Selfbondage/Bondage story - Caught by my friend/housemate

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Selfbondage/Bondage story - Caught by my friend/housemate

Postby Onixpected » 12 Oct 2021, 18:41

Author’s note: This is my very first time attempting to write a story like this, so forgive anything. Hope everyone enjoy it!
Some facts about the characters and the scenarios are trueish.

Story keywords: Self-bondage, bondage, non-consensual, stimulation.

Chapter 1: Introduction

My name is John. I am a 24 years old dark-brown haired and eyed guy. I am 1,83 meters tall, and weigh 76 Kg, the athletic type that playing football habits gave me.

I have always enjoyed bondage and I’ve been into it since I was little, mesmerized by how kidnapping scenes looked exciting on TV. I took my first steps into the bondage world by innocently tying my wrists and ankles “for fun” since back then. Later, I discovered that this arousing feeling about bondage could be called having a fetish, and it was tied to another common fetish I have: woman’s underwear and high heels. It always turned me on when I saw a pair of stockings, pantyhose or heels on the street, TV, etc…and that always made me think “Woman are so lucky. I’d like to wear that too.”. Since then, I proceeded to live my normal life, going to school, having friends, playing football, videogames, just whatever the average boy would do, but as well doing sessions here and there, on the sly, with rudimentary equipment, to fulfil my fetish desires, while I lived on my parents’ house with them and a younger sister.

As I decided to stay single after a couple of toxic relationships and my folks are a present family (too much sometimes), it was impossible to me to do bondage with a partner or to buy proper bondage equipment. I couldn’t justify transactions, hide the toys at home or ask someone to buy for me because I want to keep my kinks as a secret.

I just finished my master’s degree on Computer Engineering at the university last winter and started to work as a Software Engineer in a city company. I left my parents’ home since I have always been the independent type, plus I couldn’t endure their fighting climate that resulted from a degrading marriage over time. Although, I’m not currently living alone. Over my last 3 years I was at university, me and a friend from there got really close, and she was also uncertain of what to do after finishing her studies. During this last year, the last University year for both of us, we came up with the idea of going to the same town after studies, as it is always easier to adapt to a new city/country if you know someone there or if you go with someone you know well, and the rent is split on two. The idea came out as a meme at start, but the idea seemed better and better for us as the time passed by. Before I continue, no, she has been into bad relationships, and like me, at the moment she wants to focus on her and doesn’t want a relationship. We’re just good friends that decided to live together after studies while having their first jobs at the same city. So, here I am, living on a rented modern apartment, dividing the rent with my friend Audrey.

Audrey is 25 years old, and she attended the Law course at the same University as me, to become a good lawyer. She now works at a law office and as an adviser at a local city bank. Audrey is 1,74 meters tall and around 65 Kilos on weight. She is very feminine and attractive with a very sweet, aware and caring personality. She has what one can call a perfect body, and she even did some modeling sessions. Audrey loves everything feminine and loves travelling. Every single day she makes her usual social media post with a picture of her outfit for that day. She looks good, dresses well and wears fitting makeup. She’s gorgeous, and she knows it. Audrey for sure does not want to go unnoticed on the streets. Also, since I met her, she had her hair in many different ways: her natural is long, straight brown hair, but since after she opted to trim it to a neck bob haircut she already wore pink, black and currently it is soft scarlet coloured. Every single one fitted her amazingly.

Chapter 2: My session

It was Friday late noon, 6pm. Me and Audrey both left early from our work and we were both at home. Although we work in two different locations, our own work and lives stop us from being home for much long alone. We spend the time of the day working or doing other activities, and generally we are both home only by the end of the day. Therefore, I do not have many opportunities to “play” since the few times I’m at home it’s at night and she is too.

So, after a long week of work, me and Audrey were both chilling on the living room. I was watching a live football match on the TV and she was watching a series on her laptop. Suddenly, Audrey’s phone started ringing and she answered. It was her university friend Amy that was calling Audrey. Amy had just finished her surf class and she was feeling tired, so she was calling Audrey to meet at a café for a snack to catch up and then go to a spa session together. Audrey just accepted happily, as she was feeling tired herself after a week of work. She got into her room to prepare her spa bag and to dress up for her appointment. She left her room in another one of her feminine outfits and told me “Well, I’m now leaving to meet Amy at the TeaTime café so we can go together have a spa session, I’m bet. Don’t count on me for dinner, I’m gonna be very late and I will dine with her afterwards.”. She then smiled while walking through the door and with her soft voice said “See you later!”.

This was the first time I would be home alone for so long since I started living with her. We either are both at home or both away on our jobs or activities. Of course, that blazing rush of knowing that I would have some time to play that I felt when I had time at my parents’ house took over me. I just thought “This is it. It’s 6h25 pm, Audrey is gonna be very late, to the point of not having dinner here, so I have at least 2 hours to play at will, doing the math underneath.”

