Computer controlled stroking machine

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Re: Computer controlled stroking machine

Postby occorics » 12 Feb 2020, 09:34

swswl wrote:
occorics wrote:I saw another build today, that uses a peristaltic pump to adjust the air volume.
I really like that idea, because i can control it with the NodeMCU board and i should be pretty precise.

What about the volume? The ones I saw on aliexpress were pretty dismal, around 400ml per minute, which might severely limit the pumping frequency. Did you find one with better ratings? If so, I'd be interested :)

The pumping action would still be done by the stepper-motor and bilge-pump. The peristaltic pump would only be used to adjust the total air volume in the system, like it's possible with the push-button valves on the original Venus2000
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