Bondage without ropes.

Tell us about your latest, greatest, best, worst or simply funniest bondage/selfbondage/chastity/CD experience. Only true stories please!

Bondage without ropes.

Postby restricted » 11 Feb 2020, 12:48

I've said elsewhere that people who have borrowed seem to forget they have to pay back. Because of this I'm having to save money. I only have a small back garden, but it is overlooked. and as I've said before, there is a security camera that also overlooks my garden at certain angles. I have learned where it can't see me so I have to walk around the edge of the garden (65 x 20 feet approximately). My shed is at the far end. I have rails in there where I can hang clothes. So to make sure I can't got out today, I have put all my male clothes in the shed last night and the last few things this morning while it was still dark (I still had to brave the win and put the rubbish out for collection.

After that, my jeans and jumper went into the shed. I locked the door and hung the key where everybody would see me during the day. So here I sit nice and warm wearing 4 pairs of knickers, 2, pair 100 denier black tights, 2 panty girdles to hold them up, 3 half slips, 2 soft skirts, (using as more petticoats) white full length bra with fillings, a nice white blouse and from the waist down covered with my full circle flowery skirt and my flowery pinny and a jumper. I'm nice and warm to save heat and guess what. I can't go out to spend money. :oops: So I'm saving money. I can't get my clothes back until it gets dark again.

I did notice with the knickers being nice and tight, my cock feels like a well formed mons as it's tucked between my legs. I'm getting more superglue tomorrow so I HAVE to sit and pee. The only problem is that if anyone knocks I have to pretend I'm not in. :lol:
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Re: Bondage without ropes.

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 11 Feb 2020, 13:12

restricted wrote:The only problem is that if anyone knocks I have to pretend I'm not in. :lol:

Keep an eye on this thread. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=12593
I ordered 2 robes to make a floor length robe with hood that can cover any chains I might be wearing. I will post pics. Nobody wants to enter a house when you answer the door in a robe, especially if you can whip up a cough or sniffle.
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