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I have managed to smuggle this letter out. I have no idea even what country I am in. I have been here a prisoner for years. It is a sad story. But one of where lust has caused a lot of problems. Ones that can never be changed by the looks of it. But please, if you come across a peasant girl looking rather upset find out what is wrong. It might be me.

My name is now Victoria Portokov. I used to be Victor Barlow. Be careful. What happened to me can happen to you. A man gets revenge and it’s over and done with. A woman gets revenge and it’s permanent. Well, in my case it is.

Jessica Sparkle and I had been going out for some time. We eventually moved in together but Jessica wanted to remain a virgin up to her wedding day. On the other hand, I was a man who liked to get his share of bunk ups. I was happy at the time as I knew several girls who were very accommodating.
Jessica and I loved bondage, roll play. I loved her in her uniforms, the nurse, a policewoman, an army officer and genie among them. I used to love having her spread eagle on the bed and using my tongue on her. To hear her moans against the gag was rather exciting. I did surprise her one day with a vibrator, she really screamed as her orgasm hit home hard. I often thought about raping her, but that would kill it off between us. She said she wanted to present me with her most precious gift on our wedding day.

In return she used to give me the most terrific blow jobs. She loved leaving me tied up to chair or the bed while she went shopping. She used to tease me by saying she might bring her friend’s home to see her naked captive. Her favourite thing though was to lock a chastity cage on me and then walk around all day naked or in the skimpiest of clothes moaning that she needed someone to relieve her frustration.

However, we used to take turns on being the woman and the man. She would dress in men’s style clothing while I used to wear skirts and blouses or dresses. We had some lovely pictures of us in our album. We used to laugh at ourselves looking silly. Jessica used to joke she would bring her sister and friends round and we could all have a nice girly chat. I know 5hem. They all wear jeans and leggings. I’d be the only one in a skirt.

We looked at wedding dresses on Jessica’s tablet. There was one I liked. Jessica said she liked it as well but picked out some more besides. Women’s privilege I thought.

I wasn’t worried about the lack of sex. I looked at it that she was mine on our wedding day, but in the meantime I had my concubines. All went soothingly well. I had all the sex I wanted and Jessica could remain pure. She would never find out. There wasn’t any sign of things going wrong. I used to take them to a hotel, not an expensive one, but it was clean. I used to get a discount as a regular client.
However, there was one girl especially. Veronica. She was my favourite. She knew I loved the genie, belly dance come slave girl look and bought them all, transparent leggings and all. I loved the belly dance, she had so many bells on her wrists and ankles that all used to jangle as she danced. It was great listening to them jangling as we screwed each other.

Jessica and I used to play tricks on each other. She had the best one at my expense. We went to a cross dressing party I felt everyone was looking at me while we were on the bus. My ears were burning. It was worse at the party. I was the only one cross dressed. But when Jessica told them what she had done, they suddenly warmed up to me. Everyone said I really looked like a girl. Jessica had done wonders with the makeup.

Time went by and I suggested we got married. Jessica accepted and we gave it nine months. Nine months before she is mine to be the perfect dutiful little trophy housewife for me. I hope Jessica is up to the same standards as Veronica.

In the meantime I kept her happy by letting her put me in a dress or skirt and doing all my makeup. It seemed to keep her happy and not pry too deeply into where I had been. I had even let my hair grow down to my shoulders as she said she liked me with long hair.

At this point Jessica met Veronica. (See second part of story). Victor doesn’t know though.

Then one day she showed me the beautiful white satin Basque, G string panties with tie strings, stockings, shoes. Sorry, she showed me the pictures. I imagined her in them and couldn’t wait to get them off of her. She wouldn’t get them out of the boxes as she said, the oil from our fingers would taint them. I was happy with that. I imagined her body tightly corseted with the panties barely covering the important parts, waiting for me to enter her.

The thought of her in that outfit stayed with me the next few time I was with Veronica. I thought that if Jessica would not play ball with me and let me have sex any time I wanted, the wife she should be, obedient and dutiful, then I could always go to Veronica for more.