So, I turned off the TV and started my preparations. My bondage equipment was still very rudimentary, not even close to what I would like to own. I moved from my parents’ house 1 month ago, to live with another person, so I continued to not live alone. And with the start at the job, I hadn’t had the time to plan, search, order and hide new stuff. That said, my bondage equipment could fit in a small bag that I hid in a drawer inside my bedroom’s wardrobe. So, being a man and woman living together, we don’t invade each other’s rooms and wardrobes, so I know it was totally safe.

My equipment consists on a pair of black wrist cuffs and a pair of ankle cuffs both with D-rings that I bought once at a Sex Shop, some padlocks, a timer padlock I once needed for a project demonstration, several pieces of rope, a spongeball, a DIY nipple clamps made of clothespins+small rope and some pairs of black pantyhose and garter belts with black seamed stockings that I had bought at a local store on the Carnival season telling it was for a girly costume. Just very basic stuff, as I always improvised stuff like gag, blindfold, nipple clamps or vibration engine with DIY stuff. Hiding that small bag at my previous home was already a scare.

I decided I wanted to do my favourite position: Spreadeagle. I knew that certain site with a community where I could find nice scenarios and one that I did regularly was the Frustrated Eagle: I lay face up spreadeagle on the bed, with ropes tying each of the cuffs to the 4 bedposts, but one of the arms has a timer padlock joining two halves of the string that connects the wrist cuff to the bedpost. The plan was to tie myself this way and set the timer padlock for a certain time so that I would need to wait until I could press the lock/unlock button to get free. The backup would be a pair of scissors on the mattress, so in case something goes wrong I only needed to struggle to move and grab them and cut the rope of any of my wrists. I have a king size bed, so they will never fell from the bed.

I started by getting the bag from the hidden place and undressed all my clothes. I wanted to do the session all naked but wearing black stockings. Among the pairs of pantyhose and stockings, I had that one pair of hold-ups, with elasticized band at the top, that hold them without the need for a garter belt. I put them on, one leg then the other. I teased my legs by passing my hand through them so I could feel the nice and soft nylon touch. I was feeling very hot, and quite aroused with the excitement.

I then tied 4 pieces of rope, one at each bedpost to hold me spreadeagle. After that, I cuffed each one of my ankles with the ankle cuffs. Then I took the wrist cuffs and I tied the left wrist cuff to the top left rope. The right wrist cuff I tied to the timer padlock and tied it to the top right rope on the bed. I was planning a 40 minutes session, so I decided to put on nipple clamps and gag myself so then I could make less noise (I live in an apartment after all). I took my spongeball from the bag and stuffed my mouth with it, as it fills the whole of it. I then secured it with 3 stripes of tape on top of my stuffed mouth and 2 under my chin, so it was nice and tight and I couldn’t move my jaws at all. I could only moan, and it was very muffled, I did a good job. I took the nipple clamps from the bag and gently pinched my right nipple. A muffled “humph” was released as I felt the first impression. I then pinched my left nipple, without much noise since I was now used to it. I grabbed the scissors and put them on the bed, secured with a rope. I put the bag on top of my desk and layed down on my bed. I tied my left ankle cuff to the bottom left rope and did the same with my right ankle cuff, spreading my legs quite apart, but not too strict, so that I could bend my limbs a little, as I wanted to be able to struggle hard.

It was 6:58 pm, and I set the timer for 40 minutes. I could feel the rush flowing through me as I inserted my left hand on my left handcuff and then my right hand on my right handcuff. It was finally time! I pressed the lock button, and I heard the padlock sound indicating that I was locked for the next 40 minutes. There was no way to open that padlock unless the timer hits 0. And there it was me, naked on stockings, spreadeagled on my bed, gagged, with nipple clamps for 40 minutes.

After some minutes of adaptation to the scenario, my mind started to fly as I was starting to get the feel of everything and start struggling at my will to try to get off. Of course, I couldn’t, and I was happy with the result, enjoying myself and moaning here and there as my penis was getting harder and harder. “Hmmph, hmmmph”, I rolled my head left and right and squirmed with my legs and arms against the bed and the restraints. After like what was 15 minutes, I could already measure by the amusement that I was in the state of getting almost ready to squirt, I felt tense and a bit sweaty, trying to think about other stuff to hold my rush, but I was still enjoying all over myself. Selfbondage was always one of the ways I had to relax and release tension. Audrey had her spa session, I had my own kind of session too.

Chapter 3: Oh no!

