Rope only box tie + also hogtie (Almost stuck)

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Rope only box tie + also hogtie (Almost stuck)

Postby AllieXBow » 11 Oct 2021, 13:06

Tonight I did something super stupid. I attempted the TK tie and almost got myself stuck. What turned in to a casual fun tying session quickly turned disastrous. However I did really enjoy the rush, and tempted to try again but with better planning and modification. I always wanted to know what a box tie or TK felt like and I guess I got what I wanted, except my self bondage almost turned into real bondage.

In the first picture, my wrists were cinched too which is not shown as I took the photos after escaping.

Figure 8 Friction/cinch

How did I get into that mess in the first place? Well I wasn’t planning to do anything crazy tonight, just doing some freestyle rope harnesses for practice and fun. But then I got an idea to go one step further and got another rope to go around my arms as well. That was fun but I suddenly got a lightbulb moment and I realised I could do even more, and do a full box tie.

My idea was quite simple, I pass a doubled rope through the loop around my neck, and then back down to make some kind of a single pulley. Then at the end I made a quick larks head to put both wrists in. I realised that I needed somewhere to attach the rope to in order to pull the lower arms upward. So I thought for a moment and tied the end of the rope pulley to one of my ankles with a single column tie, while my hands weren’t in the larks head of course. Then with the rope tied to my ankle, I then put my arms in the larks head and tugged on my ankle. It worked well, with my leg straightened away from my wrists I could keep the box tie in place, but I could release myself by relaxing my leg so I can pull my arms downwards and slip out. That was fine until I did one thing.

What went wrong? I’m don’t remember why I did this but it was in the moment. Basically, out of habit I like to wrap the loose ends of the rope around my wrists in a figure 8 pattern. What this does is temporarily locks it off and you can easily unravel it when you are finish. Of course, I only tried that with normal hands behind the back, or western style were I can still wiggle my wrists a bit and slip out. But in a box tie, this won’t work. I might have done it in attempt to shorten the rope connecting my ankle(s) to make it feel more strict, or maybe I wanted to temporarily lock it off so I don’t have to keep pulling to keep tension. But what it did was permanently lock my wrists together. The figure of 8 loop successfully created the required friction to keep it from slipping but little did I know I couldn’t actually reach the rope to unravel it due to the odd position of the wrists. As soon as I realised I was stuck, I instantly said the F word out loud a few times. As much as I was panicking, I was also enjoying myself a lot. I was like damn, I guess this is the “real deal”.

Diagram. Drawn wrong as I tied the bottom wrist first

How did I get out? I remembered that the only hope was to untie my ankle as my arms were completely useless anyway. I stretched as far back as I could, arching back as much as possible and was literally a centimetre away from not being able to reach the single column tie knot on my ankle. Thankfully it was only one ankle, instead of two as you aren’t as flexible that position. I also could have tied the single column off to the chest harness and wouldn’t be able to reach any knots. I was relieved when I finally undid it but then I realised once again that it didn’t help with releasing the friction still on the wrist loop. Fortunately, without it being tied off to something I could eventually wiggle out.

I want to try this again, maybe but with something like an ice lock to join the wrist to ankle tie.
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Re: Rope only box tie + also hogtie (Almost stuck)

Postby kinbaku » 11 Oct 2021, 21:37

Glad you got out. :D
Next time, do not execute an idea immediately in the suspense of a bondage, but remember it for next time, so that you can check all possibilities and consequences with a clear mind.

In the case of a boxtie, I always do a test first where I stand and can free move with my legs, so that I can always pry myself off a door handle. :wink:
Usually I use the same door handle to tighten my boxtie. :whip: :rofl:
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Re: Rope only box tie + also hogtie (Almost stuck)

Postby Gregovic » 11 Oct 2021, 22:00

Boxties are extremely effective in making removing basically all use of your limbs. The first time I succesfully got myself properly tied in a boxtie I was a little surprised just how tight and effective even my somewhat sloppy tying was at keeping my upper body almost completely immobilized. Getting the slipped loop of rope cinching the wrist coil together back off was a bit of struggle in my case too, but I definitely had thought about how to get out before hand.

When trying new things I'm always thinking ahead at every single step of additional bondage I add on "how am I going to remove that" before applying anything, also covering as much as I can think of "how can this go wrong and get me stuck, what's my backup". A good boxtie puts your hands in a position where even just effectively using EMT shears to get yourself out becomes tricky.

Glad you got out safe.
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