male forced orgasms

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male forced orgasms

Postby TNTBound » 12 Oct 2017, 11:05

i have been wanting to be forced to have orgasms while i was tied up and i think i finally have a way to do that now.

i bought these two little devils,

its a tight fit getting the colt vibrator into the tiny pocket of the penis cage, a little talc powder helps to slide it in. then just strap it on and go for a ride!

i have not tried it while tied up because im afraid of the amount of noise i would make, since after the first orgasm its almost like....... well, you'd just have to try it! :twisted:

i know im not supposed to use that t word :wink:
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Re: male forced orgasms

Postby epicbeard » 26 Nov 2017, 00:59

I use e-stim products, I resonantly use the electro pebble. It gives me amazing hard hitting orgasms, its also a bit painful....
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