I must have been in the middle of the timer, where I started to hear the home door making noises. “Joohn you home?”. Ohh shoot, it was Audrey’s voice. “I tried to call you, but you didn’t pick up. Amy got a phone call from her parents after the snack. Her sister was coming from her city to make the family a dinner surprise, and she needed to go. So, I thought I would return and we could hang out together this night...”. I just froze. Of course, I didn’t pick up the phone, I was all tied up on my bed and my phone was at the living room, in silent mode. “Jooohn, where are you?”.

I started to panic, as I was on the verge of being caught on my session by my friend and housemate. Audrey was checking every division, until she eventually found my room’s door closed. She knocked, and tried to open it. I didn’t lock the door, in my head there was no need, I was supposed to be home alone. The door of course opened, and I could already feel the embarrassment and humiliation of being caught. She yelled surprised “John! What in the world? Are you alright? What…Who did this to you?”. I was frozen, and I couldn’t talk either, all I did was unleashing some muffled “Hmmphs” pretending to tell her “Untie me!”. “Those…are those girl stockings…?” asked Audrey that was in shock for a second, and then hurried to near my bed to eventually untie me.

Just when she was approaching, she noticed the pair of scissors on the bed. She stopped for a second, thinking, and looked at my arms, noticing that one side had a padlock where my hand could reach. “Hmm...nah nah, wait a second…you…you did this to yourself, didn’t you?”. All I could get out was “Hmph” in a kinda denying way, but it was too obvious: no signs of forced entry, the scissors, the padlock at my reach. I was busted.

She started to inspect the area, with a curious look, and kept speaking “What in the world? You’re into the kinky stuff, huh. Woman underwear and everything!”, “Are these clothespins on your nipples? And hmm, so what’s this timer…when it ends, you’re free?”. I was petrified of terror, and kept trying to mumble her to untie me, as she walked around and I started wondering what she would think of me now that she found my big little secret. “You seem to like this, huh? It’s the only way I can picture someone doing this to himself…”.

Audrey started to smile, and said with a provocative voice “Well, I was planning we could hang out after Amy needed to go. But we can always do something different...”. “Hmmph?” I grunted through my gag, widening my eyes, and questioning what I had just heard. “Yeah, it seems you want this to happen to you, so I’m not losing the chance to give you some fun and have some fun myself too…muahaha!”. I started squirming all over against my restraints, screaming behind the gag “No, no, please no!”.

Audrey just observed the show. She spotted my bag and looked inside “Oh yeah, we can have much fun tonight. But I might need to go out get some things first.”. I was scared just by hearing that. What would she mean? “Well, first let’s see…you’re moving too much, aren’t you? We need to fix that...”, she said while diving her right hand inside my bag to get some ropes.

Audrey then approached my bed and the first thing she did was to untie the knot of the bottom right bedpost and pull the rope much more than I had left and retie the knot, so my right leg was now almost fully stretched and fixed. “That was too loose.” she laughed as she headed to the left side and stretched more my left leg as well. “And now these arms!”, as she untied the knot of my top left bedpost and pulled the rope so that my left arm was now tightly stretched. I couldn’t bend it anymore like I previously could. She took a piece of rope and walked around to take care of my right arm. “You don’t need this anymore, do you?” she rhetorically asked me looking at the timer padlock. She holds it while saying with a strict voice “I’mma untie this and switch this padlock rope, don’t try anything funny!”. Audrey started untying the rope on my right cuff and replaced my timer padlock rope that would leave me free with the piece of rope she had, and tied it to the top right bedpost, making sure that my right arm was as nice and as tight as my other arm was. I was now strictly spreadeagled on my bed…I barely could move. She left almost no slack on my limbs to move. “Much, much better!” she contemplated, as I grunted a muffled “Hmph”, meaning “Nooooo”.

Now that Audrey was done with my arms and legs, she grabbed another piece of rope, folded in half, looped it around my waist 3 times and knotted it. I had now a rope belt, how great. She then took another piece of rope and tied one end at the middle left side of the bed, in line with my waist and tied the other end at my rope belt I had on my waist, while pulling it tightly. She walked around and did the same on my right side. My waist was now fixed to the bed, hold tightly by those two ropes, and I couldn’t move it freely anymore. I was getting more and more nervous, as I was starting to not being able to move at all by these extra ropes and tightness.

My penis remained erect all this time, and this feeling of being dominated was giving me a mixed feeling of fear, embarrassment, and adrenaline. I started to notice that Audrey really wasn’t letting me go. There were 2 pieces of rope remaining on the bed, and obviously Audrey wasn’t letting those unused, and she took one aiming at my right thigh. She tied a thigh cuff and pulled down the rope end tightly tying it on the right side of the bed, restraining my leg even more as my thigh was now fixed. She then did the same with my left leg, finally running out of the ropes she had taken out of my bag.

