I accidentally played lube roulette... and lost (DG-LAB)

Tell us about your latest, greatest, best, worst or simply funniest bondage/selfbondage/chastity/CD experience. Only true stories please!
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I accidentally played lube roulette... and lost (DG-LAB)

Post by Hawkward »

(disclaimer: I'm not good at telling stories, sorry!)

It's been a few years since I tried urethral sounding, ultimately an unexplored kink faded to time... but after seeing some heavily reduced stuff online on Bondara I took a ten quid plunge, and place a wee order.
Thankfully as a grower, and turtler this is one of the few things I've been able to explore pretty naturally!
Sadly I'm too used to kink being difficult for health and neurological reasons :(

The goal? I wanted to be more comfortable to soon try out the DG-LABS urethral sound.
We placed an order for the Coyote earlier in the month which despatched on Jan 18th.

One morning during our wait, I finished training my nipples the evening prior for my Mistress/Wife, so in my routine waking up before her I had a couple of sounds to clean and brought them down with the lube, to be washed soon... but I forgot and lethargy set in :facepalm: ANYWAYS

After a very short 7 day wait, we officially joined the DG-LAB club!
We crack it straight open and with some inspiration from Michael Reeves boxing robot (if you know you know), I slapped pads on my bicep and forearm, loaded the app, played with settings, shared it with the wifey and let her have control - in short, we bloody LOVE it, and can't wait to explore it much further when we have time. Seriously, I tried a TENS unit before, but unlike that the Coyote felt like it was meant for enjoyment, oh and we also tried The Stinger by Doc Johnson (NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE)

My wife started work earlier this afternoon, giving me plenty of time to see how things fit.
I went to grab the lube from the kitchen but to my surprise, my wife had already washed my sounds when I went to get lunch at an awkward time (thank you again!!!), so I get to take everything up and experiment to my heart content!

Freshly cleaned new toys in hand, I head on up to the bedroom
Lube? Check! Kitchen roll? Check! Everything else? Check!

I open the lube, and use my wee strat where I use the sound almost like a straw and poke a few inches into the tube, then carefully I began sliding it into my penis.
After about... 3-4 inches I start to feel a rapid burning sensation... so I halted everything, and try to think where I went wrong.

I washed everything carefully, could I be having a reaction with the urethral sound?
That doesn't make sense....

I did insert the first couple of inches pretty quickly because I felt pretty confident...
That might have been it? I was rushing things, and just need to take things more slowly.!

Feeling confident in my judgement, I apply a dollop of lube onto the tip of my penis to try make things more smooth, almost artistically I used the tip of the sound and swished it around as if mixing paint in a palette - but before I could insert it again I was hit with an even bigger wave of pain, and felt like it was spreading fast.

Something didn't feel right.... so I took a look at the lube to be safe

(sorry I don't know how to spoiler tag!)

As you can possibly predict... I accidentally mistook DEEP FREEZE for my sounding lube :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
But the tubes are such a similar colour to the K-Y, hence the images above!!

What caused this in the first place was I never actually brought the K-Y gel down to begin with, it was the deep freeze...
You see I'd been keeping both beside my bed recently because I'd been using deep freeze for nipple stimulation, simple human error...


Thankfully it was ultimately a minor, somewhat exciting setback, but I don't think I'll do that again :rofl:
My recent training paid off at least and I was able to insert the sound completely, all glorious 22cm of it, but I can't comment on the estim experience just yet as I'm a total newbie.
So I might poke my head into the DG-LAB megathread on the other board soon, I just wanted to make myself active again SOMEHOW because I've been kink absent for too long :hi:
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Re: I accidentally played lube roulette... and lost (DG-LAB)

Post by kinbaku »

Hawkward wrote:So I might poke my head into the DG-LAB megathread on the other board soon, I just wanted to make myself active again SOMEHOW because I've been kink absent for too long :hi:
An unexpected extra stimulation. :shock:
Anyway, welcome to the DG-LAB club. :D :hi:
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