Bound to window/mirror

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Bound to window/mirror

Postby WhatTheWhore » 09 Nov 2020, 02:25

One reoccurring theme I have seen is people practicing their oral skills with a dildo that has a suction cup and is mounted to a window or a mirror.

To make it more interesting, it would be nice to be locked there.

My idea is to use those suction cups you can buy in the internet. There are strong ones which people are using to fasten a boat they are transporting on their cars roof. Yet they are typically designed in a way that assumes the pull coming sideways. That works well for the boat scenario. It might also work nice when having 4 of them to be bound in a spread eagle fashion to the window/mirror.

But maybe you want to be locked even closer, maybe so close that it is not possible to remove the dildo from the mouth, similar to the situation you have with a dildo gag.

For that, there is one kind of suction cup that is called a dent puller. The nice thing is that they are built to work with straight pull. So you can directly place it next to the dildo (preferably below). Then have a very short chain connecting your collar to it. Voila.

IMPORTANT: Given that involves your neck and therefore air supply, you should be really careful and plan in a way that you can get loose fast. The suction cups/dent pullers often come with a maximum weight that is less than my body weight, but I wouldn't rely on it, so plan accordingly to stay safe.
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Re: Bound to window/mirror

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 20 Nov 2020, 06:33

Interesting idea. I may never look at those Garfield the Cat car window decorations the same way.
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Re: Bound to window/mirror

Postby bound_jenny » 20 Nov 2020, 08:53

Shannon SteelSlave wrote:Interesting idea. I may never look at those Garfield the Cat car window decorations the same way.

ROFLMAO... I used to have one of those! :rofl:

Do note that Garfield looked quite happy in that position! :idea:

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Re: Bound to window/mirror

Postby kinbaku » 20 Nov 2020, 12:13

If you do it with the mirror, you will also see yourself at the same time. :rofl:
Make sure the mirror is properly attached. We have a saying: broken glass brings good luck, a broken mirror brings bad luck for 7 years. :shock:

Also curious how everything comes together: At DIY/Rings in the floor these suction cups are discussed and at Selfbondage scenarios/Re: Weighted ball gag I refer to the interesting site with the Ice-cube chair where I found the suction cups that were the start to purchase both these single and double suction cups.
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