Audrey, contemplating her work, while teasing my left leg with a soft scratch, said “Oh, look at you! Much better, you can’t do this so nicely on your own. Can you?”. Her scratching upwards my entire leg made me unleash a “Hmmph” that sounded more pleasurable than scary while I shaked over my restraints. It was a little shake, due to how restricted I was, but the stocking material made it feel itchy. “Owhh…That’s cute!”, she said. I was now much more strictly spreadeagled, with some addons keeping my waist and thighs in place.

Audrey then went out of the bedroom for a minute and came back with a long black bandana. She sometimes used bandanas when she had her long hair. “Now you’re seeing too much, this shall take care of that.”, she said while folding the bandana to cover my eyes and securing it around my head with 2 knots. “Hmmph hmmph”, I was now more scared since she deprived me from my vision, and everything would be unpredictable from now on. “Shhhh, you’re much more comfy now.” she said with her finger on top of my stuffed gag. “Nice clamps, what does this string do if I pull it?”, she asked evilly innocent. “Hmmm Hmmmmph!”, that hurt a bit and I wanted to rise up my body to relieve the pull on my nipples, but I couldn’t. “Nice! For an action there’s a reaction.”, Audrey laughed. It was when I felt my left nipple clamp being removed quickly and I let out a scream of pain through my gag as she squeezed it for a bit and removed my right nipple clamp stating “You wore these for a long time now. You don’t need those on while I’m away.”. And yeah, this reminded me that she was leaving me tied while she would be getting I don’t know what for whatever she would do with me. “Now I’m going downtown to pick up some things and I’ll be riiiight back. Don’t go anywhere!” she mocked at me, as I heard her leaving my room, locking it with the key. As if I could escape…

I was in panic, nervous, and ashamed. I was trying everything against my restraints, but now I was really fixed to the damned bed. She had done a really good job. “Why did myself fall into a situation like this?”, I thought. But the more time passed, those feelings started to give way to some adrenaline and enjoyment. After all, I was living my fantasy: being tied up by a female and left to struggle. I wasn’t going anywhere anyway, so I better at least enjoy this and leave the embarrassment issue for later. My hard penis was almost ready for another squirt as I was too excited to control it, I squeezed hard, as I felt frustrated to be so strictly tied to the point of no struggling to accelerate the cumming process. I couldn’t move up my hips or move my body around to get more stimulation. But overall, I was now enjoying the situation. As I was now blindfolded, I couldn’t look at the clock, so I had no time awareness. It didn’t take too long to lost track of the time. I moaned here and there while fighting against my restraints and being so turned on. At least I was somehow entertained.

After a time that felt like an eternity, I heard the apartment door making noises. I heard Audrey’s faraway voice “Heeeyy Jooohn! I’m baaack! I’m just gonna go to my room and I will be right there!”. My heart rate skyrocketed with the urge to know what was going to happen.

After a while, I heard the sound of someone approaching my room: “Ploc, ploc, ploc”. The sound looked like heels, but I wasn’t sure. I heard the key opening my room’s door and Audrey saying with joy “There you are, nice and cozy, huh? Oh look, quite the mess you did there.”, probably talking about the cum.

I heard Audrey dropping something on the table and she then approached me with a tease on my body and removed my blindfold. “I’m baaack.”, she said giving a caress in my gagged face. Omg! Audrey was standing next to me, kneeling on the bed. She was now in her underwear, wearing a black sheer bra, panties, a black sheer girdle with suspender belts holding her black seamed stockings and her pair of black patent leather, round toed pumps. They were skyrocket high, like around 5,5 inches high, and I recognized them, they were a pair she often used. The red lipstick completed her look. I have never seen Audrey like that. And that outfit immediately got my penis’s attention as it erected like a tower. “Come on, sweetie boy, this is what you like, right? All dressed up. Haha, now we can have some real fun.”

Audrey turned herself back, walked to the table and grabbed a medium sized black plastic bag. “I passed by the downtown sexshop and got some nice stuff for you, let’s see…”, she said in a provoking tone. “Hummph, Hummph” I mumbled trying to dissuade her. She pulled out two things: a leather collar choker that had an o-ring, and a large o-ring strap gag, the ring being like 2 to 2,5 inches. She told me “I'mma take that tape out of your mouth, but you will not scream, you understand?”. I was frozen. “Do you?”. “Hmm, Hmm” I mumbled a yes through my gag. She approached me, she sat on top of my belly, with her legs spread, one on each side, and started removing the tape stripes and the sponge ball out of my mouth. I tried to say “Audrey, please don’t…” but she intercepted “Shhh, be quiet and open wide!”, pinched my nose so I would open my mouth and fitted that monstrous o-ring on my opened mouth, tying it tightly on my backhead. “Hahhn, Hahhn”, my muffles sounded more open now. I barely could moan, to tell how open my mouth was by that gag. “Much better.”, she said as she put a finger through the gag ring. Audrey then took the leather collar choker and strapped it around my neck. She jiggled the ring a bit in a teasing way. I was getting scared, but curious at the same time. I looked at the clock, it was 8:37 pm, I had been bound for nearly 1 hour and 40 minutes, much longer than I had planned in the first place.

