the staff. That was wrong to make them do that that to him. “Good heavens no. Chantelle used to send over to the mainland for some hookers and provided them with a good wage and a maid’s uniform. He never knew” All Jane could think of all day was Henrietta buried up to his neck in the sand waiting for the tide to come in. “Snap out of it Jane”. Jane suddenly realised he had idled the day away. It was Maria who was speaking to him. “Something you can look forward to is that you will have someone below you that you can order about”

He went to bed that night, tired but happy. So far he had kept Chantelle and Maria happy. He got on with all the girls in the house. He was just dropping off when Sally poked her head into his bedroom. “Chantelle is bringing you some new nighties and clothes for you to wear on your days off”
When he first got caught, Jane went wild. Now he would be upset if Chantelle would or could reverse the situation. Life wasn’t so bad after all. Especially when he would have the chance to get even with Henrietta Dubois.
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Re: Evil women 4

Postby kinbaku » 16 Oct 2020, 10:45

I saw it happen as in a movie.
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Re: Evil women 4

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What was it called? I'll look for it.
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Re: Evil women 4

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restricted wrote:What was it called? I'll look for it.

I wanted to say that I vividly presented your story as if I would see it as a movie. If it ever gets filmed, let me know and I definitely want to watch it. :drool:
In any case, it has all the qualities to make a good film. Just as you, as a viewer, already feel in the beginning that the main actor is going to fall into a trap, but as a viewer of the film there is nothing you can do to warn him. And the exciting moment at the sea where the waves come painfully slowly, but certainly closer. :roll:
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