The Game -30 The Pillory Revisited

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The Game -30 The Pillory Revisited

Postby Kay » 11 Sep 2020, 04:51

The Pillory Revisited

“Well, the soft leather is nice,,,”
When he first made it she had appreciated that he had taken care to round the edges more than historical accuracy had required. And since then he had lined the holes with leather. Still, it was what it had been built to be, a pillory, and comfort had not been one of the main design specifications. Accordingly she was bent at the waist, her wrists and head held firmly, though she had to admit, relatively comfortably in the device, and her legs were spread wide and secured to rings at the base.
So comfort would be, at best, a relative term.

The fact that they were the proud owners of a pillory at all was due to some musings on her part about their obvious erotic uses. Accordingly he had built one to test the possibilities and it had proven quite successful. On its maiden, so to speak, voyage its occupant had been entertained at great length and at both ends. It was an evening full of incident and delight. Nevertheless afterward they quickly realized that, unlike their other toys, it had no plausible deniability. Their small things, clothes, breast forms, odds and ends of cords, ball gags, penis gags and similar normal household items could be easily tidied away. The attachment points in the rafters were almost invisible, and the Great Mirror... well it was a mirror wasn't it?
But for the casual visitor, the presence of a pillory would be almost certain to cause comment. They had considered calling it a Ren Fair prop, and that explanation might have served.
For the terminally naive.
Eventually they decided to move it to a corner, cover it with a sheet and camouflage around with boxes and things. It was still a Large Looming Thing, but at least it wasn't a Blatant one.

But the solution to one problem proved to be the seed of the next.
In order to hold its guest securely and safely the pillory had to be strong, and so he had built, and probably overbuilt, quite substantially. Then he sanded, finished, stained, and varnished. On completion standing on the playground in a pool of light it glowed. It had Presence. It had Gravitas. It had bright brass fittings.
What it did not have was portability.
Wrestling it out from under its camouflage covering was not a trivial operation. It had to be planned in advance, and the move ideally required two people, which rather cut down on any element of surprise. So, wonderful device though it was, it had in fact been used rather less often than it deserved. She had actually only been in the device twice.

But they had decided to bring it out again, and today was a day of firsts. For one thing both of the other sessions had been carried out at night. Surrounded by darkness all around under the overhead light it felt as if she were in a cozy room.
This session however was to take place on a bright Saturday morning. Today she definitely knew she was outside. The other thing was that for the previous two times she had worn her Ren fair skirt and blouse. It was an appropriate look which still left her very accessible.
She was accessible today as well.
She was also naked.

“So shall we begin?”
“Please sir, What are you going to do to me?” she asked, though she had a fairly good idea.
He moved around behind her.
“Well, you're so lovely and well presented I thought we'd start with this.”
She tried to look behind to see what he was doing.
“What? Ow!”
“What was that?”
“ pong paddle... but...ow!”
“And that?”
“Your hand. Why are you...oww!”
“And that?”
“Uh... I don't... ow!! Flip flop! Whyareyouspankingme!!??”
Because spankings were usually given for at least semi plausible reasons.
“Well, I admit it wasn't my first plan. But your pose is so delicious...”
“It just demands to be spanked. Think of it this way. There must be something you've done lately that deserves a spanking.”
Well he's got you there said Conscience.
Hush, you're not helping.

After a while he moved on to other amusements. He unclipped her ankles and tried on some different things.
Nude with stockings was a very good look. The addition of the little mini skirt was also very fetching and considering her pose she was still basically naked.
“That is also very delicious. I think perhaps we might...”
She heard some rustling and then felt with shock his penis entering her.
He had had his wicked way with her the first time she had been in the stocks, several times in fact, but then it had been dark and at least it felt private. But now he was thrusting into her outside and in bright daylight. When they began their games being naked outside was scary enough. Now she had become at least somewhat accustomed to that, but being fucked outside in theoretical view still embarrassed her greatly. Which of course he knew.
“No please don't fuck me here...” she begged.
“Oh my poor shy thing. All right”, we might return to that later...”
To her relief she felt him withdraw, but her relief was short lived.
“We can always use your pretty mouth instead...”