A month before the wedding, Jessica said, “The vicar wants us to have a practice run on the service. Let’s do it properly, I’ll stay at Sally’s the night before, but let’s make a laugh at it. You go in the wedding dress and I’ll go in a morning suit. I’ll get the girls round to get you ready and they will be yours and my bridesmaids. However, I want you to wear this”. She produced a cock cage. I went mad but she showed me she was wearing a chastity belt. Sally had locked it on to make sure we didn’t get up to mischief now the day is nearly here. I said what is the point of me wearing it if we can’t do it because of your chastity belt? Jessica responded that it would make us feel a pair. She phoned Sally and told me that Sally had agreed to meet us at the church and give us the keys. It would make her happy so I stood there while she fitted it on me.

Always up for a laugh, I went for it. Jessica said the girls will bring all the stuff I need. The girls turned up. I was stripped and made to put a pair of satin panties on. The girls were a hive of activity. They loved the cock cage and said they might get their boyfriends one and leave them in it until they had worked hard enough to get them in the mood. That of course started a round of laughter. The panties just about covered the cage.

They wrapped the corset around me and I felt the strings getting tighter. I was told to pull in my stomach muscles and take deep breaths. I complained it was too tight and was told that girls put up with it so why shouldn’t a man? “Don’t be such a baby”

Stockings rolled on my legs and clipped onto my corset. Huge breast shapes went into the cups of the corset. A petticoat was slipped on me and the white shoes put on my feet. I said it was going too far but it was pointed out that at least I’d know how Jessica will feel with all eyes on her. “You’ll be the princess for the day”

My hair was styled, the makeup applied, false nails glued to my fingers and varnished the same colour as my lipstick. The white underskirt was held out and I stepped into it. My hair was made up. Most of the girls were ready by now. They looked beautiful and I thought I’d have a crack at them after the real wedding. That is when I found out how restricted my steps were, The girl who made the dress also make the underskirt and she said it was to give me a womanly walk, “Swing your feet in front of each other if you want to get anywhere” I noticed how noisy it was as well. “That’s nylon for you. Strong but noisy”

By the time the dress was put on me and the veil, tiara as well. I was getting hot. The dress went up to my neck but the arms were free. It was a pattern I had chosen myself. I have to admit I shuddered as they pulled the zip up at my back and the dress became tighter around my body. To finish it a crossover piece to cover the top of the zip. Finally a cape that covered my shoulder that did up with a press stud at the front. It surprised me when the attached the long train. It was hard to move. Then the phone rang. It was Jessica. She has been taken ill but rather than let the vicar down, she has found a stand in for her. On the day, she will follow me. I was going to call it off but the girls kept on that after all the trouble they had gone to I had to go through with it.

The car turned up. I was handed a small white bag. In the car was my wedding flowers. “What the hell is this?” The girls had a go at me. How could I fight six bridesmaids? To shut them up I took them. Perhaps it wouldn’t be that bad and at least I’d get the key to the chastity cage back so I could go and see Veronica. .

At the church, as we got out of the car, the little white bag was placed over my arm and I was handed the flowers. As we entered the church the music played. It was the wedding march. The burly bloke escorting me to me to walk nobly. I couldn’t do much else in this petticoat. Through the thick veil I saw the church was packed. The stand in man was at the far end and it took me a few minutes to reach him. I didn’t even notice who was among the crowd. I saw two girls at the front row of pews, but took no notice of them. All I was interested in was getting this over and done with. I loved the whispers “doesn’t she look lovely” I must have been convincing enough to fool them into thinking I am a woman.
The vicar said the prayers and a hymn was sung. I said it was going a bit too far but the man standing in for Jessica told me to go through with it to keep Jessica happy. It was being filmed so Jessica would see it. The vicar, was a woman, which surprised me. (I thought all vicars were men) put me easily at ease At least she could see the joke in me being the bride. “Do you Victoria?” I protested my name was Victor and the vicar said we cannot call the bride by a man’s name. So it will have to be Victoria for this” I swallowed my pride and accepted it, “take Sergei Portokov to be your lawful wedded husband until death do you part, to love honour and obey, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer etc” I was stunned, but went along with the joke. “Say I do” Okay it is only a joke so I did. She then asked Sergei if he would take me for his lawful wedded wife and he said he did.

