Sleeping in bondage

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Sleeping in bondage

Postby lycra_x » 06 Sep 2010, 15:01

I have tried to sleep in bondage but have never managed to actually fall asleep. I was wondering if anyone had any advice?

This weekend I put on two zentai with a ball gag between the two hoods. Even just the ball gag prevented me from falling asleep. I have also tried a simple hogtie to no avail.
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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby scarfbind » 06 Sep 2010, 15:54

It's going to be very difficult to sleep with anything in or covering your mouth. Not impossible, but difficult.

The first thing I'd ask is, what position is your body normally in when you wake up? If you're on your stomach, a mild spread-eagle might work.

Any bondage that puts uncomfortable pressure or strain on any part of your body is going to be difficult to get any kind of restful sleep in. Start with things like maybe a single hood with some soft padding over eyes, hands cuffed in front (if you sleep on your side) or hands to sides of bed (if you sleep on your back)
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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby RADER » 06 Sep 2010, 19:23

The best I have ever done was a few Cat Naps during the night. I never been able
to sleep through the night in bondage. Even when wearing some thing like a girdle,
or a simple corset etc keeps me awake in more ways than one.
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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby Kronopticon » 06 Sep 2010, 20:34

*sigh* im a very picky sleeper. im terrible at sleeping in a specific way, it always has to be on a certain side, with a very specific temperature... but i've been saving up for a zentai suit... nevermind 2! just waiting for some disposable income so i can afford one... <- My Fetlife Page
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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby cdinbonds » 06 Sep 2010, 22:10

Mistress has had me sleep in bondage many times. At first it can be tough to get to sleep, but after the first night, it's usually no problem. Start slowly, nothing too restrictive. I usually sleep in leather cuffs, locked together. Sometimes my ankles are locked to the foot of the bed, with a little slack so I can roll over, and my wrists to a rope across the the head of the bed, so they can slide from side to side (I'm often alone when bound for sleeping). I can reach down to just below my chin, and to the side of the bed to get the keys in the morning, or in case of emergency. If Mistress is there, I may have a chain from ankle to wrist, limiting my reach, but I'm not locked to the bed. Sometimes She gags me with a rope bit gag. Nothing too big, more symbolic, and just enough to get a little uncomfortable, and leave me with a stiff jaw in the morning.

I suggest starting with just the ankles and wrists locked together, wrists in front. Once you can sleep this way, add another element, like anchoring the ankles, which limits your ability to bend your knees. Then restrict your wrist movement. Eventually, (and it will only take a few days), you will be able to sleep fairly tightly bound.

For a long time, Mistress made me sleep on the floor, but only with a collar locked to the foot of the bed by a piece of chain. No matter what type of sleep bondage Mistress requires, if She continues it for any length of time, it becomes almost a trigger to fall asleep. When the collar goes on, it is time to sleep. A Pavlovian reflex I guess.
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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby bound_jenny » 06 Sep 2010, 23:54

This is not the first time someone asks this. All I can say is start with naps, just to get used to the feeling of being bound. And get yourself good and tired before doing it.

My own experience is that bondage is far too "distracting" to allow me anything more than fitful, restless sleep with very vivid, very erotic dreams. Then I wake up even more aroused then when I fell asleep.

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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby marylandsissy » 08 Sep 2010, 02:23

I fell asleep once after 12 hours in a self bondage gone wrong. Luckily I was fully dressed in my nicest female attire because it was winter and I had left the window open a smidge too much which cause the ice chunk to melt way too slowly. It was not sound sleep.

Other times if I am really really tired I could fall asleep bound. But most of the time i preferred to fall asleep just dressed.
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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby bobbi » 11 Sep 2010, 19:52

i do this quite regularly, almost every night for the past two years. only times i do not really are when i come home too drunk, for safety reasons i do not allow me to do myself up while drunk.

but for me the tricks are

1) not strict, in fact slightly looser than normal. when you sleep your heart rate and blood pressure lower, ties that normally might not cut off circulation could easily do it while sleeping.

2) while not strict, still in inescapable for a long period of time. good example is my cage, when it is locked i am stuck in it until the ice release drops the key. a fist full of ice in my stocking release can last a good four hours. if my mind knows its truly stuck its easier to cope with it in the subconscious. just time it so your release will drop way before you have to wake up to go to work :p

3) its more comfortable to me if i am bound to myself, versus being bound to an object. example being a balltie vs a spread eagle.

my personal favourite for when sleeping normally on a bed, is frogtie the legs, then lock the wrist cuffs to the front of the posture collar with the key suspended by an ice release.
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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby CD Tammy » 22 Sep 2010, 22:01

Several times I have slept in bondage. The first time was completely unintentional. I visited a home that was under construction on a holiday weekend. I got dressed in black pantyhose, too tall black ankle strapped pumps, a corset, mini-skirt and sweater. I had little experience with keys frozen in ice. I used a gallon milk jug and froze a long handcuff key on a cord in side of it. The cord was long enough that I hung the jug up in the framing where it would fall down in front of my face when it thawed. I handcuffed my ankles together, gagged myself with a ball gag. I then cuffed my hands above my head to the door framing.

