From A Great Session To A Panic Ridden High

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From A Great Session To A Panic Ridden High

Postby cerenaselfbound » 19 Jul 2020, 13:55

My former home backed onto woodland & was a new adventure & playground, especially during the evening summer months. Plenty of trees & wooden fence posts ready for SB action. I'd been building up to tying myself to a post & there were a lot to choose from. So to save time I prepared myself at home so I just had to walk over to the wooded area & tie myself to one. I dressed in Black lacy topped stockings & suspenders with matching bra. Baby Pink bikini knickers covering my freshly waxed pussy, & inside were my butt plug & dildo. Black leather knee length platform boots, a very short Black mini skirt & T-shirt. I'd tied my intricate upper body rope harness & crotch rope & everything was nice n tight. Gagged my mouth with 2 pairs of my worn knickers & sealed my mouth shut with a multi layer micro foam wrap. The harness for my elbows was in place ready to slip into. So I carried the rope for my legs & wrists & snuck outside & into the woods. I found a fence post in a section that didn't have any wire attached & I started tying my ankles & above the knees together. I lent up against the post & tied my waist, over my shoulders & between my breasts so I was stuck firm to the post & couldn't move. I managed to slip my arms into the elbow harness which was behind the post & started looping my wrists palms together & not too tight.
As my wrists were being tied the feeling of being outside & vulnerable & the possibility of being either seen or caught by local people walking was immense. I was in SB heaven & everything was perfect & how I imagined it would be. Struggling away & trying to talk whilst looking around for anyone walking. The session was going great & I came a few times during the hours & the light was begging to fade so I thought it was time to end the session. So I felt around for the final loop on my left wrist to release it & the rope felt tighter than expected. I tried to move my wrists away from the post & I couldn't, they were stuck firm to something. I couldn't see or feel much but I knew something was wrong & I couldn't get free. That feeling we all try to capture of panic filled me & I struggled very hard against the post but I just wasn't able to free my wrists. There was no way I could stand or do anything other than push back against the post & try to loosen it in the ground.
It was moving a little which was a good sing but I wasn't sure if I could break it free, but that was the only thing I could do to have any chance of getting free. I don't know how long I was there but the post was definitely starting to break lose. Eventually the base broke free & I fell over & lay on the ground absolutely exhausted. Trouble was I was still tied to it & still couldn't free my wrists.
It was dark enough so I didn't have to worry too much about being seen & all I wanted to do was get back home & get free. Trying to get to my feet was very difficult & tiring as my legs were tied together & movement was extremely limited. I shuffled over to a tree which aided me to stand up & get my breath. I started hoping towards my back garden & it was a task. I eventually got there & opened the door, the relief was immense & I looked in the mirror & saw that the rope around my wrists had got hooked under & nail that was bent over which prevented any chance of escape. Once I knew how to get free it was easy force my screwdriver release tool under the nail enough to free the rope. That session was another panic stricken moment in my SB history I'll never forget. I look back on these with a sense that I achieved what SB is all about & was caught out by another happy accident that filled me with terror & my knickers with cum.
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Re: From A Great Session To A Panic Ridden High

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 24 Jul 2020, 17:33

Seems to me that a claw hammer or crow bar would have been the key to freedom. This is just one of those happy accidents you want to learn from, but still sort of want at the same to have happen again.
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Re: From A Great Session To A Panic Ridden High

Postby kinbaku » 24 Jul 2020, 20:20

It is walking on the cutting edge. Always sufficiently aware of everything that can go wrong, but silently hope that something happens that you only get out after great effort and cold bloodedness.
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Re: From A Great Session To A Panic Ridden High

Postby gaby » 02 Aug 2020, 20:11

cerenaselfbound wrote:I look back on these with a sense that I achieved what SB is all about & was caught out by another happy accident that filled me with terror

I understand you perfectly. I've experienced (and enjoyed) those panicky moments too in selfbondage 8)
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