Sissy Husband --- Wife's Revenge

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Sissy Husband --- Wife's Revenge

Postby janeboi » 18 Nov 2020, 21:46

[continuing story from “Wife’s Bondage Revenge & Sissy Husband”]

On the Monday following the “special Friday” Alan was still recovering from his wife’s alarming drop-off of her sissy-dressed husband down town which subsequently forced him to make his own way home on foot, 13 miles. His mind was crammed with tormenting images of his sissy experiences over the weekend. Yet he was finding it erotic just thinking about it. Alan was actually reflecting how much it thrilled him being caught and then f-i-n-a-l-l-y “outed” to others; very liberating! At breakfast Kim was badgering him to tell her more about what happened over that weekend. In detail after detail Kim was secretly enjoying every excruciating agony Alan had experienced.

Before leaving for work, Kim instructed Alan to make certain the kitchen was clean and the dished washed and put away. Also the house needed vacuuming. As she drove away silence filled the house. Alan’s thoughts were like fluffy cotton clouds trying to organize into familiar shapes. It was just two days since it ended on Saturday morning yet Alan was already craving his urgings. He was awakening that he wanted more humiliation at Kim’s hand. Regardless, he wasted the rest of the morning dreaming through his fantasies. By afternoon he realized that he needed to clean up the house and especially the dishes as his demanding wife expected. Alan felt a compelling urge to obey and get-a-move-on-it.

When she came home in the evening Kim took mental notes about the marginally acceptable accomplishments (since Alan had been home all day). But this seemed secondary anyway, because while at work Cindy and Kim had collaborated by cell phones and using the Internet Kim wore
Headphones thus she appeared to be busy with office business. Kim had actually spent part of her work-day ordering special items on the Internet for Alan’s continuing sissy-maid “training.” That evening Kim made a point to inform Alan about some incoming packages. Alan was not to open any of them because she needed to eventually take them to work for a project. This was a lie, of course. They were items which eventually would alter Alan’s relationship with Kim forever.

After several more weeks passed Alan was again feeling sexually peaked and his fantasies were on being cross dressed and bound again by Kim. Kim picked up this vibe. This so happened to be a Wednesday. Kim was more assertive than ever before, instructing Alan to once again use an enema. She told him directly that if he must be totally submissive, and obedient. That evening she would entice him with more of their costume games.

Alan noticed Kim’s commanding demeanor. After she left for work, he remembered how Kim had said to him several weeks earlier that if he wanted Kim’s help to entertain his fantasy urges he should “remain silent.” Following that comment he was immediately silent; moments later he was in panic, finding himself standing alone in an empty library parking lot. But at that moment he also physically “shivered.” Kim hadn’t noticed. But Alan knew from past experiences that when this kind of “shivering” or “nervous quivering” happened, it was a sign to him that he was about to have a totally emasculating experience. When he was totally submissive he had no idea how things would come out. This was how he felt when as a youth he cross-dressed and strolled around dark streets dressed like a girl. He really had no control! It was what he really wanted and yet it nearly always became a totally cathartic event as it unfolded. With Kim’s Friday night library-trip statement, Alan was forced into total loss of control and his first real exposure to being caught revealing him publicly as a sissy maid. The woodsy bush-tying scenario shared by Alan and Kim at home was nowhere near as challenging as forced walking the town streets alone.

Alan sensed this day, Wednesday night, was also going to be cathartic. Therefore, in the most polite manner he could muster, he asked Kim hoping to not repeat a “trip to the library.” Kim grinned at him and Alan noticed she was licking her lips. Finally she asserted, “This is the middle of the week. You don’t have time to show everyone your true nature; so no, we can’t make another trip to the library.”

Alan’s gut tingled and became pliant yet “mushy-felling.” He should have picked-up right away the meaning when hearing Kim’s reply. What remained unspoken was that Kim had designs on pressing his effeminate interests in humiliation and he may be more publically exposed at a time of her choosing, not his.

All day he wandered pointlessly through the house in erotic fantasies. Then he would figuratively salivate looking into his clothing stash, fondling and imagining how much he enjoys being submissive to her. By afternoon Alan had already completed the preparations. He was attentively hairless and especially perfumed as Kim liked him to be. After dark Kim was home, and Alan slipped through kaleidoscopic movements until he was again half-dressed in his sissy-wear. In euphoria Alan found himself left bound by his domineering wife, struggling for camouflage at the bush by the country road.

