Fifi the closet maid

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Fifi the closet maid

Postby gimslyp » 14 May 2020, 15:40

I had visited my Mistress on several occasions by now and had served as doorbell maid at Her parties. I think because I had done such a good job, She told me that I was to be promoted and given a new way to serve. So on this occasion, I reported to Her house having spent several weeks already locked in chastity.

I dressed as usual in my corset, black seamed stockings, push-up bra, heels, petticoat and satin maid uniform. And my beloved white satin apron and lace flower for my hair. I had been growing my hair long at Her request so only needed make-up now to complete the look. The only change so far though was that She had only left me a wide leather “posture” collar, even larger and more restrictive than the collar I had worn before. I put it on and reported to Her for duty.

I was taken into a small room, a large cupboard really, with just a small sink on one side. In the middle was a vertical metal pole rising from the floor to about waist height. I was made to kneel down on the floor with my back to the pole. My collar was attached to the top of it; I heard a padlock snap shut, securing me in place. The posture collar made it very hard for me to move my head so I was basically forced to keep looking ahead. My wrists were then also handcuffed behind my back, behind the pole. My body was able to move a little but my head was pretty much stuck in a fixed position.

And then my Mistress produced a very strange gag. On the outside was a small semi-circular cup, a bit like a very small sink. And on the inside was a large tube, bent downwards with a small spade-like end at the bottom. It was about four inches long in all. The tube went deep into my mouth and right to the back of my throat. My gag reflex kicked in, but the small spade shape on the end of the tube held the back of my tongue down, preventing me from gagging or actually using my tongue to block the back of my throat. Leather straps held the gag in place, fastened with another padlock behind my head. The little cup in front of me came up to just above the bottom of my nose.

“Whatever goes in here will go straight into your mouth, and you won’t be able to stop it going down your throat, my dear. I advise you to drink everything otherwise you’ll choke!” she said seductively, smiling at me.

She then also produce a thin, flexible rubber tube. She took hold of my tiny cock cage and began pushing one end of the tube into tip of my tiny willy, right up the little pee-hole. It hurt a little bit and was very uncomfortable, but She managed to push several inches of it into me. The other end of the tube She connected to the little cup on the gag.

And with that, She stood up, adjusted Her dress to remove any creases, and walked out, closing the door and turning out the light. I was left to kneel there in the darkness, unable anymore to control what was going to happen to me.

A long time passed, I heard people moving around outside, some music and the doorbell ringing on numerous occasions. Finally, the light in the room clicked on, and the door in from of me opened. A beautiful lady walked in, although I could only really see her from the waist down given my predicament. She walked straight up to me, and lifted her skirt right in front of my face, revealing her stocking-tops, suspender straps and lingerie. She was wearing a lacy satin teddy rather than panties, and reached between her legs to release the three buttons on the crotch. She lifted her lingerie up out of the way with her skirt and moved her perfect, beautiful pussy close up to my face.

My heart was thumping hard in my chest. She was so beautiful and sexy, and it felt as if she wanted me to perform cunnilingus on her perfect pussy. But of course, that is not why she had come. I wasn’t her lover; I was just an object. She was going to use me as a toilet. She began to pee into the cup. It was revolting but I was so excited at the same time and eager to please her in any way I could. The foul liquid flowed straight from the cup, down the tube and right to the back of my throat. I couldn’t stop it going down my throat so I had to gulp it down right away. Fortunately it didn’t last too long and afterwards, she went to the sink to clean herself, reattach the buttons on her teddy, then adjust her stocking-tops and skirt. She left, closing the door and turned out the light without looking at me or saying anything.

I felt revolted by the disgusting thing I had done, but was aroused to have had such an intimate moment with such a beautiful lady. I became fully erect inside my tiny cage. The spikes from the “points of intrigue” dug painfully into the top of my little penis but all I could do was make an “Uuuh” noise through the gag.

A few minutes later, the light clicked on again and a man walked in. I thought there had been a mistake. Surely I couldn’t be expected to do this with a man? Surely once was enough!? Of course, I had no choice.

“Uuuh! Uuuh uuuh!” was the only sound I could make. The man walked over to me, unzipped his flies and pulled out his huge cock. He aimed the tip right at my face and instead of peeing into the cup, he peed directly into my face, his pee going up my nose and into my eyes. The pee of course flowed down my face and into the cup anyway, so I had to start gulping down his disgusting pee all the same. He peed for ages, and I became desperate to breath. Eventually he finished but he hawked and then spat a disgusting blob of phlegm into the cup which I also had to swallow.

And so the night continued. It was mostly men who came in to pee in my mouth, but occasionally women would come too. And having drunk so much pee, I eventually needed to pee myself. I realized now what the little tube in my willy was for. I tried hard not to pee myself but eventually it was impossible to resist further. The sphincter on my bladder relaxed completely and my own pee gushed out. But it went right up the tube and into the cup on my gag, meaning I had to drink my own pee!

After many hours, the guests began leaving and I had no more visitors. My tummy and bladder were bursting from so much liquid. My knees ached from so much kneeling. And my jaw also ached from being help open so wide by the gag. A lot of the pee had missed the cup and my head and maid uniform were soaked and smelled disgusting.

Thankfully my Mistress finally came in to release me. Except She didn’t quite do that. In total silence, She used a key to unlock the gag and disconnected the rubber tube from it. The “pee gag” was immediately replaced though with a large red ballgag, which was also locked into place behind my head. And the tube was connected to a small, clear plastic bag which She hung just above my head on a peg on the wall next to me.

I didn’t understand why She was doing that, but I soon found out. She took a glass of cold water from the sink and began pouring it into the top of the plastic bag. The cold water went down the tube and disappeared into the pee-hole on my little willy. I needed to pee anyway but had been managing to restrain myself in Her presence. It took me a superhuman force to keep my sphincter shut to keep out this cold invading fluid. As She poured more water into the bag, the pressure increased. And eventually I ran out of strength, and some of the liquid crept into me. The coldness and the pressure caused the muscle to relax completely. Instead of me peeing out the liquid in my bladder, more water now flooded in. My bladder was distended out of shape. The feeling of needing to pee was unbearable and I was driven to distraction.

On that, my Mistress topped up the water in the bag, moved it to a slightly higher peg then walked straight out of the room, locking the door and turning out the light, leaving me to spend the night suffering in silence.
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Re: Fifi the closet maid

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 26 May 2020, 17:46

Is it strange to me that the character was "promoted" from maid to appliance?
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