Many hours went by, night turned into daytime and the jug still hadn't fallen. I picked the wrong weekend. It started raining during the night and the temp dropped like you wouldn't believe. My legs were cold, my feet were killing me and my arms were numb. I figured out that ball gags don't work well because I had managed to push it out of my mouth before the night was over. During the day, I fell asleep several times only to awake in real pain. The jug still in place above me. When the second night began I was really concerned but pretty much helpless. I slept more off and on.

By morning, I knew I had a problem. I began to really strain against the wood trying to get the framing over the door to break. It wasn't happening. The more I struggled the more my wrists hurt. Suddenly the milk jug full of water smashed me right on the head drenching me. The key was dangling in front of me but it still took a long time for me to get my fingers to work releasing the restraints. I couldn't wait to get those shoes off. I ruined my hose walking home. It turned out that the long handcuff key had got hung up in the milk jug keeping it from falling. My shaking the framing finally freed it. It was 40 hours!

Since then I've slept in stocks and other secured positions. If you are tired enough and the bondage is long enough you will slepp.
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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby CD Tammy » 22 Sep 2010, 23:26

Just remembering those self-bondage sessions made me go check the deep freezer. Sure enough I had a key frozen. As I type this i am in a stock for as long as that pretty good sized ice block lasts. I should have peed first! It's great to have a "bonus" room. I used screws to attach the stock to the floor. There won't be any hobbling out.

CD Tammy
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Re: Ice release failures

Postby ruru67 » 22 Sep 2010, 23:46

CD Tammy wrote:It turned out that the long handcuff key had got hung up in the milk jug keeping it from falling. My shaking the framing finally freed it. It was 40 hours!


That's the thing about accidents. They don't give a damn about the things you've thought of, only the things you least expected..

My standard ice release is to put the key on a loop of cotton, then wrap the loop several times around an ice block. The ice block is then placed in a saucer or small soup plate, with the key dangling over the side. I try to make sure the knot in the loop is also dangling. That way, there's absolutely nothing that can restrict the key from falling except the ice. Once the ice melts, the cotton slides easily over the smooth edge of the plate.

If I want a longer wait, I just add more ice to the plate -- it keeps the block the cotton is wrapped around from melting as fast. I thought the cotton might slide off the ice block when partly melted, but in practice I never saw it come off until the ice was pretty much gone. Although light, the weight of the key makes the cotton dig into the ice.

To make sure the key ends up in the right place, tie another loop to the key and a fixed point, and make sure that there's nothing that the line can hang up on. Or place a bucket directly under the key to catch it. (I tended to use the latter; it's hard to keep a line both free of potential hangups and out of reach.)

So far, it's worked flawlessly. Except once. I did this in the shower. One block of ice for a short, relatively light session, the plate placed on top of the shower door.

So I'm thinking that it's about time the key fell down. Finally I look up at the key.

It's stuck. The shower door was damp, and I hadn't been paying much attention when I put the plate up. The key (itself a little damp) had swung around, slapped against the door surround, and adhered to it. It was stuck fast. The ice was completely melted.

Fortunately, and sometimes I really do think I have a guardian angel who quietly places alternate escape routes into my subconscious, I had left another key not too far away in case I made a mistake in getting in and needed to back out. It was of course now out of reach, but I had enough slack to be able to get to a towel, flick it over the key and drag it to me.

Not the scariest moment of my life, but a bit of a wake-up call ...
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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby sjqlzbyu » 29 Sep 2010, 08:06

Always enjoy sleeping in handcuffs and legirons, not too uncomfortable.
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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby bondage_boi_ollie » 02 Nov 2010, 20:43

I have slept in bondage many times befor, first time ever i just tied my legs togther whilst in bed ancles & knees, but scince then i have done bondage sessions at night an whilst bound struggling i get all breathless due to gag (i always use a gag), and makes me fall asleep, i have done so scince i was 14, am now 22 lol :D
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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby Jadit » 03 Nov 2010, 22:47

Have to mention 1 scenario about sleeping... Now that nights are dark it gives new kind of opportunity for sequence padlocks. When at night you can't see the combination to open it, but when morning comes you'll get free. (i'm using simple 1,2,3,4,5)

Now add a collar, bind legs with something and a rope with knot between tied to collar. If you lock your hands on the collar side of the knot you wont reach legs and simply have to wait till morning to get out :twisted:
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Re: Sleeping in bondage

Postby EmmaTVEdinburgh » 06 Nov 2010, 00:10

When I've tried, I've just used leather cuffs. My wife has tied me a couple of times, the first was oustanding! I had a broken night's sleep (she woke halfway through the night, mounted me, orgasmed, and rolled off leaving me horny) but woke feeling really relaxed.

I've tried sleeping in a collar a few times, but find it uncomfortable. I'll keep trying though. I'd love to try a gag, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to sleep in it.
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