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first story

Postby maxine the sissy2 » 08 Jul 2020, 10:57

Hi! This is my first time posting in this area, I hope you guys enjoy my story!

The day Leeta met her Master’s daughter Leeta thought she had met a friend. That day Leeta was on her Master’s small private island. It was one of Leeta’s favorite places because she could walk in the sunshine dressed or not dressed as her Master preferred. Only the Master and a few servants and bodyguards were there beside herself. Leeta was poolside when she heard the humming sound of the small plane landing on the island’s strip. She was kneeling beside her Master who was reading and drinking. She was wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform, short plaid pleated skirt, white blouse, cable-stitch knee-high socks and no underwear. Her hands were cuffed in front of her.

“Stay,” her Master commanded her.

Leeta remained perfectly still for what seemed a half-hour. Her thoughts ran back to when her name was Sharon and she was a successful businesswoman. The Master’s men kidnapped her- how long ago? She had more trouble each day remembering that her name had been Sharon before her Master had namedher Leeta. She looked the same- except a little thinner and dressed differently- usually naked or in lingerie or fancy dresses or little girl outfits. She was 5′ 7″, 130 pounds, 38, 32, 36 with her long auburn hair currently in pigtails.

The present reality came back to her suddenly as she saw a dildo attached to a long metal rod thrust in front of her.

“Kiss it,” her Master’s voice said, not loudly but firmly.

She gently kissed the tip of the dildo.

“Now lick it.”

She slowly, in a passionate manner, licked the dildo, and then sucked it as the Master commanded. To her shock she heard a feminine voice say, “She’s perfect. She’s darling! I can see why you’ve kept her this long.” (Only later did it occur to Leeta to be frightened about the ones “not kept”-
sold to another slave owner- or worse.)

The Master rapped his thigh loudly and, still on her hands and knees, Leeta went over to his side. “Leeta, this is my daughter, Tiffany,” the Master said warmly.

“Hello there,” Tiffany patted Leeta’s head and stroked her hair.

“Hello . . .” Leeta’s voice trailed off.

“You may call me Tiffany.”

“Hello, Tiffany,” Leeta answered meekly.

Leeta served them drinks as the Master commanded then knelt at her Master’s side as he and Tiffany talked about her schooling and her boyfriend. Tiffany was blonde, about 5′ 5″ with a slim but pretty figure. She was well tanned and wore a white pantsuit and designer sunglasses. The only time either of them spoke to Leeta was when her Master commanded her to strip and swim a few laps in the pool so Tiffany could see her body naked and wet. Leeta obeyed, even enjoying the warm water though uncomfortable with Tiffany watching her. The Master then ordered Leeta to dry herself off, go into the house and put on her pink and white teddy for supper.

That night Leeta slept in her own bedroom. That was unusual. She almost always slept with her Master, either in his bed or on the floor or bound somewhere in his bedroom or the basement. Leeta thought that the Master might have commanded her to sleep here because Tiffany might come to visit her. That thought excited Leeta, who so desperately yearned for a friend.

Sure enough the silhouette of Tiffany was in the hallway as Leeta’s door opened.


At supper the Master told Leeta, though he need not have, to obey Tiffany explicitly. Leeta knelt before her bed. Tiffany bent over and kissed her cheeks and forehead. Leeta, naked, noticed Tiffany was wearing a red teddy and matching stockings.

“My, you’re a dear one,” Tiffany spoke just above a whisper, “Kiss my feet.” Swiftly Leeta obeyed. Leeta kissed them both, slowly and carefully. Even after all that her Master had put her through, she felt herself trembling.

Tiffany commanded Leeta to sit beside her on the bed. Tiffany put her right arm around Leeta’s waist, “Daddy tells me you used to be in cosmetics.” Tiffany asked, and Leeta gave her all sorts of tips about makeup and eyeliner. After about 15 minutes of talking Tiffany showed Leeta what had been in Tiffany’s left hand: a double dildo. Tiffany commanded Leeta to lie on the bed, front down. Leeta put her head on her pillow to the side. She felt a tear roll down her cheek.

“Now, hun, easy, this isn’t going to hurt too much,” Tiffany whispered, stroking Leeta’s dark auburn hair. Tiffany inserted one end of the dildo into her own vagina and, after rubbing vaseline on it, put the other end in Leeta’s rectum. Tiffany rocked gently on top of Leeta. Leeta’s breathing became heavier.

“Tell me you love me,” Tiff whispered.

“I love you, goddess,” Leeta whispered back. Leeta had no idea where “goddess” had come from. “Tell me you adore me,” Tiffany rocked further into Leeta.

“I adore you, goddess,” Leeta answered.

“Am I pretty?”

“You’re a beautiful girl,” Leeta was being honest about her thoughts.

After a few minutes Tiffany began to come and rocked the dildo into Leeta farther and farther.

Leeta panted and softly cried out in pain. Finally the rocking stopped as Tiffany climaxed.

Tiffany softly kissed the back of Leeta’s head.

The next morning Leeta asked her Master permission to pick Tiffany a red rose from the garden. The Master was pleased but surprised, his white hair flowing in the tropical breeze.

Kneeling and naked except for short white frilly socks, Leeta presented the rose to Tiffany, who kissed her sensuously on the lips. Tiffany then put the fingers of her right hand inside Leeta’s private area. Slowly Leeta became aroused. Tiffany worked inside of her for several minutes, until, to the delight of the Master and Tiffany, Leeta climaxed.

“You must keep her forever, Daddy.”

“Perhaps,” the Master replied smiling.

A few days later when Tiffany left to go back to school Leeta cried. In those few days Leeta had performed oral sex on Tiff a half dozen times. Tiffany had spanked Leeta once when she had given a command and Leeta had not heard it. Tiffany worked the paddle like one who had done it many times. As Leeta heard the humming of the private plane taking off, she was embarrassed by her tears.

“Did you like my daughter, little girl?” her Master asked casually.

“Yes, Master.”

“She spanked you and commanded you.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you love her, Leeta, my little slave girl?”

Leeta felt her chin quiver, “Yes, Master,” she sobbed.

With a broad grin the Master commanded her to walk the treadmill in lingerie and high heels. He was fonder of Leeta than he dared admit- enough to bring her pleasure and pain as he desired.
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Re: first story

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 10 Jul 2020, 17:24

This certainly has potential for more adventures. Good setting descriptions.
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Re: first story

Postby Sissyry » 12 Jul 2020, 04:06

Good story, I hope there is a sequel
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