She got up and went to the bag again to take out a stick that had a leather riding crop on one end and feather in the other end. My eyes widened up. I knew what that was for. I never was into spanking play, therefore I never had tried it. Audrey wielded the stick in her right hand and slapped my right inner thigh once. As soon the crop contacted my skin, my entire body wanted to frighten jump out of the bed, but it seemed like a small flinch as the tight spreadeagle fixed me. “Hhhhmmmmph”, I unleashed a grunt of pain through my ring gag. Audrey then turned the cane upside down and, with the feather part, she started to tickle the frenulum and the head of my erect penis, round and around. I shuddered everywhere, letting out moans of laughing pleasure. Oh no, I was always very ticklish everywhere: armpits, feet, and of course, discovering now, at my penis. Audrey was chuckling here and there as I looked very desperate to struggle all the way, but I couldn’t because of all the rope fixing me spreadeagled to the bed. “We are just starting, sweetie, don’t get too excited!” she said as she switched to the riding crop part and hit the left side of my balls with it. “Hmmmmph, Hhmph”, I mumbled in pain and I almost shed tears. God, I had never experienced such pain before, and the discomfort lasted for some time. She was returning to where the bag was and rubbed the feather on my left inner thigh as I twitched and made some sounds. “Ticklish boy.”, she said.

Audrey then took out of the bag a bottle of lube and a black leather blindfold with a triangle hole. A blindfold so wide must have been to make sure I couldn’t see anything at all. She also took my DIY nipple clamps that she had removed earlier before she left. She stretched the blindfold with her two hands and gave me that provocative look. I started to shake my head with a declining expression, but she approached me and strapped it around my head, fitting my nose on the hole thus covering my eyes into darkness. I then felt my right nipple getting twisted, and protested in response, as I felt the clamp biting it. I left out a scream behind my gag. My left nipple also got its nipple clamp on and Audrey played with the string a bit. “Now you’re all set up ready for the fun.”, Audrey said, while grabbing my chin with her hand and jiggling the ring on my choker. “If you behave well tonight, you will be rewarded.”, she added. I was experiencing a rush of feelings and sensations, making weird gag noises and with my penis hard and ready to explode again soon.

From now on I couldn’t see or speak, “Oh no! What would she do?” I thought, scared. I heard her approaching the bed, “Ploc, ploc, ploc” as her heels marked her steps, and I felt she sitting slowly on top of my belly with her legs spread. She softly scratched my inner thighs, teasing me. “You made a little mess over here while I was away! This can’t be, it’s time for some control.”. “Hahhn?”, I mumbled wondering. “I’m gonna bring you right to the edge of an orgasm, over and over again. And from now on, you aren’t allowed to cum without my permission. You understand?”. I froze for a moment, processing that information with fear. “You understand? Or you will be punished!”, Audrey said with a somewhat serious voice, slapping my penis. I mumbled a “yes” through my gag. “Good!”, she replied.

By that slap, I deduced she was sat with her back to me, facing my erect penis. She then gently grabbed my balls, and started isolating them by making a kind of penis ring with her hand and with another she started massaging them with quick grabs and soft touches. This was already driving me to the clouds, as I unleashed some soft moans here and there. “Look at you…all desperate and ready to cum…and we are just getting started hahaha...”, Audrey said while immediately releasing all what she was doing.

Next, I could hear Audrey opening the lube bottle. She must have put some in her hands, and then, after a moment, I felt a bit of a liquid falling on my penis, so it was getting lubed too. “Remember well, not cumming without permission!” she said while firmly grabbing the base of my penis. Audrey started to move her hand slowly up and slowly down, repeatedly. She was giving me a handjob. I was getting harder and harder and stimulated like I was never before. “Mmhmmh, Mhmmmmh”, I left some moans responding to that so much stimulation. I was holding the best I could to not cum. The orgasm was almost striking me, and I could feel the urge and the liquid holding in. “Ah ah ah, no cumming…or I will ruin it badly for you! And then again and again and again!”, Audrey said while stopping the up/down movements and slapping my erect penis and my balls. “Hmmph” I complained each slap. “I see you’re getting close…Such a good boy…let’s see…”, she said after I could hold for that time. A fraction of time after that, I felt the feather from the crop on my balls and on the top of my penis. “Hm Hm Hm”, I felt it ticklish and I shaked my spreadeagled body a bit. Audrey then started by grabbing the base of my penis again, and with the other hand she restarted moving up and down slowly, but now increasing the speed over time. My high paced breathing was now accompanied by mumbles “Hm”, “Hm”, “Hmhmm”, “Hmmmhmmm”…I couldn’t hold it anymore, I was reaching the point of no return. “No! No cumming! Bad boy! Control yourself!”. Easy said than done, I was orgasming badly and unleashing sperm jets as Audrey was heavily slapping the base of my sensitive penis and my balls, inflicting me pain that made me to not fully enjoy my orgasm, at all. “Oh what a disappointment, look at the mess that you’ve done! What did I say?”, Audrey said with a notoriously hard tone. “Now, the punishment.”, she mentioned.