Kim simply rolled her eyes as she made her way back to the house. Kim pondered just how gullible men were.

Back at the house, Cindy’s car was parking next to Kim’s just as Kim emerged from the dark. Briefly they rehearsed their schemes for that evening. Satisfied that everything had been pre-arranged, all that was needed was the sissy maid to make a decent “performance.” Kim extracted a red ball-gag from her car and the two women trailed into the shadows to get their soon-to-be-victim sissy maid.

Kim approached Alan and without a word gently pressed the ball gag into his jaws. Alan cooperatively surrendered. Then she untied the cock-cord from the bush and they began walking towards the house. Everything seemed to be progressing as expected until Alan was alarmed as another person, Cindy, suddenly appeared on the path. His gag-muffled pleas amused both his captors. They waited in the dark until he became more calm. Alan’s eyes suddenly recognized Cindy from his Friday night adventure several weeks earlier. Cindy tweaked his petticoat skirt and said, “nice!” Alan’s “shivering” alarms were going off like crazy as adrenalin and other body hormones dumping into his blood stream. His brain registered his pulsing heartbeat like a startling horn blasting in traffic.

Even before they reached the car Alan was already perspiring profusely as his imagination flooded wildly with fears for what he had entrapped himself this time. There was no fanfare as Alan tossed himself across the back seat, still waist-chain-wrist-cuffed followed with his legs tucked up in near fetal position. The car door slammed at his feet like a prison cell. Cindy Drove and Kim was a passenger. With his face pressed on the seat the captive sissy mumbled into the gag. His eyes could then see street lights in the trees announcing they were obviously back in town. Alan was certain he would be dumped at the library, but he was mistaken.

The car kept moving, and moving. In a seedy part of town Alan was straining to see a garage door opening in his view and interior light flooded from the opening as an invitation to just drive in. The noise of a closing garage door was quickly forgotten as several sets of hand extracted his legs and half-dozen people, men and women plus Kim and Cindy promptly ushered Alan without a word into a dimly lighted room. He muffed and grunted through his gag. He could see the walls seemed painted green except a thick steel bar painted black and that was solidly concreted in the center in the room. Alan’s bound wrists behind his back were further locked to a turning eye-bolt at the top of the 3-foot high bar. He could circle around the bar, but otherwise he was definitely secured in place.

Everyone exited. Moments afterwards some “theater lights brightened,” illuminating the shamefully dressed sissy on the pole in the center. He heard mostly his thumping heartbeat and the labored sounds of his breathing. His correct impression was he was being video-taped. Suddenly three women entered. They wore various sexy garb but were clearly there to tease and torment him. In their hands and on their costumes were straps, whips, and various unrecognized objects. For immeasurable time Alan was tormented as if he were nothing but a submissive victim in a BDSM scene.

In Alan’s impressions the “green room” allowed for superimposing whatever background the editors chose. Mimi, as he would later learn he was to be called, could appear to be in a girls’ assembly at a school, on display for their entertainment and gleeful amusement. Or perhaps Mimi fancied she was placed in the center of a recognized city street like Times Square in New York, or a city park full of people. A favorite might be to appear on a beach, or a cruise liner, entertaining vacationers. For “dark arts” Mimi could be configured to be in a Dungun as a submissive being tormented by BDSM Dominants.

Alan physically jumped being zapped by a cattle prod-like device on his balls, butt, legs, and arms. His petticoat skirts were teased and all he could do was squirm and circle hoping for escape. Frankly, his make-up and general appearance made it difficult to tell for certain if he was male or female. Everything affirmed Alan’s perception of being recorded on video. The women seemed to enjoy the proceedings with merriment, especially with the purpose of causing torment to their captive sissy maid. To Alan, someone seemed to be directing actions into earpieces worn by the 3 women teasing him. He was becoming dizzy circling the pole to which he was attached. This seemed to Alan as lasting just over an hour, or perhaps even closer to two.

After his humiliating stint under video recording Alan was unfastened from the pole. Just as unceremoniously he was jostled back into Cindy’s car. As when they arrived at this place of torment, Cindy drove and Kim rode for departure. A short while later they were back at Kim and Alan’s house. His ball gag was finally removed and he politely begged Kim to explain what that experience was about. Kim told him that acquiring his future female wardrobe plus professional sissy maid training was going to cost a bit of money and that this evening’s event would provide her with sufficient extra income to make all the purchases she needed.

