world's shortest bdsm joke

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Re: world's shortest bdsm joke

Postby bound_jenny » 25 Jul 2021, 23:27

JIMDINI wrote:
bounddosster wrote:Shannon SteelSlave wrote:
The SB practitioner asks the worn out rope if it can still hold a hog tie. The rope said, "no". "I'm a frayed knot".

I'm a little concerned they were talking to a piece of rope and majorly concerned the rope talked back.

Perhaps it wanted to be the gag :D

*groan* :facepalm: :rofl:

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Re: world's shortest bdsm joke

Postby bounddosster » 01 Aug 2021, 09:35

I asked my new girlfriend if we could do some bondage, she said "go and get knotted". I replied "I'm trying too".
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