I was still tired, and Audrey didn’t even give me time to recover, as she started to grab my balls together with one hand and hitting them with the riding crop. Each spank got the loudest scream out of me, and I could feel some tears in the corners of my eyes. After that, she spanked each of my thighs 5 times, harder than when she was just testing the riding crop earlier. “Well, hope you enjoyed your orgasm.”, Audrey said with a provocative voice. “Hmm Hmm”, I whispered with a disconcerting tone.

After a couple of minutes, I could sense the top of my penis being rubbed round and around, slowly. Those movements were teasing all the way of me, and after a few minutes I was already all turned up again. I was fighting my bindings and shaking my head over and my body was all trembling. “Oh, look at you, so helpless, so desperate…If only you could see yourself struggling all the way…”, Audrey laughed. I grunted a “Hmph”. She stopped the movements, hitted me with the crop on each of my thighs and started doing those circular movements on my penis again, but now with the feather, not her finger tip. My penis was very sensitive now, and every movement was mattering. I was getting warmed up again, and she kept switching between those things for a while. Each time she teased me I was doing all I could to not get carried away by the rush.

After a moment, I heard the lube bottle again and Audrey grabbed the base of my penis again. “Shall we go again?”, she rhetorically asked. I shook my head on a denying way. “Not that you have much of a choice, ahah!”. Audrey started the up and down movements again, slowly but surely, I was getting really hard. As the movements started to increase on speed I was already almost having an orgasm. She immediately stopped and started slapping my penis and balls. Then, she restarted the movements to the point I was kept on the edge of orgasm but always ruined the rush immediately after. I was begging her through my gag to stop and let me cum, but it was a no-go. She kept doing this for some time, over and over again, switching between the handjob, slaps and the crop. I was getting physically exhausted after a while, due to fighting the restraints and all those ruined orgasms and punishments.

At some point, Audrey stopped what she was doing on my penis, and I felt her getting up and turning around. “Oh look at those, poor they…”, she said, probably talking about my clamped nipples. “Let’s give them some attention too!”, she said while pulling the string and dragging her finger through it from left to right a few times.“Hmmmph”, that obviously bothered me.

I heard Audrey getting up again and walking as I heard her heels. “One moment sweetie…”, she told me while leaving the room, as I heard her marked steps. Not long after, I heard her again, coming towards my room. Audrey approached me, removed my right nipple clamp, and squeezed the nipple a bit. That got me uncomfortable, and she laughed. She then removed my left nipple clamp. I felt her lying on the bed beside me. “What was she up to?”, I thought, as I was still blindfolded. I felt her tongue making round and round circles around my right nipple’s aureola and on the nipple itself. This was felling strange at the start, due to the clamps usage, but started to feel pleasurable after a bit. Audrey was laughing and having her fun, licking, sucking and kissing my nipple. When she saw I was enjoying too much she quickly bit my nipple, pulling out a scream from me. She kept teasing both my nipples this way for some time, and they were very sensitive. After a moment, I could feel the feather touching the tip of my nipples, as I was laughing and trembling on my restraints from the tickling. She spent some time doing this. Audrey was really laughing, when she switched to the riding crop and hit my left nipple several times with small slaps. “Hmmph”, I was screaming after every hit. “Not so ticklish now, huh?”, Audrey said on a provocative tone, hitting my right nipple as well.

Right after, I felt a piece of freezing cold on my right nipple. “Hmm…Hmmmmph”, that got an unexpected reaction out of me, as I shivered my body and felt that pain on my sensitive nipple that was already massacred by the clamps and the crop slaps. That gave me a painful, yet good sensation after she did it again, in circle movements, round and around my right nipple. “How cute!”, she said, realizing that my nipple was becoming really hard and pointed. She then nibbled my nipple causing an adverse reaction from my part. She did the same to my left nipple. This ice cold was starting to intensify some sensations even more, as she was also altering between licking movements and nibbles. Every time the ice contacted my skin was weird, like a shock, as I never knew when it was coming, and for how hard my nipples were, each bite felt like a knife slicing them. Audrey was really having a fun time torturing my poor nipples, and watching me squirm all over. My penis remained hard all this time, obviously, but at least I was having a break from that non-stop orgasm torture.

