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Need forced cum eating idea

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Need forced cum eating idea

Postby JoeSmith » 24 Aug 2008, 00:37

I am trying to set up a session tonight but i am having trouble figuring out a good way to make the force cum eating.

the basic set up so far is being tied to a chair and having one wrist padlocked to the chair so a key can drop as my release method. but prior to locking my wrist in, i want to cum, lock my wrist to the chair, and then have to eat it while i wait.

i am drawing a blank on how to set the last part up. if anyone has any ideas i would really like know.

Thanks for any help.
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Postby littlecdbondagegirl » 26 Aug 2008, 16:18

Well, trying to do it while sitting upright in a chair would be quite a challenge, because as we all know, after you get off, the desire to eat your own cum diminishes greatly, but.....if you wanna try something different....I've used this with success in the past, and it gives you alot of options to add your own style to it. Hope it helps!!

Basically, invert yourself however you want, up against the wall works. Ive used this method in conjuction with tying my ankles to something behind me, such as legs of a dresser, bedposts or whatever, you dont have to, but if you wanna be helpless, its a must.

My method is fairly simple. First, find a 1 liter (or similar) water bottle, basically the tallest water bottle you can find and cut the top off of it so its like a big skinny funnel. Now, i take a regular kitchen funnel and taped it inside of the waterbottle, so the exit of the funnel is directly over the opening of the bottle. Following me?

Next, either with a ring gag or without, you tape the drinking end of the bottle inside your mouth. I use one strip of duct tape around the back of my head and then another wrapping it around the bottle itself so you cant spit it out. See where this is going?

Then, setup your inversion and stimulation however you want, and if you have a bottle tall enough, your dick will pretty much be inside the funnel so its impossible to miss! and the funnel will ensure that all your cum drips straight down into your mouth without getting stuck on the sides or anything!

Thats it! and again, feel free to contact me if theres any confusion on how this is done. Hope it helps!
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Postby SubPetNC » 31 Aug 2008, 12:04

Collect, save and freeze your emissions with your release key inside. Place it in a dish before you where you at least have to "bob" for it with your mouth, teeth and tongue.
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Cum eating

Postby justonce » 03 Sep 2008, 17:37

This one is for both sexes. Cum can be beautifully simulated by using "jello" made of guar gum., egg white and some salt. Guar gum makes perfectly textured goo, egg white makes it sticky. Do not use much guar gum (can get it in organic store) - it makes TONS of jelly. Enough to take cum baths. Takes forevet to wash - not sticky by jelly slippery

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Postby Grinser » 03 Sep 2008, 21:52

The problem is that raw egg whites are nto very sterile. In most areas you would risk a severe salmonella infection.
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Postby justonce » 04 Sep 2008, 18:03

Yes egg whites may be contaminated. In the western world if there is a problem, it is with the outside shell. 30sec in boiling water addresses that.

The eggs add stickiness to the mix. The guar gum can make enough stuff to for example do outdoor whole day session in HOT climate and use it as the drink.

In any case, fun stuff!
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Re: Need forced cum eating idea

Postby msp » 09 Jun 2009, 01:25

Collect your cum over a period of time and freeze it.

On the day of, warm your icicle in a warm water bath back to 37 degrees Celsius.

Wear a ring gag, now you can tie yourself any way you like as long as your head is held back in some way, whether up by a collar, held back by a harness, or just something to deter you from moving your chin down.

Attach a funnel to a silicone tube or other form of basin to hold it your drink. Attach to the ring gag (tape, string, whatever) the tube so that it sits approximately 2-3cm in your mouth, but not far enough in to gag on the tube.

Now, clamp the tube. The release for the tube is your standard, string from the clamp ice holding a weight in check.

Set up your release, tie yourself up, include any other stimulation you want. At some point during your time, you will get an unpleasant (or pleasant) surprise enterring your mouth. If your held is held back, you will need to swallow, or gargle it. If it's forward, it will run down your face, neck and body.

Oh, and you should check out Isabella Valentine. She does an erotic hypnosis session called "Swallow". Truly awesome.
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Re: Need forced cum eating idea

Postby Like Ra » 10 Jun 2009, 14:59

msp wrote:Collect your cum over a period of time and freeze it.

Yes, that's what I did. Then dropped the icicles into an enema and and connected the tube to an inflatable gag with a breath through pipe.

Will post pictures when I "process" them.
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Re: Need forced cum eating idea

Postby bgtv2004 » 03 Jul 2009, 20:35

try this, place cum in a container with a hose .( bend hose and freeze in ice before hand ) Hang up the container, get into bondage and when the ice melts it releases the cum.
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Re: Need forced cum eating idea

Postby randy025_98 » 10 Jul 2009, 09:59

I like littlecdbondagegirl suggestion the best. After reading it I just had to try it myself. I just love the thought of being forced to eat my own cum. I did exactly as suggested, I found a tall bottle and cut the end off and then used a funnel from the kitchen and attached it to the end. I then grabbed a roll of duct tape and headed for the tub. I also like piss play and I had to try this in conjuction with the cum eating. Before getting into the tub I duct taped the bottle inside my mouth by wrapping the tape around my head. Looking in the bathroom mirror, I felt like such a slut with this bottle duct taped inside my mouth. I then climbed inside the tub and inverted my legs above my head, pointing my cock directly into the funnel. I only had to wait a few seconds and the piss began to flow. At first I tried holding the piss in my mouth without swallowing it but I could see it filling up in the bottle and I had no choice but to open my throat and swallow. It was unbelievable! I had no choice but to drink all of my hot piss. After I was finished pissing I began stroking my hard, wet cock. Within seconds my cock erupted with a huge load of cum. It was so exciting watching the cum hit the funnel and then slowly flow down in my mouth. I held the cum in my mouth for a minute, letting it build in size and savoring the taste. After a few mitutes I released another stream of piss and washed it all down. What a fun filled day, can't wait to do it again!!!
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Re: Need forced cum eating idea

Postby ydal » 29 Nov 2009, 22:13

I have seen the indoor practice golf balls with lots of big holes in them at walmart im not sure if they still have them but you could tie it in your mouth full of frozen cum and as it melts you have to eat it :evil:
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