self bondage spanking machine

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self bondage spanking machine

Postby morgus » 14 Mar 2012, 05:57 original trial run showing setup a full session on medium tension

Finally I have a spanking machine that can really paddle my ass hard with me self restrained and I'm unable to stop it. What a hoot.

In the short video, I was testing and have since been doing it differently. I let out enough of the knotted cord for 30 wacks. I use velcro holder things from home depot for my wrists but I wire tie the velcro so I cant get it off without cutting the tie. I wire tie my left arm foreward to the shelf and my right arm to the cable loop that is connected to the magnetic door holder lock. I can't reach a clipper until the timer on the magnetic lock releases. I set another timer so that the paddling starts in a couple of minutes, so I get to sit a while and worry. 30 swats is way more than I want, but thats why Im tied up. It leaves me sore and red for days. Sometimes I use a mouth gag. The mechanical action has been improved and is smoother than what is shown and the tension can be tightened up a great deal and it still can pull it. (From a safety standpoint, if you were to try this, be sure you set it up so that the nylon cord can't tangle and loop around somehting that it shouldn't, the wench will pull anything and someone could get hurt. I have an amp limiting cut-off that prevents the wench from pulling harder than it should need to to prevent this possibility. I would always have all of the cord on the floor and keep my legs away.)
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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby NoName36 » 14 Mar 2012, 11:52

Amazing ..Congrats !
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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby Dark_Lizerd » 14 Mar 2012, 19:27

The knots provide the catch to pull the paddle back then slip off....
Looks like you need a slight improvement though...
run the spare rope around a small drum that will keep the rope from jumping when the paddle snaps...

I could picture another addition to make this really bad....
Add another smaller whip that will be ahead and below the main swatter...
This one will hit the "dangling bits"...
Actually, I was picturing one that stuck up to hit as it goes by... but
if it hung down, it could whip up when the paddle came to it's stop...
... double your fun... Two swats for the price of one...
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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby Sir Cumference » 14 Mar 2012, 22:02


An elegant solution to making the whacking motion (and some whack!)

I like the idea of "programming" the pattern by knots.
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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby forbbidenn » 24 May 2012, 03:53

and what if underneath you, put some kind of cord receptor with 2 or 3 loops and do the same with the device that pulls, so, it will be an infinite rope... interesting I think...
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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby SaltNPepper » 01 Jun 2012, 20:03

I am a retired engineer and and I dearly LOVE your design. It is genius in its simplicity. :P

I would have liked to build my own version of the commercial units such as the Robo Spanker but the expense of a variable speed motor with enough power to deliver a good smack put me off. Engineers are well known for being cheap sons-of-bitches. I have tried several approaches to a spanking or whipping machine but using variable speed tools (drills, saws-all, etc) only provided the ability to flick something flexable. The genius of your device is that, while wenches are relatively inexpensive and only drive at one speed, the speed of the spanking can be varied by the spacing of knots. How did you come up with this idea? Are you an engineer or engineering student?

I live in the northeast United States. I would like to build one for my own use and would appreciate it if you could provide more details. I can see a lot from your videos but you can never depend on something staying on YouTube. Any drawings, specifications, parts lists, etc. would be appreciated. You can send me a PM and, if need be, I will supply you with an email address. Below are some specific questions:

1. It looks like the wench is designed for automotive use so I assume it is 12 VDC. Where did you get the power supply and what are it's specifications?

2. It looks like the "V" that catches the knots is something other than wood. What is it and where did you get it?

3. What did you do to keep the rope from jumping like it does in your first proof of concept video?

4. What is the elastic device used to retract the spanking board and have you made allowances for varying the sevarity of the smack? I could see changing the mode from fast lighter smacks to slower harder smacks. :whip:
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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby morgus » 07 Jun 2012, 16:06

I am not an engineer. I am a mad scientist. google morgus and you can see pictures of me in my natural environment :)

the power supply is an pretty cheap battery charger. it has selections for 6 or 12 volt and 2 or 6 amps.
the v catch is made out of a hdpe cutting board, cut poorly with an airsaw and fashioned with a dremmel tool right at the point where it hangs up for the pull, it is 2 layers thick, with the layers held together with screws, and the second layer has a beveled edge made with the dremmel tool, trial and error,
now I wind the rope on a spool and hang it directly in the line of the pull. it works fine now.
the elastic is 1/4 inch latex tubing from home depot. I can just tighten the latex tubing by hooking it on a farther point on the shelf system. also a home depot shelf.

funny, I havent used it except for a few times since I made that video and tuned it up. my interest in such has traditionally waxed and waned over the years, and I know ill wake up one morning with the hots for such a session, and it will be available when Im ready.


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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby cdinbonds » 07 Jun 2012, 16:49

Clever idea! I did notice in the second video that you could touch the paddle with your feet though, which made me think it might be possible to stop the action by holding the paddle down with your foot and just letting the rope pull across the notched trigger. I would add ankle restraints to prevent that.

You could also try different materials for the paddle, although I'm not sure how much difference it would actually make in the feel, since it would have to be a rigid material. Maybe just adding a leather or vinyl covering, or some type of rough surface, like rubber matting with "treads", or even another board with some holes drilled in it. (I have a paddle that my slave gave me that has holes, it leaves really nice marks and bruises on her butt! :twisted: )
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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby tinglefactor » 16 Jun 2012, 17:24

I love the simplicity of the idea of having the paddle arcing vertically from between your feet as opposed to the usual horizontal delivery. I shall be spending time in the workshop!
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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby Selfbndbldr » 19 Jun 2012, 13:26

Very cool idea. Simple but very effective in getting the job done
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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby OrgasmAlley » 18 Nov 2012, 16:54

Browsing some older threads and came across this one... just had to post up a huge congrats on a very unique and effective design! I've built spanking machines of many different approaches (and commercially for about 10 years), but this knotted rope approach is one I've never even considered. It looks like you've got some nice power going, and I'd expect it can pull against quite a bit more tension as well.

