Bondage cuffs by Velcro?

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Bondage cuffs by Velcro?

Postby mtlsub » 28 May 2020, 22:14

Velcro came out with Easy Hang straps. I just bought 2 to try them out and they work. you can even remove the snap and use a padlock or rope.

This is a new find for me. hope others find it useful. ... olor=black
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Re: Bondage cuffs by Velcro?

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 02 Jun 2020, 17:35

If I wanted less than too strict bondage with the bench idea in DIY, that is taking off lately, I could use these.
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Re: Bondage cuffs by Velcro?

Postby pavtron » 04 Dec 2020, 17:32

Velcro can be inescapable if used correctly.... or incorrectly. ;)
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Re: Bondage cuffs by Velcro?

Postby davisev5225 » 13 Dec 2020, 18:05

A bit useless for your hands, but certainly useful for other locations. Just make sure the strap is long enough that you get a good amount of overlap on the Velcro sections.
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Re: Bondage cuffs by Velcro?

Postby Maid_Lauren » 06 Jan 2021, 21:07

Great for a removable anchor point for your cuffs, leg irons or collar.
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