DIY vibrator machine?

Ideas and instructions how you can make your own bondage toys.

DIY vibrator machine?

Postby Riddle » 16 Sep 2021, 13:56

Anyone have a good idea for this motor? ... 4847G5uHyI
It is waterproof. I am thinking a bed shaker.

Maybe this motor is more useful? ... 54483.html
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Re: DIY vibrator machine?

Postby Gregovic » 16 Sep 2021, 17:09

hehe, small universe. Have a very similar (basically the same pictures) motor in my ebay watchlist (at about 1/3 the price though) that I'm tempted to pull the trigger on, but on the other hand I don't think I'll have any opportunity to actually use it. I was thinking I'd try to build it into a bondage pony and make the whole top bar vibrate. Seems like it would make an interesting toy.

I've worked with machinery that incorporated this kind of industrial shaker and these things are VERY powerful. To the point they'll possibly be more painful than pleasurable to most people.
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