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Hi everybody

This is where you can introduce yourself to the other forum members. Do not be shy, we are all here for the same reason. (You do not have to introduce yourself if you don’t want to.)

Hi everybody

Postby Lyn » 02 Apr 2021, 13:21

I'm a married female, my husband and I do kinky stuff but nobody knows, and I am really shy to talk about it so I don't know how much I will, however, sometimes you open up over time so who knows? We have been married a very long time. I've always had BDSM fantasies and before we married I told him, and he said he was on board to try it, we did a little, but then kids came along and it all went away while we raised children. Now they are grown and gone so now we feel safe to start doing it again. We have some cuffs and rope, a cat'o nine, a crop and a single tailed whip, and a few other toys. But my favorite is good old fashioned leather belt. I'm sub and he's dom and it's not a lifestyle, neither of us rules in our vanilla life. In fact he'd probably tell you that I do. But really I think we are equal partners.

We are both professionals. I present to the world as maybe a bit uptight, conservative, and I don't think anyone would guess I'm into this kind of thing. In real life I'm very averse to being controlled by anyone. It has been difficult to make a small portion of my fantasies into reality but what we do is great fun! My husband was at first a bit reluctant but he has grown to love it. He says he was always a dom at heart but never actualized it until I made him realize that yes, I really do want to be controlled and hurt - in this specific arena. We do have a safeword but I've only used it once. That was when he wanted to put me up on the kitchen counter and fuck me but the windows were open and the possibility for neighbors to see is not gonna happen. I've never safeworded out of a whipping though.
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Re: Hi everybody

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 03 Apr 2021, 00:33

Welcome, again, and thanks for introducing, Lyn. Enjoy your stay.
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Shannon SteelSlave
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Re: Hi everybody

Postby bound_jenny » 03 Apr 2021, 00:34

Welcome to the forum! :whip:

You don't have to worry about revealing anything too quickly. Basically, you can learn things here as much as we could potentially learn from you. But at your own pace. If you want to just hang out for now, it's OK. Nobody's pushing.

Have fun and relax.

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Re: Hi everybody

Postby kinbaku » 03 Apr 2021, 02:09

I repeat what Shannon said: "Welcome, again, and thanks for introducing, Lyn. Enjoy your stay."
It is just like you started your BDSM: In the beginning it is sensing how much of yourself you want to release, but once you have set your limits in it, you can enjoy the new experiences in your self-defined safe environment.
Do not feel obliged to disclose certain things, many of the members - as I did for several years before - enjoy just reading the texts of others.
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Re: Hi everybody

Postby Riddle » 03 Apr 2021, 04:54

Welcome to the forum.
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Re: Hi everybody

Postby JIMDINI » 03 Apr 2021, 13:46

:hi: Welcome to the Forum. As Jenny says just travel at your own comfort level. :)
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Re: Hi everybody

Postby cdinbonds » 03 Apr 2021, 21:03

Very nice Intro! :lol: Proceed at your own pace.
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