The service was quite long and I could now understand what Jessica would be going through. We went into the vestry to sign the register. I said that was taking it too far but was convinced it was a spare one for such occasions so that when the real day comes everyone knows what they have to do. We went back to the congregation and I saw Jessica and Veronica sitting in the front row. The vicar said “You may kiss the bride” I went to back away, but Sergei was too tough for me and pulled me to him and gave me a kiss full on the lips. Everyone clapped.

Outside of the church I screamed we are not married. This is a joke. Jessica and Veronica stepped up “But you are legally married. You have become a dutiful wife” I said the name was wrong. I am Victor not Victoria. Jessica gave me a passport and told me to look inside the bag. I opened it and inside was a sheet of paper. “This is your legally change of name from Victor to Victoria from today. Check your passport” I was stunned. How could she do this? The confetti rained down on me. I looked at the passport. It was in the name of Victoria Portokov. The same as the name on the paper.

Jessica went on, “Sergei has let me keep the key to your chastity cage. You won’t need it. When your member gets smaller he will have the cage cut off, maybe even cut all the remnants of your manhood off. He is going to send you to learn Russian and cookery classes. In the mean time I can look at this key and know you are suffering just like I was. By the way, I’m not wearing that chastity belt any more””
I asked why she did it “Because you were unfaithful. I would have loved to have sex with you. I wanted to give you my precious gift but that wasn’t good enough. You went elsewhere, Sergei has paid for the house and alterations to be made so I’m getting a good deal out of it” When I told her that she categorically stated no sex until marriage, her response shook me. “I know I did. I didn’t want you to suddenly jump on me. I wanted it to be all tender and loving. You could have tried to persuade me to make love to you”

I tried all ways to escape at the reception without success. Sergei made sure I was always at his side. Even if I had been able to get away, his henchmen were not far away. All night I had to stand there and pretend I was enjoying it. My crying was put down to tears of happiness and nerves that I wouldn’t be good enough for my husband.

I wanted to run away, but this petticoat stopped me from doing that. I struggled when Sergei and his henchmen grabbed me and told me we are off to the bridal bed. He has lots of lubricant. I was dreading this. I am not gay. I’m a heterosexual man tricked into wearing a wedding dress. He told me he knew that and that would make my struggles all the better for him. I was carried across the threshold and thrown onto the bed. The henchmen fastened my wrists to the bedposts. My feet were tied to the other end of the bed but because of the petticoat, they could not be spread wide.

Sergei told me he and his henchmen were going down for a drink. He would send someone up to talk to me. I wasn’t gagged, that is one thing. I was told not to run away as it will be romantic and lovely, his virgin wife surrendering herself to him. Struggle as I might, I got nowhere. The door opened and a nurse walked in. I begged her to release me. She put her finger over her lips and said “Ssh”.
We talked about what to expect. “Sergei is very big down there so it may hurt a little the first time” I begged her again to release me but she ignored it. “Once he is sliding in and out of you, you will get to love it” How would she know? She is a woman. I am a kidnapped heterosexual male who is about to be raped. She showed me all the creams. “I have told Sergei to use lots of lubricant on you. He will start with his finger, then two and so on finally pushing his cock into you. You will love it. You’ll find your virgin pussy will grab it and won’t want to let it go. I must say, you look lovely Victoria”.

I told her my name is Victor and I want to be let out of these ropes. “Nonsense, your passport say quite clearly Victoria. She untied one ankle and moved my leg over. She pulled down the petticoat clear of my ankles and retied that ankle spread wide. The same operation was given to the other leg. The petticoat was now clear. My legs spread wide. “I must say you look lovely in that dress and those panties are going to really get him in the mood. I don’t know if he will take you doggy style first or what” She spread my dress around to make it nice and flat.

I told her I didn’t want to be a wife. I am a man and not a gay one. Her reply was that I will love being a wife. No more harsh boxer shorts. No more sweating in trousers. Instead nice soft silk, satin and cotton panties, nice cotton dresses. Sergei loves traditional dress so he has ordered some for you. They will be at your house waiting for you when you get there.

