Homemade hatachi wand harness.

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Homemade hatachi wand harness.

Postby Babygirlhailey » 15 Nov 2011, 08:31

Ok so one night I decided to construct me a harness for my vibrator thing its similer to a hatachi magic wand I think thats what you call it anyways I thought Something up You need a pair of latex panties preferably a tight pair and you put them on make a little X mark where the tip of your dick is or for females the middle of the pussy and then you take em off and pull up slightly right in the middle of the X and cut out a little circle not that big but make sure that when you cut it do it so it wont rip on you,

Anyways after you've done that, feed the cord through the hole from inside the panties till you get the handle touching the hole, then pull that through till the head of the vibrator is touching the hole and wont come out and put em on make sure the vibrator is positioned right and turn it on voila instant vibrator harness let me know if it works for you.
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Re: Homemade hatachi wand harness.

Postby lj » 15 Nov 2011, 09:08

another simple way is to use some rope, make a waist loop, then feed the ends of the rope from the rear, down between the legs, make a knot just below the target, put the neck of the wand against the knot, tie another to secure the head of the wand in place, then bring the rope tails up to the waist loop in front, tie off and have fun :D A certain Lady seemed to quite enjoy this arrangement :twisted:
be a switch, double the fun :-)
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