If you are still developing enhancements, you could add a changing (increasing) stroke power by running an actuator from the 12V source that moved the powerband attachment point forward, coupled with a switch that operates it over some part of the retraction. Something like this one -- ... 6&catname= -- which is nice because it has position feedback if you wanted to control with an Arduino. Another thought... your rope could be a continuous loop with a couple of turns around the winch, as opposed to a single length.

Anyway, great device!
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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby jjim » 12 Sep 2013, 02:29

I really like your basic design; especially the latex tubing tension part, and the knot release idea. That's brilliant and elegant.

Nevertheless, I humbly offer the following improvement suggestions:

1a) In place of the knotted rope, install a curved, bow-like piece of metal tubing, perhaps like a half-inch or three-quarter-inch conduit. A gentle bowing curve like an inverted U might be best to engage the actuator arm that, in turn, delivers the stored kinetic energy by means of sudden deceleration.

1b) At the front end of the apparatus, constrain side to side movement of the conduit; perhaps with a vertical slot. The front end of the conduit can slide on the floor, or better yet, roll on a small wheel. It will lift off the floor during part of the duty cycle.

1c) In place of a rope knot, use a pin or small bolt through, or bolted to the conduit.

1d) At the back driving end, secure that end of the conduit to the pedal of a bicycle. Discard the front wheel and handle bars, and bolt to a long platform. Use a 10 or 15 speed bike. Attach it so that the rear wheel is above the platform a short distance.

1e) Mount an electric motor with a pulley or friction wheel to contact the bottom of the bike wheel. The motor drives the bike wheel in the opposite direction of the normal rotation of the wheel. This causes the pedals to move counter to the normal direction of a bike. When the motor runs, the conduit lifts, moves forward, grabs the actuator arm, and draws it back in a way that is similar to the knotted rope. Just before the furthest backwards travel of the pedal, the actuator arm slips from the conduit (just like the knotted rope), and releases the actuator arm. Gear controls on the bike give you ten or fifteen rates of delivery of the kinetic energy. Raising or lowering the small front idler wheel on the conduit, can adjust the amount of energy delivered per cycle of the pedal. There is no need to wind a rope, or count knots.

2) OPTIONAL: Arrange the mounting of the actuator arm to shift its position up and down, and/or side to side a few degrees to vary the target area receiving the kinetic energy.

3) To secure the arms of the sacrificial victim, simply have a sheet of plywood or similar material with two slots about a cubit (18 inches) apart from each other, upon which they lay. The arms are free but totally unable to do jack about anything, as long as the lower back is held down. I've heard that this proffering of useless freedom adds a special 'je ne sais quoi' to the futility experienced by the sacrificial victim. A single padded arm with a hinge and timed latch across the small of the back will secure the sacrifice.

4) To secure the lower limbs, use a bar, perhaps with two semicircular places, just above the knee to the front of the victim. A second bar with two sufficiently deep U-shaped curves above the heels prevent any side-to-side or backwards excursions of the lower legs. Once adjusted, no further preparations are needed for these two bars. The sacrifice can approach the altar and step between both bars; but when they lay forwards, arms in the slots and the padded arm lowered and secured across the back, they are certainly in for the duration.

5) OPTIONAL: Although the foregoing can be adapted for SB, two or more inventors might modify the art for use during pleasure outings to remote locations. The HP or HPS leaves the front wheel and handle bars in place, but a few rods raise the rear wheel which is pedaled widdershins. Some thought must be given to means to secure the sacrifice; but once solved, the result should be the same. Fastening an opaque tarp or sheet of poly over the victim and around the waist of the HP/S should provide security from view of anyone who chances to come by. If asked, one can always say that this is a human-powered electric generator for charging a battery, and this is a field test for the patent application; therefore no further questions are allowed until the patent is granted. (Or, simply tell them to %#@! @%%.)

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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby jjim » 13 Sep 2013, 19:01

I often tend to overdesign things.

Instead of a curved pipe, a straight pvc pipe with a notch to hook the actuator arm on one end, and the other end tied to the bicycle pedal, which is already equipped with bearings that should be easy to bolt on to the pvc pipe.

I'd like to try this soon, since it looks like I have all the parts, except for an electromagnetic door holder and timer for the SB part. The only big problem is I also have a severe case of arthritis that's really annoying. (Actually, 'annoying' is like saying the ocean bottom tends be humid :( :( If I could convince myself that the arthritis was consensual, :D I wouldn't need the machine. Oh, well … I tend to overthink things and overdesign things. At least I think so. Anyway, I gotta find my Ritalin...)
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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby selfstarter » 24 Dec 2016, 06:26

Arggh!This is driving me crazy! I found this post a few months ago, and unfortunately, the first video posted by morgus-- The one apparently showing how the device is made-- had been removed by Youtube. All that's left is the video where it is in use. I checked morgus' profile and that person hasn't been on since 2013. Does anyone have the schematics of the machine, or an explanation of exactly how it works? It sounds ingenious and I haven't found anything else on the web that sounds similar. Thanks!
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Re: self bondage spanking machine

Postby tiemeupalso » 24 Dec 2016, 18:54

now both vids have been removed.
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