I felt a pause moment and I heard Audrey moving, then felt my balls being grabbed by one hand and the ice cube rubbing on them. My penis was starting to become even harder, when she started rubbing my penis shaft with the ice, up and down, up and down…I was very sensitive down there, and those movements started to feel really ticklish while I was feeling the feather on my balls at the same time, and vice-versa. She kept doing this for some time. I was shivering, laughing, and begging her to stop. I could feel the rush starting to get the best over me again. “Now that you are all ‘warmed up’, one last run!”, I heard Audrey saying between a laugh and a “Hmmph” from my side.

I heard Audrey dropping the ice and the feather crop and felt the base of my penis being grabbed again. She started rubbing my erect penis up and down slowly with her hand, and then stopped when I was feeling more aroused. She repeatedly did this for a long while, and I wasn’t lasting much longer. “You are allowed to cum on this one.”, she said suddenly increasing the movement speed, really quick. Not long after, a decompressing rushed feeling took over me, while I screamed out of pleasure through my gag, wildly ejecting strong jets of cum all over the place. I was orgasming really hard, easily the longest and strongest orgasm I’ve had. All those ruined orgasms and endured urge were finally paying off. “Having a lot of a messy fun, aren’t you?”, mocked Audrey.

I was still composing myself after that monstruous orgasm. “Well, how time flies, it’s late night now. I’m feeling a bit tired after all this enjoyment.”, Audrey said. I was waiting for her to release me, but I heard her walking back and digging her hand into her bag. I heard her unpackaging something. “Untie me!”, I mumbled behind the ring gag.

Audrey walked towards me and removed the leather collar chocker. “Not yet, sweetie!”. “Hmmmph?”, I asked surprised, in panic. “I may be finished, but you still have a long whole night ahead of you.”, she said. “Hmm Hmm, Hmm Hmm”, I begged her, saying no, shaking my head. “Oh yes darling, you put yourself on this situation, and you are getting the complete session tonight!”. I was struggling over my restraints, wanting to get off. I never had done an overnight self-bondage session with ties I had control over, much less a proper overnight bondage session with unescapable ties, completely helpless.

“I got one last thing for you!”, she said with that evil voice. My eyes widened, but they were covered by that blindfold, so Audrey couldn’t view my reaction. I heard the lube bottle opening. I felt my penis being grabbed, and being put inside something cylindrical and snuggy, that covered all the penis shaft from the base to the glans. it felt like a glove for a penis. “Perfect fit!”, Audrey happily said. I could feel something hard on top of the sleeve and something hard on the bottom. It felt like two oval bullets attached inside to the sleeve. My penis was getting harder. “Now the fun part!”, she said, while I heard her clicking on a controller. “Aaahhnnn, Hmmhmmm”, I felt a strong vibration through my penis coming from that sleeve and bullets. It was rushing from all the bottom to the top of my shaft, near the glans. “Aahnnn mmmhmmh”, I was moaning in pleasure. “How cute! You seem to love it. I hope not as much as my hands!”, Audrey said, mocking me. I know what that was now, it was a vibrating masturbation sleeve that was there on a mission. “I will keep this on low, just to keep you aroused aaaalll night long…or at least while the battery lasts ahaha!”. I started mumbling, because didn’t want this, but at the same time, I was enjoying it.

Audrey made one last round checking the ropes knots to see if they were secure after so much struggle. She checked every single rope: the ankle cuffs ropes, the thighs ropes, waist and then handcuffs ropes. "Nice and tight! Good!". I heard her approaching my face, she squeezed my left nipple and gave me a kiss on my left cheek “Sweet dreams, little boy! Don’t have too much fun!”, she said with a teasing tone. I heard Audrey turning back, and her steps “ploc, ploc, ploc” started to get further away, the light switch was turned off, the door was closed and locked with the key.

I was now spreadeagled, blindfolded and ring-gagged with a vibrating masturbator on my penis for all night. I couldn't believe she was leaving me there for the night. The slowly paced vibration wasn’t enough for me to cum right away but it was stimulation enough to keep me aroused and turned on. My penis started to become harder and harder, and I was getting all sweaty. I was not sure how much longer I was keeping myself from experiencing an orgasm.

It was all night like that, feeling the orgasms to build up, trying to relax or think about random stuff for keep me from having them, and then feeling them ripping through me, cumming all the way in the process. I spent the night humping and trashing on the bed, against my restraints, and each time an orgasm would build up I was sweaty, moaning, closing my hands tightly, curling my toes, and holding the urge as must as I could, exhausting myself. Usually, I feel dirty after having an orgasm, but that vibrating sleeve was not letting me. All I could do was feeling uncomfortable for a bit and let the slow vibration prepare me for my next orgasm because I knew it would be coming, and to think how I could hold myself the maximum time.

