An intense few days!

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An intense few days!

Postby hogtielover » 05 Aug 2022, 00:08

The last few days have been a pretty intensive time in the Hogfan selfbondage dept!
I am trying to extend the time I can remain in my chastity cage. I've been an occasional solo player for some time, but I really am trying to engage with some long-term orgasm denial. I have become quite addicted to selfbondage play with no orgasms, as I find that I love the sustained intensity of continuously enjoying my restraint. I am able to session for much longer and way more frequently since taking this path. Also, the constant arousal and edging with no final release allowed really appeals to my masochistic wiring! When I reluctantly have to bring a session to an end (mainly so I actually get SOME sleep!!), the combined feelings of unsatisfied frustration and also the excitement of looking forward to getting bound again, with no "refraction" time, is for me quite intoxicating.

To which end, I have now completed three short-term online chastity locks with the Chaster website, and I am teetering on the edge of committing to something longer and more challenging. The added spice of games of chance that can either shorten or extend the locked time really enhances the submissive aspect of chastity that I cannot get otherwise playing alone, so the occasions where other players can interact and add time to my lock is a massive turn-on!

This evening, I made it to the end of my latest lock and decided to give "the prisoner" a break for a day or so (I'm still "breaking in" my Vice mini cage, but so far so good :twisted: ). So I decided to have a go with my self-created Selfbondage game (Maybe I could post the rules for it elsewhere if anyone might be interested?), which committed me to 1hr 40 mins of being bound and estimmed. I decided to add a little twist with some modest sissification. I have been a longtime fan of pantyhose, but have recently "dipped my toes" in a little further. So, the "baselayer" was: Black stockings and suspenders, with pink bra and panties. I tied my feet and ankles together, strapped on my penis gag (yummy! :gag: ) and rope tied my wrists in front, attaching them to a waist rope. I had two conductive loops taped to my penis, top and base, and my Coyote power box bluetooth connected to the DG Lab app on my phone. The box was set with all the Smart Strength settings up to 30, with a random pattern of all the classic patterns as well as my so far six custom settings. I kept the phone nearby, so that if it all got too much, I could pause (which I did a couple of times) the sequence. For the last fifteen minutes, I reset the AI Strength Increase to Max; I wanted to see how far I could get up the scale. I broke my current "personal best" by riding the box up to 70, by which time I was so perilously close to orgasm and also delirious with an intoxicating collision of pleasure and pain, that I hit the stop button. The end result: approx. 1hr 20mins of almost continuous stimming and edging, which was utterly divine!!

It bears saying many times, that the Coyote is without doubt the absolute best purchase I have made for a very long time! Finally, my reward for holding back the orgasm? Untying myself, but remaining dressed and gagged, with the addition of clover clamps applied and held in firm place by the bra, whilst I write this post :twisted: With the exception of the nipple clamps, I think I will stay "dressed for bed". Thanks for reading and nighty-night! :hi:

Re: An intense few days!

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 22 Aug 2022, 01:20

I know I am really late to this party, as so much has changed for you. Keep on keepin' on.
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Re: An intense few days!

Postby kinbaku » 22 Aug 2022, 08:03

Glad you found your new personality. :hi:

If you ever want to try the DG-lab coyote with don't forget to set the maximums above which they can't go.
Or at most 10 above the maximum you have tried beforehand if you want to be punished. :twisted: :mrgreen:
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