Release with Digital Timer and Electromagnet

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Re: Release with Digital Timer and Electromagnet

Postby ZipMeUp » 18 Jul 2020, 08:14

In its current form, that's among the least safe releases I have ever heard of. Many things could go wrong that could prevent you from getting free.
1: The KASA cloud server experiences a glitch or crashes
2: Something goes wrong at your ISP and you lose internet
3: Your router experiences a glitch or crashes
4: The plug becomes disconnected from the WiFi
5: The plug experiences a glitch or crashes

If any of the above happen, you are stuck until either the power goes out, someone finds you, or you die (read Force of Nature story on main site). It is considered unsafe in selfbondage to use ANY computer in the release where it could fail in a way that would leave you stuck. Using a cloud-based product for release is asking for an accident.

Of the above, I have personally had 2 and 3 happen to me.

A safe(r) way to do your setup would to be to plug your Kasa plug into a mechanical timer (preferrably 2 in series) set for longer than your bondage interval. Even if the Kasa plug failed, you'd still have two other redundant safety systems to release you. It would be longer than planned but no longer than the mechanical timer duration.

The above reasons are also why I run my SB electromagnets off of batteries. Even if the Arduino controlling my bondage decides to crash in the locked position, the battery will run down and I will be released.
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Re: Release with Digital Timer and Electromagnet

Postby CD Tammy » 31 Jul 2020, 04:19

This is why I plug the Kasa into a mechanical timer outlet. Back up.
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