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Re: Question for interest

Postby Slave_L » 04 May 2021, 15:40

I know how a forum works. I manage enough to know the ins and outs and yes, not everyone will reply if everything there is to be said has been said, but when asking a question and only a handful give their opinion, it tells me that most people are not bothering with this subforum that also have an account.

View count will rise too when search crawlers (aka spiders) view it, and some people read it but don't actually have a forum account.

Given the unusual nature of the story, I needed to ask first and so far all signs points towards this forum not wishing this much diversity. Which is totally okay. I am glad I asked first.
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Re: Question for interest

Postby bound_jenny » 04 May 2021, 23:43

kinbaku wrote:Look at the Views

Best indicator about how it's appreciated, even if few or no people comment.

The reason they might not be posting a comment may be that they're still mopping up drool (and other secretions :wink: ) after reading the story. :mrgreen:

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