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Hello! And a "5 minutes of fun" report

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Hello! And a "5 minutes of fun" report

Postby marty-malevolence » 04 Jun 2021, 15:57


I'm really into short but intense strict self-bondage sessions that involve some element of pain, stress position or predicament.

I thought I'd share a short-but-oh-so-sweet recent session:

1. Standing, I put a pair of clover-clamps on my nipples, and tied them to a rope attached to a fixed point overhead, looping it through a metal ring system to allow this rope to be shortened later. It hurt, but not a lot (yet!).
2. I then fastened my ankles into a short spreader bar.
3. I locked a chain tightly around my waist, and leather cuffs around my wrists. One cuff was locked with a small padlock, the other with an electronic timer lock set preset for 5 minutes. Even though the timer lock is flimsy and wouldn't take any actual load, it locks through one of the holes in the cuff strap, making it impossible to remove the cuff.
4. For emergency backup release, I tied a cord to a pair of scissors and a container with some unpleasant fluid which would stain the carpet if I tried to get the scissors. I'd be super reluctant to take this option, but I was glad to have the option just in case.
5. With another padlock, I locked both wrist cuffs to the waist chain in front of me. My hands then couldn't quite reach the nipple clamps (they would desperately but futilely try in a couple of minutes time!)
6. I activated the timer lock, sealing me in for 5 minutes. I pulled on the overhead rope to ratchet the nipple clamps upwards. This drew me up onto my toes, I tightened so that I was forced to extend as far as I could on tip-toe. The ring system meant that once I'd ratcheted up the clamps, there was no way to loosen them off again. Something about the combination of the spreader bar, tip-toes and the nipple clamps is absolutely intoxicating. Oh, it also REALLY hurt.
7. After about 3 minutes my legs started to shake from the stress of the position, but whenever I even started to relax and sink down, the pain from the clamps was doubled, and I had to push up again as best I could.
8. After 5 minutes was up, the timer lock disengaged and I could undo the wrist cuff strap and then free myself. This proved unexpectedly fiddly, and took about 30 seconds to do, and I was pretty desperate to be out by this stage!

Maybe I'm a bit of a wimp, but I wouldn't have wanted to dial in a longer time for this scenario :D

Would love to hear about other people's favourite ways to torment themselves!
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Re: Hello! And a "5 minutes of fun" report

Postby bound_jenny » 04 Jun 2021, 23:21

Welcome to the forum! :whip:

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Re: Hello! And a "5 minutes of fun" report

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 04 Jun 2021, 23:22

Welcome to Bound Anna, Marty.
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Shannon SteelSlave
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Re: Hello! And a "5 minutes of fun" report

Postby kinbaku » 04 Jun 2021, 23:43

marty-malevolence wrote:Would love to hear about other people's favourite ways to torment themselves!

Welcome marty-malevolence.
I just did a torture myself with the DG-lab. I had it set to the highest setting I could handle and then run the Slave_L's audio track with the AI top slider at +30 with a period of 1 time/100 sec and the bottom slider at +30 increasing every 60 seconds. :twisted:
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Re: Hello! And a "5 minutes of fun" report

Postby ponylady » 05 Jun 2021, 03:01

Welcome aboard
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Re: Hello! And a "5 minutes of fun" report

Postby JIMDINI » 05 Jun 2021, 04:03

:hi: Welcome to the forum.
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Re: Hello! And a "5 minutes of fun" report

Postby cdinbonds » 05 Jun 2021, 04:42

There's a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so they can't get away.
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Re: Hello! And a "5 minutes of fun" report

Postby Riddle » 08 Jun 2021, 05:21

Welcome to the forum.
Resident Arduino timer maker. :hi:
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