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Hello Friends

This is where you can introduce yourself to the other forum members. Do not be shy, we are all here for the same reason. (You do not have to introduce yourself if you don’t want to.)

Hello Friends

Postby cuffed_ruby » 22 Jul 2021, 00:46

Hi everybody,

My name is Ruby and I think it’s time I join after being a long time fan of of the boundanna main page and the forum. I ve been into selfbondage for over 10 years now. I’m a 31 year old male, who likes Crossdressing in Selfbondage and locked in Chasity. I love high heels and I always lock on mine with heel cuffs and the higher the better. I like using chastikey app for my main combo lock box release for selfbondage. All my other locks are padlocks that use different keys so it makes the predicament more exciting for me.

I joined to make friends who share the same interest with me. I don’t have anyone to talk to help me come up with new scenarios or even like a dare to try. I’m a little shy I always wanted to try the outside long walk from the main page, maybe one day :D. Hopefully with my experience I can help some people and learn and try some new things. You all seem like a great group of people and it’s nice being able to have friends to share my selfbondage fun with.

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Re: Hello Friends

Postby bound_jenny » 22 Jul 2021, 08:22

Welcome to the forum! :whip:

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Re: Hello Friends

Postby bounddosster » 22 Jul 2021, 09:36

Welcome friend, sounds like you'll fit right in here.
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Re: Hello Friends

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 22 Jul 2021, 11:14

Welcome to Bound Anna, Ruby.
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Re: Hello Friends

Postby kinbaku » 22 Jul 2021, 22:09

Welcome to the BoundAnna group, cuffed_ruby. Just ask us if you are in doubt about a self bondage or dare you want to do and share your own experiences. Everyone has their methods that can be useful to others. :hi:
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Re: Hello Friends

Postby JIMDINI » 23 Jul 2021, 03:38

:hi: Welcome to the forum.
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Re: Hello Friends

Postby cuffed_ruby » 23 Jul 2021, 09:29

Thank you all for the welcomes

Kinbaku, thank you I will definitely ask for help/opinions if I have any doubts before I do a selfbondage scenerio.
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Re: Hello Friends

Postby cdinbonds » 23 Jul 2021, 22:14

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The beatings will continue until morale improves.
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Re: Hello Friends

Postby Riddle » 26 Jul 2021, 00:31

Welcome to the forum.
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