Sleepsack Self-Bondage

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Sleepsack Self-Bondage

Postby Zan » 15 Jul 2011, 04:18

Hey guys, so I was wondering if you took a garage door opener and hooked it up to an appliance timer so and hooked the garage door opener up to a sleepsack with internal sleeves and a single zipper if you could set the timmer to start in 10 minutes and then again in a few hours so that you could get in do the collar and get in the internal sleeves so then you are ready for it to run the garage door opener to pull the zipper closed so you are fully restrained And then it would run and release ya.
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Re: Sleepsack Self-Bondage

Postby ponylady » 15 Jul 2011, 05:32

obviously the garage door opener is not designed for this task.

what happens if it jams the zipper ?

how do you get out ?
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Re: Sleepsack Self-Bondage

Postby lj » 15 Jul 2011, 07:57

I don't know if you have ever been locked into a sleep sack ?

I have...

you don't get out unless you are let out!

If you are determined to follow this idea through, make sure you have a knife INSIDE the sleep-sack. It will ruin the sack but you will survive the experience!
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Re: Sleepsack Self-Bondage

Postby bound_jenny » 15 Jul 2011, 09:24

Not a good idea. Have you ever noticed how a human opens a zipper? It's not just pull it down and presto! It's open. Nononononono... in case I wasn't 100% clear, I said no.

A zipper needs to have the slider handle pulled up away from the zipper before being pulled down. There's a tiny catch in the slider that keeps the zipper from opening by itself at an inopportune moment (like the fly in your pants in public :P ). That catch is lifted away from the zipper teeth when you pull up on the handle. A garage door opener cannot provide that action. It might be able to close the zipper, but not open it. In a nutshell, you'd be stuck.

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Re: Sleepsack Self-Bondage

Postby Lorraine » 15 Jul 2011, 13:53

I wouldn't mess with sleep sacks or sleeping bags.

Years ago, I zipped up the sides of a sleeping bag and under a hanging slip knot got into the bag.
I was thinking of lowering myself into the bag and with my hands, fitting the slip knot around the top of the bag.
As I got lower in the bag, I got scared and quickly realized if I tipped over, the slip know would tighten and I would sufficate before I got free.

Try something else!
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Re: Sleepsack Self-Bondage

Postby crusadersr1 » 18 Jul 2011, 23:14

the idea of the release is a good idea, but defiantly not with a garage door.......on the spot i cant really think of anything that might work but there has to be something just brain storm the concept more
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