After many, many long hours, the vibration sleeve stopped, as both the vibration bullets started to soften the vibration for some seconds until they stopped vibrating completely. I was physically and mentally exhausted, in zombie mode. I didn’t know how much time had passed, and every sound I heard I couldn’t tell if it was real or dreamed. I closed my eyes, to finally rest a bit.

A lot of time after, I started hearing some sounds on the house. The dawn must have passed, and must be morning already. I heard footsteps back and forth, and after a while I heard the key opening my room. “Moorning, Joohhn! How was the night? Nice and fun, I hope!”. It was Audrey’s voice, and it stroke my head like a boom. I felt so heavy, like I had a hangover. I heard the curtains and shutters opening.

Audrey went next to me and started taking the blindfold off. The light piercing my eyes was burning them. After being blindfolded for so long it was normal. “Heyy, morning!”, she said removing my ring gag too. “Hey, Audrey!...”, I was still processing the morning. She was still in her pijamma. “Here I am. As promised, you’re free now.”, she stated while untying the rope on my left wrist cuff. “Had fun?”, she asked while untying the rest of the ropes from the waist, right thigh and right ankle cuff. “Sometimes yes, but other times you were too harsh!”, I replied. “Good!”, she said affirmatively, giving me that provoking smile. “I’m going to take a shower to recover, and we talk at breakfast.”, I said to her.

After the shower, the breakfast was already on the living room table. “Thank god today is Saturday. I’m really tired, this wasn’t the night I expected at all in the first place.”, I said. “Oh, that’s for sure!”, Audrey laughed. “I wanted to talk with you about something. Yesterday when you found me…”, she interrupted me “No, you don’t need to explain anything. I could watch for myself. You’re into some kinky stuff, that’s alright, it’s personal business. It doesn't impact our friendship. I just took advantage to have some fun myself too.”. “Yeah, but I’m sorry…I should have told you before about that…”, “And thanks to that now you have some more equipment.”, she completed. “Yeah, you had your punishment for that ahaha. You behaved very well, you embraced the party. But yeah…you like this…of course, haha. But you will get rewarded. Next time, you tie me up.”, Audrey said. “I…what?”, I asked kind of dumbfounded. “Yeah, next time we switch places. I myself learned online about tying up. Where did you think I learned about tying ropes to secure you like I did? I know this stuff exists. Also, I enjoyed what I did to you last night, and how you struggled. I wanna know what it feels like.”, she completed. “I…I don’t know what to say…”, I said, hesitant. “On that yesterday’s bag I got some stuff I bought for myself too…and I want you to use it, but you only see what’s inside next time, you heard? I’ll keep it on my room’s closet.”, Audrey said confidently. “Ok, Audrey. I guess for making my fantasy a reality I earn you that, if that’s what you want. Now let’s eat and get some rest.”, I said. “Oohh I bet you have some bed sheets to change first, ahahaha”, Audrey said laughing, as we turned on the TV and started talking about normal life stuff now.

I must say, what a turn of events. What a night. It was pleasurable, painful, exhausting, but overall I never had so much entertainment on bondage. I have had some orgasm control before, to not cum early on my selfbondage sessions. But this was an entirely different situation. I was at someone’s mercy, being stimulated on the nipples and on my penis over and over again like I never was in a selfbondage context. Even my vibration self-bondage doesn’t stimulate me this much, as my DIY vibrator isn’t much versatile. I was driven to physical and mental exhaustion due to so much orgasms. I’ve never had so many different stimulation and pain play like this last night. I also never had so many orgasms like I had this last night.

It was my first experience with someone. Totally unexpected, yes. Embarassing on the beginning? Yes. But oh man, was it fun? Yes! And I can’t wait for Audrey’s time.

Thank you for reading, and sorry for the story size and details! :hi:
Audrey story coming soon? :wink:
"Self-bondage is my way to relax."
"Bondage is about freeing your mind to experience something greater." :gag:
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Re: Selfbondage/Bondage story - Caught by my friend/housemat

Postby kinbaku » 13 Oct 2021, 01:05

Similar to some movie stories: "Based on true events!" and "Come and see next time: The story of Audrey!" . :facepalm: :rofl:
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Re: Selfbondage/Bondage story - Caught by my friend/housemat

Postby Plaything4you » 21 Nov 2021, 20:38

Good story. I look forward to part 2, how does it feel to be on the other side and teasing ...
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Re: Selfbondage/Bondage story - Caught by my friend/housemat

Postby Onixpected » 25 Nov 2021, 14:00

Plaything4you wrote:Good story. I look forward to part 2, how does it feel to be on the other side and teasing ...

Thanks a lot!
I appreciate the feedback.
Part 2 is being written right now, will be published soon :o
"Self-bondage is my way to relax."
"Bondage is about freeing your mind to experience something greater." :gag:
"There are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary numeric system, and those who don't."
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