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Stay Safe, Stay Anonymous, the dangers of revealing your ID.

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Stay Safe, Stay Anonymous, the dangers of revealing your ID.

Postby curious_sb » 26 Jan 2008, 15:44

Stay Safe, Stay Anonymous, the dangers of revealing your ID.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for promoting this website to all who are interested in self-bondage, I think the website is well run, has an expert panel of moderators who, not including myself, do a fine fine job.


However, don't ever forget - this is not your average mainstream website, it is basically a porn / fetish site (though I have yet to see any real porn on here although there are a few risquee images here and there), and it should always be considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work), why? Ok ask yourself, what your boss would really think if he found traces of this site on your works computer (if are fortunate enough to have a computer at your place of work).


Heres a list of Do's and Don't's to help you stay anonymous.


>> Choose a nondescript username, something that reflects you as an individual is fine but not your full name or telephone number. For example JaneDoe01234-567-890 or JaneDoe@gmail.com is probably not the best username to pick, and the Moderators here shoudl be vigilant enough to approach you if you did choose such a nickname. It is important we service you in this way - especially if you happen to be a government minister, a company Director etc (a high position where someone always looking for some dirt to stick on you). A good example is my avatar, I'm curious, about SelfBondage so my username is Curious_SB, it doesnt give any indication as to my name, location or contactability, but it does tell you why I registered on an SB site.

>> Set up a free email account away from your standard mailbox, specifically for all your bondage / fetish emails - dont want the family / kids / boss to see you've had email notifications from a fetish site do you??

>> Check and delete / preferably shred the contents of your temporary files and temporary internet files folder (on windows this is usually) C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Local Settings\TEMP and C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files. This is a little OTT maybe but one look in there maybe enough to give you a heart attack if you surf a lot of dodgy websites. Its surprising what stuff your computer keeps hold of, and look what happened to Gary Glitter (in all fairness he deserved it though, the kiddyfiddling little toerag).


>> Meet up with anyone from the internet, especially for bondage blind dates - unless you are chaperroned or really dont give a toss if you live or die. (sorry to be frank there but its the way it is. some people are :twisted: evil )

>> Give out your contact details, identity or home address. Especially if somewhere else in the forum you've already disclosed to people the house is empty on a Thursday and you like a good hogtie. Guess who'll be popping round on a Thursday when you are tied up? Makes the burglars job easy, you've done the hardest bit for him!!

>> Sign up your mates for a laugh and use usernames that can only point to them. As I said before, it maybe a laugh to you, but it can break a career for your friend if word gets out his name is on a fetish site.

>> Post pictures of yourself that include your face, even if you scrambled the image of your face, Not accusing any of you of being paedphiles BUT as an example - recently police managed to reverse the scramble effect and identify, capture and imprison a wanted paedophile based on his avatar and a few images he posted using the "swirl" effect - its been in the news recently, so Im saying dont even bother to "mask" your face, dont post pictures that include your face full stop, people will try and have succeeded in identifying people who distort their faces in photos.

Like I say a lot of this is OTT but take from it what you will, and just be safe on the internet, its a dangerous place.
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