New self bondage ideas.

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New self bondage ideas.

Postby John1876 » 23 Mar 2010, 01:33

Wanting to learn more.
I was hoping to get some ideas for self bondage. I am a male and I want to do something to my self that a female would do to me to put me in pain or discomfort. I want to be able to put my self in pain or discomfort but be able to hide what I am doing so I want to be able to but my clothes on and have my clothes hide what I am doing and have me be in pain and have to hide it while I am doing everyday things but being painfully pleasured. I hope I was clear enough I am open to all ideas so please don't hold back.
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Re: New self bondage ideas.

Postby RADER » 24 Mar 2010, 02:44

Well one way for discomfort is this well used, and a lot of fun idea.
Get some pantyhose, panties, panty-girdle, a corset, or a tight \all in one girdle, put all of this on under your regular clothes. Lock your belt with
a pad lock so you can not remove any clothing. Get all dressed up,
hop in the car, or better yet a train, and go for a long ride. Stop and
drink some fluids, coffee, tea, soda pop, etc. Now you can not go to the
bathroom until you get home and unlock your belt.
The tighter the better on the corsets add's to the pain, pleasure;
as you movements and your blatter are squeezed. Have fun.
Let us know if you ntry it. Rader :hi:
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Re: New self bondage ideas.

Postby PetticoatJane » 24 Mar 2010, 22:41

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Re: New self bondage ideas.

Postby bobbi » 25 Mar 2010, 18:58

butt plugs in increasing size.

only you will ever know. and you will know.
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Re: New self bondage ideas.

Postby dsteve » 29 Mar 2010, 15:31

Idea number one: nipple clamps. get something small that does not show through a shirt, or wear a heavy sweater.
Idea number two: ball torture. Tie a thin cord or leather boot lace around your balls and cock, or use a rubber band. Or, to make it not removable until you get home, lock a handcuff or chain in the same place and leave the key at home.
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