Midnight play at the hall

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Midnight play at the hall

Postby self_slave » 26 Apr 2021, 10:16

About year ago, i was in local military force, only take care of community center at our district. Once every week we have to take a night guard at community center alone, the fun part is, every door always shut tightly and hard to seen from the outside. Before trying bondage, i used to masterbate all the times, sitting on chair naked, with tightly tied testicles and penis.
One day, i planning doing self bondage. Buying ropes, chains, dildo, and locks. When the time come at 23.00, making sure that, no one will come and knocking at the time. I shut down my laptop, borrow a yoga pad from the storage room, get my 5 foot 8 body naked. Prepared all the equipments, sitting on yoga pad, i started with hurting myself for my large pleasure, i using black paper clips on my nipples, thats really hurt, then tightly tied my testicles and penis seperately, finishing with dildo in my ass which almost make me cum. Starting to tied my ankles and knee, make my penis rock hard, then with longest rope, i done myself a karada to fix dildo not to move out my ass as soon as i move, i make rope loosed a bit for fitting both my arms in later. Gagging myself with socks i had wear all day long and a ballgag, make me can not scream or loud noises. After making a loop for my wrists, i'm starting put my arm in karada, throw 3 keys from 3 difference locks to make me crawl and put in a lucky game for me, connecting a 3 foot chain to my ankles, put my wrists in a loop while holding a lock, i done all self bondage by kneeing, then hold the chain make it over the loop, make myself lying on yoga pad then roll my body over make my penis pointing the ceiling. Starting to pull the chain and make sure it was a shortest length from ankle to wrist, the nightmare begin when locking sound had been hear, tighten the loop by the chain and lock.
Rest myself a bits then i try to move my body to make sure everything is in a place. Yes, i can not move at all, helpless, and only escape when reaching 3 keys which all over the hall. Roll over my body, torture tools start to hurt so much, and let me cum once. Putting myself in hogtied situation make me more excited more and more, crawling, humming, all my sensitive parts hurting but i need to continued crawling to the keys to free myself and the cumming continue event more scatter all the hall.
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Re: Midnight play at the hall

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 10 May 2021, 17:08

It sounds like you knew what you wanted, and how to execute.
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