Secretary trouble

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Secretary trouble

Postby Bound Whore » 17 Sep 2021, 21:30

Deep down inside, Brandy knew the job offer was just too good to be true. It had to be.

The very specific dress code she was asked to adhere to - in no uncertain terms - for her very first day as the new secretary should have made her suspicious, but the prospective pay was just too good to argue and she really could use the money for her more ... extravagant hobbies.

Little did she know that she was scheduled for some overtime right off the bat ...
"Joke's on them", she thought as they tigthened the panel gag in the back of her head and told her to fasten the collar around her neck.

Now she'll be paid handsomely for doing what she loved nothing more in the world ... being a bound whore.
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Re: Secretary trouble

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 25 Sep 2021, 00:03

That is one way into the business...... :)
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