I tried to beg her to release me so I could escape. She told me that there are a lot up people buried under bridges. People who crossed Sergei. She didn’t want to join them. They were alive in the hole when the concrete was poured on top of them. “I suggest you be a good girl for Sergei if you don’t fancy being encased in concrete. Now lie there and contemplate what your future holds. I have to go. There is someone else to talk to you” With that she left and another woman came into the room.
“I have come to teach you how to please a man”. I said I didn’t want to please a man. I wanted to be untied so I could escape. “It is every wife’s pleasure to please her man” “I am not a wife. I am a kidnapped and tricked man” “Sergei knows a lot of people and you could end up miles from anywhere working in a sweat shop with people who do not speak English or Russian. Or you could end up in a Shanghai brothel and believe me, they work a girl hard and are very cruel” said I didn’t want to know.
She looked at me and said “You have a death wish haven’t you” With what was happening to me, I did. Then she carried on talking. “Lick all around his balls to start with, especially underneath. They are very tender and will send messages to his brain. Then carry on licking up his shaft which by now will be erect. Lightly kiss the tip and then start licking his glans and slowly open your mouth and let your lips slide up his cock keeping a tight seal on his shaft. Don’t overdo it though. You will feel his glans his the back of your throat. Try not to choke as you might bite him. Take your time and make it last. The longer you work on it, the more he will want you. I have to go now. I do envy you in that dress. You look so lovely”

She left and then a few minutes later Sergei came into the room. “Ah. My impatient bride waits to pleasure her man” He told me that unless I fulfil my role, I would finish up under a bridge they are building near his house. He was deadly serious. I watched as he approached slipping down his pyjama bottoms and exposing his huge cock. “Now my dear, time for your wedding present”. My hands were untied, but he left my legs bound. Sergei pulled me to a sitting up position, climbed on the bed, straddling me.

I watched in horror and he inched his way on his knees to my face. I tried to avoid it and said no. In return I got a slap around the face. It stung. I didn’t want another one so I closed my eyes. Sergei ordered me to open them again. By now he was inches away from my mouth. “You have been told what I like. Now do it bitch! I want a lady in the day, a wife at night and a hooker in bed”

I felt his cock touch my lips. I shuddered. This was not my scene. “Open that mouth” Sergei screamed at me. He got his hand ready to hit me so reluctantly I took it in. I did all that the girl told me to do, but she didn’t warn me about was what it felt like when his sperm hit the back of it. All the time I was caressing his balls and the shock of the warm spunk made me heave a bit. “Swallow it” I did and hated the taste of it and the smell was vile. Sergei let out a big moan of satisfaction. There is plenty more where that came from. He washed my face for me and then retied my hands to the bed posts. Sergei left the room but came back ten minutes later. Okay wife, make me stiff again. He climbed over me and lowered his cock into my mouth. Again I licked it and let it slide into my mouth. Soon Sergei was as stiff as ever. He got up, untied my ankles, and retied them to the top bed posts. There was nothing I could do. He was much stronger than me.

I lay there on my back my feet up by my shoulders, leaving my bum completely exposed. Sergei had untied the panty strings so I was naked from the waist down. I watch as he dipped his finger into something and then approach me from the feet direction. In stated to scream but for my troubles Sergei shoved a rag in my mouth and wrapped a tie around my head to hold the rag in my mouth. “I don’t want you to scream the house down. I expect moans of pleasure from you”

I felt him put his figure into my anus. He wriggled his finger around inside me. I was screaming against the gag. The next thing was that he lowered himself onto me. I felt his cock go inside me. All of the sudden it was as if I had pulled him inside. Sergei slowly started to rock back and forth. I felt it sliding in and out of me. It was tight. Thankfully he had used plenty of lubricant. It was painful at first. But the pain, although never went away, it eased. Within a few minutes Sergei screamed. His body shuddered and he collapsed. I thought something was wrong. Maybe he had a heart attack with any luck. But no, a minute or two later, he moved.

