Anal irretation

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Anal irretation

Postby Selfsub » 10 Oct 2018, 12:43

Hi i want some advice for an idea i have.
I have a anal plug but a small one and somtimes that does not do the filling trick for me.

So i also use this stress ball i have in a condom. The nice thing about it is that its like a hard sponge ball and in the condom i can squeez it to a small size and pinch the condom so that it cant get air and insert it.

After that i push a straw through the condom in my ass and the ball will get air and expand.

Once when i was pulling it out the condom snaped and the ball was still in my ass, just took a bit of pain but i was able to push it out without problems.

This gave me the idee to put somthing in the condom and pull the condom to break and what ever is inside it will stay behind.

Im looking for somthing that would cause some sort of irretation or sensation down there.

Anny ideas.
I have thought about using a soap bar but not sure if soap up the rectum is dangerouse or not.

Anny help or ideas??
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Re: Anal irretation

Postby Slave_L » 11 Oct 2018, 16:22

You really do not want to do this.

First of all, if you can't get the object out, it will require you to go to the emergency room.

Secondly, anything that can be irritating will most likely cause the body to reject it, especially in the anal track. As a result, you start to feel really sick in a matter of minutes, and you will get diarrhea so the body can flush out whatever is irritating down there.

Thirdly, it is very possible for the body to make the object travel down the anal tract and get stuck. Again a trip to the emergency room, but with far worse consequences.

If you want to do good anal play, limit yourself to butt plugs and dildos.

To give you an idea of what your request would be like:
I rubbed stuff like tiger balm, toothpaste and even Tabasco sauce on my sphincter muscle (which is outside the body, and is fine). Its hot and a nice feeling. But, like you, I wanted more. I got a funnel, stuck it in my ass and poored a little bit of thinned Tabasco sauce inside.

Big big big mistake. Immediately after, I became very sick and nauseated. Cramps in my stomach got worse and worse and it wasn't for long before my ass started to flood things out. I did not expect this and as a result, I never made it to the toilet.
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Re: Anal irretation

Postby Selfsub » 11 Oct 2018, 18:34

Tanx for the information on this moment i am thinking to get a nice lange pice of ginger and just cut that to an plug shape
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Re: Anal irretation

Postby Sergio » 12 Oct 2018, 09:30

How about something that will in time turn to mush? Apparently bananas are very popular according to people who know about these things. Not too firm but not too ripe, halved and coated in lube.

For irritation, marshmallows have quite an effect. Chill 6-12 in the freezer but not until frozen, then lube and insert. Move about, walk or even exercise but don't go far from the toilet unless you have a nappy or at least plastic pants on.

A combination of the two would probably make for an interesting experience but Google something like "anus banana" or "anus marshmallow" will find turn up all sorts of ideas.
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