college education

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college education

Postby JulieAnn99 » 16 Sep 2020, 04:20

Over the weekend, I took my niece to start her second year of college. I had not been back to Bloomington since I graduated, more years ago than i care to admit.

As I drove along Basswood Drive, I noticed a vacant lot which brought back old memories. After the sudden death of a friend, I realized that I needed to remove that page from my journal. During my sophomore year, I stayed in a large old house with five other girls. Mrs. Rogers was out landlord; we each had our own rooms upstairs and we six shared three bathrooms. In the large downstirs parlor, we would lounge in the evening and wait for men to drop by for our lingerie show; this was our rent payment. For pay, of course. For a little extra, we could go into a private room, but no matter where, it was no nudity, no touching, no dirty talk.

I found the journal and tore out the page. Here’s what it reads: Monday / April 3 Boring night. I think there is a basketball game tonight. We were about ready to call it quits when a man walked in the front door. He was dressed in black tights and a sweatshirt. But what caught our eye was that he was also wearing a ball gag. He appeared to be in his mid-20s and nicely proportioned.

He handed an envelope to Mrs. Rogers and she read it aloud. It was from his mistress (owner) in Indianapolis who said he was not allowed to speak to others. He was to audition for us, with the idea that we could bring in extra money by having a male stripper. Mrs. Rogers asked us if we wanted him to perform, and we agreed.

He moved the sweatshirt zipper up and down in what was a pretty erotic way, and then removed it and tossed it aside. Underneath, he was wearing a front-zip cap-sleeved leotard, as wll as a dog collar with a padlock linking the zipper to the ring on his collar. He walked from one of us to another flipping the padlock, and stopped at Cindy. “You want me to open it? What’s the combination?” He held out one finger, two fingers, and three fingers. She tried 1-2-3 and it opened.

He did the same with that zipper as he had with the other one and finally slipped it off and let it fall to his feet. Nice bod! Then he started to move the waistband of the tights back and forth, and we expected him to show his bikini. Suddenly he pulled them down and we got the shock - - he had a steel penis!

“That’s enough! Get out of here!!” Mrs. Rogers yelled. He grabbed his clothes and left in a hurry. After the door closed, we all had a good laugh. It was then that I learned what he revealed was a chastity cage, something I had never heard of. New education for the night.
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Re: college education

Postby BoundInKasugai » 19 Sep 2020, 09:30

JulieAnn99 wrote:New education for the night.

Amazing story! :D
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