He untied my feet and hands then put his arm over me ad cuddled me. “I think we had beter get to out of this dress and into a nightie” Tears of shame were running down my face. “Are those tears of joy because you satisfied your husband?” Sobbing I said “No”. Sergei replied, “It always hurts the first time. It will be a lot easier in future now you’re cherry has been taken. I have made the right choice for a wife” I looked at him in disgust. Having said that it was lovely when he took the dress off of me and the corset. He selected a red satin nightie for me and put it on me. I thought that when he was asleep, I would sneak out.

He told me that his henchmen are outside to make sure we had peace and quiet. He fell asleep with his arm over me in the spoon position. He never moved all night. The next day we were taken by car to a small airport. I had no idea where and we were flown out of the UK. I had no idea where we were when we landed. Sergei must be well known as everyone spoke to him and I saw them keep looking at me.
We drove for hours. There was nothing to see to make a memory of the journey. At his house, which was huge, we were welcomed by some staff. We had a sumptuous meal and after Sergei took me round the house. In the bedroom I was shown a huge wardrobe. When I opened it, it was full of dresses, skirts and other female clothing. “Come, put a miniskirt on” I looked at them and chose one. I thought if I get in his good books he might make a mistake and I could escape.

Sitting in the lounge later Sergei told me he had arranged for me to learn how to cook Russian food and learn Russian. At bed time, Sergei looked at my chastity cage and said “We will get that off” At last I thought we were going to get me out of this chastity cage I’m in. Another pounding by Sergei didn’t go well with me. But at least I was free to roam. “In case you are thinking of running away, the nearest sign of civilisation is 60 of your miles away” I was stuck. Maybe I could sneak out on a delivery truck.
Over the months a woman taught me Russian to a very small degree. I had to attend a cookery class. They spook in English but every now and then they spoke in Russian and kept looking at me. I was nervous so put my full attention into my cooking.

Then one day Sergei told me it was time to take at off pointing at the cage. We had a drink which I found he had drugged. I crashed out. When I woke up, I was naked and strapped tightly to a table. “Oh, you woke too early. Never mind. We can’t drug you again today so we will use local anesthetic” the female surgeon told me.

Above my head was a TV monitor so I could see everything. I watch in horror as the surgeon started to slice into the flesh. But I couldn’t feel a thing. It was like I was watching someone else’s operation. I was left strapped tom the table and eventually given another knockout drug.

I must have been out for some time as by the time I came round I was shown a mirror, my face had been altered, and my breasts were now an F size. I looked in down below only to find no bulge where my cock should be but the bikini pants showed my camel toe. The nurses were very helpful I asked why Sergei had done this to me. They were about to answer when in walked Sergei. “Because a woman is not available 365 days a year. If you cross me, I will get more for you in Shanghai”

I was devastated. Then came a shot of female hormones. This will make your hips swell out and you will grow your own breasts. For another month I was fed Ice cream. I had one more operation to go through. The pushing back of my larynx to give me a feminine voice. I looked I a mirror and realised I had become a trophy wife.

Jessica’s story. Victor and I had been going out for 18 months and then a year later moved in together, but I wanted to be pure on our wedding night. So we started roll play, bondage, cross dressing. In some respects I secretly hoped Victor would rape me while he had me tied to the bed, but true to his word and used his tongue and a vibrator on me.

After a while I started to think he was seeing someone else. Then one day while I was out shopping with my sister. There he was, with his arm around another girl. I was devastated. How could he? Sally told me to go home and she will find out what is going on.

He had taken her to a seedy hotel and checked in. Sally went there and was asked if he was another of his lady friends. Sally explained and was told he is a regular. There were several girls but this one is there quite often with him. The girl behind the reception desk had to be careful as she didn’t want to lose her job. They arranged to meet in a coffee bar when she finished. At the meeting Sally was told the full facts. At one time he was late so she had some drinks and paid with her credit card. Her name is Veronica, but she can’t recall the surname.

Sally told Jessica and she was wrecked. She thought things would be perfect. Jessica spent the whole of the evening crying. Sally told her to freshen up and not to let Victor see she knows his secret.
Sally. “You need to get even, but do it in a big way” Jessica “I certainly will, but how?” Sally “Let me bring my friends back to my house. You know them and we can discuss what we can do” Jessica agreed.
Then one day Jessica was shopping and she bumped into Veronica. Her blood boiled and she told Veronica about the forthcoming marriage. Veronica “I didn’t know. He told me that he had no one in his life. I was hoping he would ask me” Jessica “Here is my mobile number. Phone me whenever he gets hold of you. You must not let him know anything is wrong” Veronica agreed. Every time he called her she would let Jessica know.