After a while he returned to the toy box and clothes chest to see what else they could try. He tried some different stockings on her and even one of the tutus. All were quite satisfactory and some suggested avenues of further exploration.
And then he laughed. “ Ah, of course I almost forgot.” She heard rustling and then he said,
“Step up, and the other...”
She felt something being pulled up but she wasn't quite sure what it was at first. Then he started tightening the laces and she realized.
It was the corset.
Oh no oh no
Ah this looks like it might be interesting said Conscience.
Be cause the corset, she had discovered, had an Effect. Quite a strong one.
But it was weeks ago. Maybe it doesn't work like that any more...
But you know that's not true don't you...?
Involuntarily she started wiggling her bottom and trying not to squeal.
“Oh that's lovely,” he said. “Hang on, I've got to get the camera...”
He left the playground.
She began to moan, “Oh please... I need... please…”
All reservations about appropriate outdoor activities had completely vanished.
She clamped her mouth shut. No I won't, I mustn't...
She kept quiet for as long as she could as the feelings grew stronger. Finally she shuddered and then cried, “Oh please... Fuck me! Oh fuck me please I can't stand it...”
“Are you always this demanding? And loud?”
It wasn't his voice...
“Oh, I love that corset,” it went on. “You must let me borrow it some time!”
But then she recognized him.
Well, you know why he's here don't you? Conscience purred. He must have told Ian what the game was and asked him if he'd like to join in...
But Ian and I have never...
And how do you feel about that?
“He planned it,” she panted, trying to distract herself.
“What? Planned...?”
“He set it all up, and he called you, and then conveniently absented himself. And now you're here...”
“To ravish you, dear? It's a delightful idea of course, and I'm flattered, but...” He walked to the front of the pillory and she saw him for the first time.
“Does it look like I'm dressed for ravishing?”
“Well, yes, actually...”
Someone's in for a good time at any rate... said Conscience with approval.
High heels, stockings, a short, bright red dress with curves that really shouldn't be possible.
Or possibly in some jurisdictions, legal. How does he do that...? she wondered, not for the first time.
“Sorry, not today, love. For obvious reasons. With the way you're bent over and the height of my heels, even kissing you will be a bit tricky. Let's see...”
He carefully bent and half squatted and managed to give her a quick peck.
Then he pulled himself up.
“No, that's enough of that. If I fall off these we'll have to call 911.”
He was probably right. It was hard to judge from her position, but with heels that high he must be well over six feet today.
“I could smack your bottie if you'd like.” he added helpfully.
“Thank you no. I've had quite enough of that today. What is it with men and spanking?”
“Actually, love I just came by to borrow a lipstick.” He rummaged in the toy chest.
“I'm out of my favorite shade and I remembered that you lot buy the stuff by the case... ah, here we are.”
He walked to the mirror and started to expertly apply it.
“I knocked but no one heard,” he said over his shoulder, “so I let myself in. You shouldn't leave your door open like that you know. All sorts of strange people could wander in...”
Well, that was self evidently true...
“So where is he? It was a bit naughty to leave you alone.”
“He...went to get a camera...” She was finding it difficult to concentrate.
Ian looked around and then nodded.
“I see you have a security camera, so I guess that's all right. He's probably keeping an eye on you...”
He blew a kiss toward the camera.
She had forgotten about that. They had it installed when there was a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood. Was that the game? Imprison her and then go off and watch over her from afar?
Let her wiggle and squeal for a half hour or so?
But he doesn't know about the corset does he, said Conscience. You never actually told him...
“And what's got you so wound up missy? Surely not this position? I believe you've done worse...?”
Ian went on conversationally. “You're usually control than this.”
So between gasps she told Ian of the corset. The experiment to sensitize her to it. Its unexpected success. The fact that she hadn't told him about it yet...
“Another magic garment? Bloody hell! I told you if you could market this you'd be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Hell, you be rich beyond mine! Make me your business manager and you two can retire to a life of leisure and debauchery. Of course you’d die of exhaustion in six months, but…”
“I don't know...ohh...”
“Well, it's been lovely chatting with you, but you seem to be losing the power to speak and I'm running late.”
He dropped the lipstick into his purse. “Be sure to tell me how it all works out. Bye!”
He left the play ground.

They met in the hallway just outside.
“Ian, you're looking quite beautiful today.”
“Why thank you, dear. I can't kiss you properly. I've just done my lips. I know it's awful but I'm afraid I don't have time for our traditional meet and greet.”
“Our... oh, ah yes...”
“I promise I'll make it up to you. Did you hear all?”
“Ah, yes, I think so. I was just about to walk in when I realized you were there.”
“And you really didn't know about that wonderful garment?”
“No, she didn't tell me...”
“Fascinating. Riches beyond counting... But I really must dash, I'm late...”
Then he paused and said, “No, traditions are important. I'll just have to be late...”
He was about to kneel when they heard another frustrated moan.
“Ah... no, after all. It wouldn't be fair if I left you unable to... help that poor thing. Another time! I'll see myself out!” and with a quick kiss he was off, leaving behind a scent of perfume and some decidedly mixed feelings.

“Please...” she called out again.
“Certainly,” he said as he entered the playground.
“But first we have to talk about keeping secrets. I have a feeling that you might deserve more spanking after all..”
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Re: The Game -30 The Pillory Revisited

Postby cdinbonds » 11 Sep 2020, 20:09

I love these stories. :D This one begs for a Part 2! What happens next? It's still early in the day!
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Re: The Game -30 The Pillory Revisited

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 17 Sep 2020, 17:18

I keep Halloween skeletons in my pillories and pass them off as decorations.
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