Kim added that in coming months Alan’s performance videos would be sold through the Internet and perhaps thousand or tens-of-thousands of viewers, perhaps even more, would pay to see a sissy maid being tormented. “You’re going to be famous,” she added; with another comment Kim chuckled that Alan earned one-dollar for all he did that evening. Kim suggested the dollar would be a deposit for his upkeep as a maid.

Cindy simply watched, grinning in the background like a silent audience. Inside the house Kim freed him enough so Alan could finish removing the rest of his sissy wear clothing himself and get ready for bed. As an added gesture, Kim unlocked and removed his chastity device. He fell asleep well after relieving himself despite everything which had happened earlier. His thoughts wondered if this was to become the pattern of his remaining life as sissy maid. Alan became fearful and yet pragmatic that despite his ponderings about escaping, he was probably well past that opportunity. Worse yet, he knew that regardless of temporary thoughts of “purging” (throwing out a sissy-clothing stash) cross dressers such as he were likely trapped for his entire life.

Cindy and Kim celebrated their success with a shared nightcap. After a comforting discussion, Cindy left for home and Kim retired for the night.

In the morning Alan awoke with Kim tossing clean panties onto Alan’s bed. Obediently he used the bathroom for morning hygienic needs and appeared in the kitchen wearing the panties. Kim’s instructions were for Alan to clean out the small storage area in the back of their house intended as a spare bed room, and then he would begin its re-decoration as his maid’s quarters. For the remainder of the day he was prohibited from wearing any other clothing!

In compliance he watched from a window as Kim’s car disappear from view. In his maid’s quarters he found new cans of paint, pink like his panties, of course, and intended for the walls. The off-white paint was for the ceiling. The room was quickly emptied and cleaned and floor covered with tarps. Alan was fastidious at using blue tape to protect wood borders adjoining walls to be painted. He felt silly working in only silky sissy underwear. But throughout the day he found he was aroused anyway, and attended to his fantasies and manual gratification. This slowed his progress but regardless, since the room was so small by afternoon it was completely finished. As a final feature Alan added a fan to help dry the walls and air out the scent of being freshly painted.

His cell phone ringing startled him and quickly he opened a text message. Instructions were Alan was to be showered and dressed in clothing he would find in boxes. Specific dinner instructions followed, including two places set for Kim and Cindy for dinner at 8 PM. Mimi would be their maid serving them beverages and foods as detailed in an email sent to Alan’s Internet service. “Mimi” would be standing appropriately attired as the house maid when Cindy and Kim arrived at 7 PM sharp.

Alan stood in front of the bathroom mirror for what seemed an interminable period. He pondered if his life-long fantasy of being a Sissy maid for his wife (and now whoever Cindy was in their lives) should be fulfilled in reality, or should he abandon everything and make an effort to escape into a different future. The question lingered unanswered as if he became catatonic for an oddly long period of time. Startled as if awakening in a stupor after a sound sleep, he robotically showed to wash off pink paint smears covering his body.

Still toweling dry from the shower, he opened the boxes left by Kim and he displayed the contents across the bed. Toxically, his addle-minded brain melted as he installed his new bra, corset, garter and nylons, and panties. He costumed into his black, un-sexy yet professional looking maid’s uniform, closing every zipper, button, and snap. He primped and brushed his ever growing natural hair until it was completely dry. Then he managed to pin on his tiny cap covered with lace, and slip into some appropriately shallow-heeled black shoes. With his white servant’s apron in place over his skirt all that was left was the kitchen work, dinner preparations, and ultimately falling into his appropriate curtsy greeting at the door for Mistress Kim and Mistress Cindy.

By 7 PM “Mimi had arrived.”

See “More Revenge” (if this story continues…)
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Re: Sissy Husband --- Wife's Revenge

Postby cdinbonds » 19 Nov 2020, 06:04

Nice! Anxiously awaiting part 3! :gag:
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Re: Sissy Husband --- Wife's Revenge

Postby kinbaku » 19 Nov 2020, 07:25

janeboi wrote:See “More Revenge” (if this story continues…)

I hope it continues. :whip: :wink:
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Re: Sissy Husband --- Wife's Revenge

Postby restricted » 27 Jul 2021, 06:02

It definitely needs further chapters. Please go on.
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