A few days went past and I met with the girls at Sally’s house. Veronica was there as well. We sat around discussing how I could get revenge. “Castrate him?” Everybody laughed. Then one girl said, “Why not get him married off to a gay man who’s looking for love?” Obviously I didn’t know anybody like that. However, she did. “I stumbled across a Russian millionaire. He is ever so strong with a large house. I wanted him for myself until I found he preferred men. He is desperate for a partner and is offering anyone money who could find him one.”

I said this sounds interesting. Sally said, “You have those photos of him in skirts and dresses. Send them to the Russian guy. Tell him you only wear skirts and don’t like trousers” Another girl just happened to mention her cousin was a vicar who is also a feminist. I’ll get her to the next meeting.

Veronica told me I wasn’t missing much. For Victor it was a case of have his bit and then go to sleep leaving her frustrated. No kissing and cuddling, just wham, bam and thank you ma’am. I thanked her for the information.

Two weeks went by and we met once again. The girl who knew the Russian and Sally had used the photographs and made up a false identity. His name became Victoria. “I’m Vicky, always ready for a quickie” The Russian had responded. He wanted a cross dresser who would have to be the responsive wife. That was all arranged and Sergei wanted to get married as soon as possible so him and his new wife can move to a remote part of Russia. He was very interested in Victoria. Like her, he loves bondage, but he liked tying people up not being tied up.

Sally had went on line to change Victors name on line to Victoria by deed poll. “Print it off and you could give that to him as your wedding present” I couldn’t help laughing. I gave the girls all his measurements and the girls said they would make a wedding dress for him plus of course they would get all the things a bride needs. Sex undies for her husband. I showed them the design of the dress Victor loved and they said that would be easy. They said they would make it in satin and silk so he is hot in both senses. I gave them all his measurements and one of the girls got me to Bluetooth the pictures to her tablet so she could load it on her computer and get all the sizes right.

It worked out just right. Sergei could not get to our country until the day before the wedding. He had seen the photos. He thought he was conversing with Victor, but it was Sally who was responding to him, saying how happy he has made him and how he hoped he will make Sergei happy as a wife.

Now we had to get Victor a passport. One of the girls said she could do that. Now Victor was named Victoria, she can apply for him. I was surprised how quickly that turned up. I said “I will put the change of name form inside his, sorry, her passport”. That set everyone laughing.

I was concerned that Victor would get curious about all the drawer full of undies. However, I managed to stop him from handling it by saying he would make the items grubby through the oils in his hands.
Eventually, we got to the wedding. I sat in the front row with Veronica and Sally. Veronica and I were disguised by professional makeup artists courtesy of Sergai. It was only when Victor had got to the altar we removed the latex face padding so we sat there with big grins on our faces. I had to admit, the girls did a wonderful job on Victor. He looked beautiful as a bride in a white satin dress.

I had to stifle a giggle when Victor argued with the vicar over the bride’s name. Even Veronica and Sally had big grins on their faces. Sally and one of Sergei’s henchmen went in to witness the signing of the register. When they came put, Victor saw Veronica and me sitting there on the front row. His face was one of shock, confusion and terror. Thinking about it now, it would have been better if Veronica
At the reception Veronica and I got a little tiddly. We went back to my place and had a few more drinks. Somehow we finished up in bed together. We started to cuddle and before long were playing with each other’s bodies. Then Veronica said, “I notice you have a lot of rope. Shall we cut the cards to see who gets tied up?” This looked to be the start of something lovely.

We get letters from Sergei to show how Victoria is getting on. There was a film of her surgery She is now a trophy wife he takes everywhere with Sergei. We raised a glass and drank a toast to Mrs. Victoria Portokov for this wonderful house paid for by Sergei. .

To be continued?
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Moral of the story: stay true to your betrothed. 8)
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